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Technology & Entrepreneurship Assistance Managed by Students

Description of the former TEAMS program that partnered Idaho National Lab, Boise State business students & the economic development community.

Problem-based learning meets immersion in the ecosystem.

Still a great model!

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TEAMS program

  1. 1. Why TEAMS? INNOVATION BRIDGING ENTREPRENEURIAL ASSETS ASSETS ASSETS TEAMS, TechConnect ExpertExpert Partners inPartners in EntrepreneurialTechnology DevelopmentDevelopment (e.g.,(e.g., REE, EntreWorks)N2TEC) Expert Foundations and Partners in other resources Expert Partners in Small Business Rural (e.g., Kauffman, Development (e.g., ISBDC, WBC, Economic NSF) SBA/SCORE) Development (e.g., IEDA, IRP) The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Connecting Ideas, Resources & People
  2. 2. What is TEAMS?STUDENT TEAM REAL-WORLD PROJECTS * Unique Learning Experience and * Unique Opportunity to Generate Community ValuePROJECT TYPES * Technology Transfer (the Krueger/INEEL TRAILS program) * Economic Development * Gazelle EntrepreneursSTRATEGY * Born as TRAILS, has already expanded to 4 schools * In the process of expanding across region; web portal * Supports engagement of region’s ‘best & brightest’ entrepreneurship faculty * Creating multi-school training program for gazelle entrepreneurs!
  3. 3. Who is TEAMS?Program Manager, Norris Krueger, Ph.D. * World class expert on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development (e.g., how to nurture gazelles) * Leading innovator in designing teaching/outreach programs (e.g., the national award winning TRAILS initiative) * Connected to the ‘best & brightest’ in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development across the US (& globally)Partners * Partners: INEEL, INRA, Kauffman Fdn, Coleman Fdn, RDA, TechConnect * Networks: KCEN, Academy of Management, USASBE, * Friends: SBA Office of Advocacy, EDA * Faculty: The region’s -and the nation’s - ‘best & brightest’ entrepreneurship faculty * Advisory Board: Comprised of globally-known experts on technology development and entrepreneurial economic development!
  4. 4. Best Practices/Critical Success Factors Emphasize Distinctive Competences  Can already make a difference (specific domain)  What is already working? “Liaison-Animateur” (Passionate Professionals!)  Content  Context  Con Brio! Build Entrepreneurial Ecosystems  Networks of Networks  Tangible and Intangible Infrastructures Students are Our Secret Weapon!”  Best practices – Students first  Best practices – Passionate, professional faculty  Best practices – Real projects with real value
  5. 5. Best Practices/Critical Success Factors (dont be a “seagull”!)
  6. 6. How TEAMS can help!1)      Enhance Innovation Assets:  a)     Technology commercialization studies (e.g., TRAILS)  b)     Support for tech transfer (best practices analysis; research projects)2)      Enhance Entrepreneurial Assets:  a)      Training growth-oriented entrepreneurs  b)     Connect Idaho projects  c)      Industry analyses [e.g., the co-op project] 3)      Enhance Bridging Assets:  a)      Multi-school ‘virtual incubator’ course;  b)     train-the-trainer re entrepreneurial economic development;  c)      Support projects for economic development entities (e.g. S&T Office);  d)     Web portal;  e)      Connections to multiple external networks to provide expertise (e.g., TEAMS’s network of regional and national experts)  f) Studies on partnering [city of Boise]
  7. 7. Existing Projects/Assets Speakers/Experts Training  Entrepreneurial Economic Development (“ED for the 21st Century”: the Entrepreneurial Effect)  Gazelle Entrepreneurs (e.g. virtual incubator) Projects for ED Organizations (IEDA, IRP, EDA, et al.) Feasibility Studies (Community Wish Lists)
  8. 8. Existing Projects/Assets (cont.) New(er) Projects City of Boise Support for IRP Reviews Support for GEM? Support for USDA? Training for Social Entrepreneurs!
  9. 9. 1)      Enhance Innovation Assets: a)      Technology commercialization studies (e.g., TRAILS)  Example: IVBQ Analysis b)     Support for tech transfer (best practices analysis; research projects)  Example: current best practice analysis for university tech transfer
  10. 10. 2)      Enhance Entrepreneurial Assets:a)      Training growth-oriented entrepreneurs  Example: Multi-university gazelle training programb)     Connect Idaho projects  Example: Connect-Idaho reportc) Industry analyses & feasibility studies  Example: Co-op analysis, Mackay/Arco studies
  11. 11. 3)      Enhance Bridging Assets:a)      Multi-school ‘virtual incubator’ course; Example: Using the UCLA, et al. model, we aredesigning state of the art university courseworkb)     train-the-trainer re entrepreneurial economicdevelopment; Example: Have established links to nation’s toptrainers in 21st century economic development.c)      Support projects for economic developmententities; Example: Current projects for IEDA, IRP, SBA, INDC,EDA, TechConnect, Science & Technology Office
  12. 12. 3)      Enhance Bridging Assets (cont.):d)     Web portal or ?: Example: Currently tasked under Kauffman grant to design web portal and support electronic communication.e) Connections to multiple external networks to provide expertise Regional Example: e.g., INRA schools (Feb 27 mtg) National Example: e.g., TEAMS’s network of regional and national experts)
  13. 13. TEAMS PROJECTS (e.g., supporting science/technology)   Supporting Innovation Assets:past- TRAILS technology commercialization studies (see IVBQ study)present- TEAMS (broadening TRAILS)future- Support for technology showcase (Kickstand; INL) Best practices analyses for tech transfer 
  14. 14. Supporting Entrepreneurial Assets:past- Projects assisting growth-seeking entrepreneurs (e.g., Galaxi; Webphotos) Industry studies (see Mackay study; industry analysis) Feasibility studies (see Sacajawea Center; Co-op plan) Connect-Idaho studiespresent- Growth business business plans (e.g., CenterPoint) Additional Connect Idaho project(s) Development of ‘virtual incubator’ course to support gazellesfuture- Gazelle training (for growth-seeking entrepreneurs) Feasibility study for student-run angel fund (a la Utah)
  15. 15. Supporting Bridging Assets:past- Projects to support community economic development professionals (e.g., Salmon, Arco/Mackay) Idaho Innovation Index –draft (scorecard for measuring technology progress)present- Statewide: Projects for IEDA/SIEDO, IRP, INDC, (also IDVR) Regional/National: Project for SBA Office of Advocacy; project for EDA Idaho Innovation Index – next iteration Best practices study for university tech transfer Best practices studies on state incentives for relocation & expansion Training in entrepreneurial (‘21st century’) economic development for IEDA Funding national experts as guest speakers/mentors Support “town-gown” partnerships [current study]future- ‘Library’ of industry analyses on critical clusters (e.g., INEAS identified) Rural tech transfer (South Dakota model) Invited to support GEM Invited to support IRP reviews (e.g., Salmon)
  16. 16. TEAMS is at your service!