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Phoenix Fellow presentation: Research opportunities


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July 18 presentation to the School of Advanced Studies (UoP) as part of the new Center for Global Business Research.

Opportunities for faculty, Fellows, Chair and doctoral students to do high-grade research in ebtrepreneurship.

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Phoenix Fellow presentation: Research opportunities

  1. 1. How can I help? • Brave new world? (in both senses…) • Blessed with great training, great experience and great colleagues • Finding great questions • Liaison-animateur!
  2. 2. Norris Krueger, PhD • Who am I? • What drives me? • What I’m working on? • How can I help Phoenix? • How can I help YOU?
  3. 3. who am I? • Growing entrepreneurial individuals, communities and organizations. • Deeply engaged scholarship, passionately innovative education and training, helping grow communities. • Cutting-edge, top-cited scholar in entrepreneurship (h- index = 19) Research ‘top ten’ • Award-winning educator – 3 national/global best practice awards Teaching philosophy • Deeply immersed in entrepreneurial community – locally, nationally, globally
  4. 4. what drives me? • Helping others to grow expert entrepreneurial thinking broadly and deeply in their communities: what works? • Building entrepreneurial communities and organizations that foster the entrepreneurial mindset : what works? • Understanding how these vary across cultures (and how they don't differ)
  5. 5. WHO drives with me… Kauffman Dissertation Fellowships (networking & $15K)
  6. 6. what am I working on? 1. Developing Entrepreneurial, Innovative Individuals: What works? • Conceptual development to model entrepreneurial mindset at deep level -> Research Opportunities for UoP • Applied protocols to promote healthy change in entrepreneurial mindset -> Teaching Opportunities for UoP • Empirical protocols to assess mindset and impact of training/experiences -> Policy Opportunities for UoP
  7. 7. research foci: engaged scholarship • PP = Public policy/community outreach • ED = Educator • Pr = Practitioner • SI = Scholarly inquiry
  8. 8. potential micro papers for SAS Assessing the Impact of Advanced Entrepreneurship Training (empirical and conceptual, global) <PP, ED, SI> Towards a Personal Entrepreneurial Orientation (empirical) <SI, ED> Re-conceptualizing Entrepreneurial Passion (conceptual) <SI>
  9. 9. 2014 presentations (refereed) – completed • ICSB workshop on the entrepreneurial mindset (ED, PP) • ICSB paper on assessing mindset change (ED, PP, Pr) – still ahead (potential for UoP affiliation) • Academy of Management research symposium on neuroentrepreneurship (SI, ED) • NACCE workshop on lean startup (ED, Pr) • TEDxEntrepreneurship (co-organizer) (PP, SI, ED, Pr)
  10. 10. example: high-impact research • Assessing impact of entrepreneurial learning: – What is changing at deep level? – What interventions matter? – In situ field experiments (baked into course itself)
  11. 11. Novice Expert Entrepreneurial Mindset Critical Developmental Experiences Change in WHAT we know (content) Change in HOW we know it (knowledge structures) Change in Deep Beliefs
  12. 12. what I’m working on (macro) 2. Developing Entrepreneurial, Innovative Communities: What works? • Created dominant model of entrepreneurial ecosystem development (conceptual -> test) • Created leading metrics for assessing ecosystem health (conceptual -> test) -> Outreach & Research Opportunities for UoP • Created practical protocols for ecosystem development • [-> Outreach Opportunities for UoP -- want to help???] • Speaker/consultant globally (OECD, EU, Japan, WEF, Kauffman) • Current projects with colleagues in Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Chile, Switzerland, et al.
  13. 13. Potential macro papers for SAS • Crowdsourcing Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (conceptual & empirical) <PP, Pr> • Exploring Super-gazelle Firms: Empirical Determinants of Hypergrowth <PP, SI, Pr> • Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Implications for Startup Visa (empirical, w/UoP grad) <PP>
  14. 14. 2014 presentations (refereed) – Earlier in 2014 • ICSB workshop: entrepreneurial ecosystem building – Still ahead (potential for affiliation) • Academy of Management all-star research workshop on ecosystems <PP, SI> • Policy white paper (#1 conference on entrepreneurship public policy) on assessing ecosystem development <PP, SI> • NYU Social Entrepreneurship conference paper on economic development <PP, SI> • 1st Open Innovation conference: Collaborative prototyping meets crowdfunding! <Pr, ED, PP>
  15. 15. example: high-impact research • Participatory action research: (potential paper 2) <PP, Pr> – How do active experts assess health of innovation ecosystems? – Validate metrics – Validate intervention(s) • Conceptual framework developed (paper 1?) <PP, SI> • Crowdsourced initial dimensions/metrics (completed) • Global organizations as co-investigators (e.g., JWEF, SW) • Opportunity for field experiments (potential paper 3)
  16. 16. so… how can I help? • Scholarly production • Educator value (including teaching cases) • Practitioner value • Policy maker value • Connections • Conferences (policy, practice too!) • Cases • Collaborations • Commitment!
  17. 17. opportunities for UoP and… you!
  18. 18. contact info • Norris Krueger, PhD • • Er… :) • Norris Krueger on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slideshare, • SSRN, ResearchGate, • @entrep_thinking on Twitter • 208-440-3747
  19. 19. ….for more • Blog: • Bio: • Academic CV: • Ecosystem links: • Growing the mindset:,,
  20. 20. WWFD? • Ask Great $%#&^% Questions! • Sense-BREAKING