2013 World Entrepreneurship Forum: Startup Communities


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2013 WEF master class/workshop on how YOU can help grow a more entrepreneurial community a/k/a entrepreneurial ecosystem!

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2013 World Entrepreneurship Forum: Startup Communities

  1. 1. Startup Communities (emphasis on communities) Norris Krueger, PhD October/November 2013 WEF Singapore Norris.Krueger[at]gmail.com ; @entrep_thinking G+, LinkedIn, Facebook Tweet us! #wentfr
  2. 2. … before we get started…. Tweet us! #wentfr
  3. 3. Tweet us! #wentfr
  4. 4. Brainstorm #1: Are We There Yet? • Individually: Tell us what is the one thing that tells you that your community is becoming more entrepreneurial? (in a good way) • NOT more businesses, etc.  Tweet us! #wentfr
  5. 5. What does GEM say? Top two predictors of TEA: Human Capital, Social Capital • 1.EHC: Personal preparedness to venture *“cognitive/cultural”+ – Knows an entrepreneur – Mindset, not knowledge/skills per se • (experiential >> formal ??) • 2. ESC: Supportive social norms *“normative”+ – What would your mother think?  • #3? EPC: Supportive business climate *“regulatory”+ [www.DoingBusiness.org] Tweet us! #wentfr
  6. 6. SWAG at the key? • A healthy entrepreneurial community is one that offers multiple opportunities for entrepreneurial learning – deep experiential learning. Tweet us! #wentfr
  7. 7. Brainstorm #2 • Individually, write down: – One thing that YOU can do to improve EHC a. Foster deep entrepreneurial thinking across community? b. Inspire next generation of ideas? – One thing that YOU can do to improve ESC a. Revitalize local communities/organizations? b. Enhance entire ecosystem? • Then… huddle up! Form teams and brainstorm how you can help each other on these • And… how WEF/JWEF can help! Tweet us! #wentfr
  8. 8. • Quick Overview • A Good Place to Start: Feld's Four • What Are We Actually Trying to Do?: DEFRAG model • Stakeholders? • Are We There Yet?: Metrics • So How Do We Get Started?: Best Practices Tweet us! #wentfr
  9. 9. How can we use “defragging”? • Micro – Who do we want to connect with? – Who should we? • Macro – How do we help grow/defrag our community? • Psycho? – World domination! LOL but… Tweet us! #wentfr
  10. 10. What can go wrong? • “8 maps” • Idaho’s sordid saga… in 3 verses  • Jim Collins was right… • You may not like what you learn  • P.S. this is NOT easy (and not for amateurs?) BUT…….. Tweet us! #wentfr
  11. 11. What can go right? We can understand our ecosystem. Really. We can identify the key leverage points. Who should we help? We can build trust. Perfect role for WEF! Tweet us! #wentfr
  12. 12. So…..What do we know about entrepreneurial ecosystems? • Judging by definitional issues… – Not much • Potentially depressing – Etzkowitz quotes – Universities more often barriers – Institutions more often constraints – “Amateur Night” in general Tweet us! #wentfr
  13. 13. Ecosystem 101? • Misunderstood? (CW? Non-PC?) • Messy – – – – Dynamic Interconnected Filled with…. Humans Network: neither/both hierarchies, organic • Flows of resources: Gaps (and, um, non-gaps) • Feld’s Top Two? – Bottom-up – Inclusive • Bottom-up AND Comprehensive (how??) • Key Leverage Points: Gatekeepers vs Connectors Tweet us! #wentfr
  14. 14. Good News? • Practitioners FAR ahead of academics, politicos • But research supports the big 2.5 and social nature • Think “community” or “system” • Not hierarchical, but networked • Bottom-up/supervenient phenomena • (we will see models from Stephenson, Mayer, et al.) Tweet us! #wentfr
  15. 15. Feld’s Four? Tweet us! #wentfr
  16. 16. Brad Feld (book; also slideshare) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlFqc8gSm18 • 1. Bottom-up, entrepreneur-led • 2. Inclusive • 3. Rallying Point(s) • 4. Long-term perspective Tweet us! #wentfr
  17. 17. Brad Feld #1 • 1. Bottom-up, entrepreneur-led – Not institutions – “Leaders and feeders” • bfd1. Is the defragging of the ecosystem being led by people who actually understand entrepreneurs? Especially by the entrepreneurial community itself? • (Or are there self-styled experts who don’t ‘get’ the entrepreneurial mindset? The most frequent version of this is bringing together the key institutions, the ‘power players’ –are the power players helping the entrepreneurial community implement their vision or are they dictating it, even inadvertently?) Tweet us! #wentfr
  18. 18. Personal Exercise #1 • Build your local “A-Team” (3 C’s) – – – – Competent. Connected. Collegial. (Conscientious?) Who are the ‘A-Team’ in your ecosystem? who do you already know? who would you LOVE to know? Who are the power players who fail this test? Tweet us! #wentfr
  19. 19. Brad Feld #2 • 2. Inclusive – “rising tide” policies – But also “T-shaped” (broad and wide) bfd2. Are the efforts inclusive? Is there something for different types of entrepreneurs? In different industries (high tech and low tech), in different locations (urban and rural) in different strategies (high-growth and low-growth), in different life cycle stages, even for small, medium and large firms? (We need entrepreneurial thinking to blossom all through the ecosystem.) Nonprofits/social ventures? Public sector? (Well, we can dream, eh?) Tweet us! #wentfr
  20. 20. Personal exercise #2 • So what is missing in your community? • More to the point… • WHO is missing? • Make a quick list. Tweet us! #wentfr
  21. 21. Brad Feld #3 • 3. Rallying Point(s) – Common cause, identity, events? • bfd3. Is there a rallying point where everyone can look to? This can take many forms but a good place to start is simply twofold: • The Bully Pulpit: Is the entrepreneurial ‘gospel’ being preached all through the ecosystem? • Strategy not Tactics: There actually IS a cohesive strategy, a comprehensive framework to help guide bottom-up efforts? (Or is there an emphasis on thinking up cool tactics that are sexy and have worked elsewhere but need not fit what the ecosystem really needs?) • WARNING: Exercise on this coming later! Tweet us! #wentfr
  22. 22. Stakeholders? Brad Feld #4 • 4. Long-term perspective • bfd4. Are you willing to embrace that this is a longterm proposition? No matter how brilliant we might be now, it will likely be decades before we are really rolling. Again, do you have a cohesive, comprehensive strategy for entrepreneurship development? (a/k/a “Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Development System” to ‘fly cover’ for and support bottom-up efforts.) Or is there no committed strategy that we can hold our leaders to? Tweet us! #wentfr
  23. 23. Sidebar: CEDS, etc. • Remember “Reynolds’ 3” • Feld’s “Entrepreneur-led” • Feld’s “inclusive” • CEDS: “Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Development System/Strategy” – How do we be comprehensive/inclusive AND ruthlessly bottom-up? Tweet us! #wentfr
  24. 24. FIRE into ICE? • ICE is acronym… any guesses? • FIRE – acronym for keeping comprehensive… – Foster deep entrep thinking across community – Inspire next gen of great ideas – Revitalize communities & organizations – Empower the connectors! Tweet us! #wentfr
  25. 25. Brainstorm #4: “Feld’s Four” • Plan A: Sequential • Plan B: Parallel First…. Which is the hardest for your community? Second… Where do YOU add the most value? Form teams and stop brainstorming. Tell us how YOU would advance each of these… Tweet us! #wentfr
  26. 26. The WEF-inspired “Defrag” Process Let’s start pulling this together! • How…. Or Who? • CEDS? • Remember the Google map? – Map (A) – Listening Sessions *‘Visioning’+ (B) – Align Resources Tweet us! #wentfr
  27. 27. • Identify key stakeholders – Who should you be helping? – Not who you want to help? – Need map to get started • Identify testable value propositions • Test the MVVPs! • Learn -> Pivot -> Repeat Tweet us! #wentfr
  28. 28. Best practices? • Eric Ries and “The Startup Way”? • • • • Accountability Process Culture People Tweet us! #wentfr
  29. 29. Hints • Brad Feld & Kellogg & Kauffman & EDA & ….: Bottom-up, inclusive, people-centric… entrepreneur-centric • Help connectors. BE a connector, • BE a liaison-animateur! • To get started? Be a CONVENOR • Advisory boards? Tweet us! #wentfr
  30. 30. A few tricks… and caveats • Distinctive Competence (not Core) • Surveys – – connectors, gatekeepers... and who deserves help? – Triggers? [http://bit.ly/map_ecosys ] • Visioning/Listening [happy to share more offline] – Accentuate the positive: AI, ABCD • Are we there yet? – Metrics - process and outcomes [http://bit.ly/EcoSys ] Tweet us! #wentfr
  31. 31. And a few more… • "no more amateur night"? (Build the “C-Team”) • The 3 (4?) C's: Competent, Connected, Collegial (and ??) • SAOSW!! • "Straw man" framework: Jumpstart alignment • Convenors get loved? • Celebrate. Educate. Initiate. • Big Omaha model: www.BigOmaha.com Tweet us! #wentfr
  32. 32. What Have I Missed?? • Your turn! • What have I missed here? Tweet us! #wentfr
  33. 33. Semi-final Brainstorm! • Form groups. • Design your own CONVENOR Event that pulls all of this together – Covers “Feld’s Four” – Uses and build your “A-Team” – Is FUN! (plus…who’s your advisory board? Locally? Non-local?) Tweet us! #wentfr
  34. 34. Alternate mapping models Tweet us! #wentfr
  35. 35. http://www.ecosystemmap.com www.iempact.com Tweet us! #wentfr
  36. 36. Genealogy map Tweet us! #wentfr
  37. 37. Boise Tweet us! #wentfr
  38. 38. Sociogram pic Tweet us! #wentfr
  39. 39. Who do you want to be? Tweet us! #wentfr
  40. 40. We are all Connectors Here but… • Are we Liaison-Animateurs? • (bonus personal exercise… – Make a list of people in this room who you would want helping you and your community? – What expertise is absent? – How else can WEF & JWEF help you?) – HOMEWORK!! Draft your own advisory board… then start recruiting (WEF & JWEF will help!) Tweet us! #wentfr
  41. 41. Stakeholders? • So how are you going to help your “A-Team”? • REALLY?  Tweet us! #wentfr
  42. 42. Value Proposition Canvas Tweet us! #wentfr
  43. 43. Customer Jobs • What functional jobs is your customer trying get done? • What social jobs is your customer trying to get done? • What emotional jobs is your customer trying get done? • What basic needs is your customer trying to satisfy? Tweet us! #wentfr
  44. 44. Customer Pains • • • • • • • • • What does your customer find too costly? What makes your customer feel bad? How are current solutions underperforming for your customer What are the main difficulties and challenges your customer encounters? What negative social consequences does your customer encounter or fear What risks does your customer fear? What’s keeping your customer awake at night? What common mistakes does your customer make? What barriers are keeping your customer from adopting solutions? Tweet us! #wentfr
  45. 45. Customer Gains • Which savings would make your customer happy? • What outcomes does your customer expect and what would go beyond his/her expectations? • How do current solutions delight your customer? • What would make your customer’s job or life easier • What positive social consequences does your customer desire? • What are customers looking for? • What do customers dream about? • How does your customer measure success and failure? • What would increase the likelihood of adopting a solution? Tweet us! #wentfr
  46. 46. Are We There Yet? Metrics and Governance • Levels/change: Peter Vogel • Bottlenecks: GEDI (Zoltan Acs) – e.g., support for dynamic capabilities • Process: Markers of Right Path – http://bit.ly/EcoSys Tweet us! #wentfr
  47. 47. Your Competitive Edge • • • • • • • • Natural connectors Neutral turf/fair broker? Lead by example not turf/juice/clout? Natural CO-immersion? Natural bottom-up? Natural includers? Already visible contributor in multiple ways? TRUST! Tweet us! #wentfr
  48. 48. • Identify stakeholders; identify what they want (then see what you can help with) • Deliver it. • Have fun! And… • Entrepreneur Up! • Norris.Krueger@gmail.com 208.440.3747 @entrep_thinking (& Facebook, G+, LinkedIn). Tweet us! #wentfr
  49. 49. Useful links • • • • • • Global Entrep Week: www.unleashingideas.org Connectors & gatekeepers: http://bit.ly/Karen_S Brad Feld: Startup Communities (book; slideshare) More on Defragging: http://goo.gl/6mmmy Are we there yet?: Process metrics Survey idea: http://bit.ly/map_ecosys (also: http://bit.ly/hxVqUa ) • And, of course, contact ANY of us! • Norris.Krueger[at]gmail.com ; @entrep_thinking • Plus G+, LinkedIn, Facebook Tweet us! #wentfr
  50. 50. Tweet us! #wentfr