Nors 293 - shadows on koyukuk


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Alaska Native Cultures we will be learning about Athabaskan culture and Alaska history by reading the life history of a remarkable Athabaskan man: Sidney Huntington.

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Nors 293 - shadows on koyukuk

  1. 1. Shadows on the Koyukuk:An Alaskan Native’s Life Along the River By Sidney Huntington As told to Jim Reardon
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  3. 3. Sidney Huntington’s Life Story• Born in Hughes, Alaska in 1915 to an Athabaskan mother and English-Scot father• Raised in interior Alaska learning subsistence skills from young age• Sent to boarding school after his mother died when he was five years old• After third grade, his father took him home again to learn subsistence skills
  4. 4. Themes• Hardship  strength, resilience – Life challenges fostered exceptional resourcefulness and resilience• Respect for Athabaskan life ways and the land – Ability to live in both traditional Native and western worlds – Preference for rural life• Education – Brief formal education inspired deep appreciation and respect for education – both western and traditional
  5. 5. Questions to consider as you read:• In what ways did Huntington’s mother influence his life?• What were the most pronounced influences of his father on his life?• What is most striking about Huntington’s attitude toward life, challenges, opportunities? – How do you think he acquired these attitudes?• What are the most remarkable aspects of Huntington’s life and character?
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