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Tim Putnam (who did all the hard work of assembling this masterfile!!), Gary Mueller, Sheena Lindahl (of Empact!) & I are doing a workshop at NACCE on how to get started on doing -and using - maps of your community's entrepreneurial ecosystem. You WILL like! Useful beyond community colleges.

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  • Tim – WhatChristine – Why
  • Tim Inventory Need – What these target markets need
  • Can be incorporated into a strategic planning process Part of organizational culture not as a ‘center’
  • Christine
  • How does each partner help serve the targeted client – List services
  • Christine
  • How does each partner help serve the targeted client – List services
  • Customers Pains:
  • NACCE 2013 ecosystem workshop

    1. 1. Connecting to the entrepreneurial ecosystem beyond campus Norris Krueger – Entrepreneurship Northwest Sheena Lindahl – Empact Gary Muller – Catawba Valley Community College Tim Putnam – North Iowa Area Community College
    2. 2. Why Map? (Why Ecosystems?) What can go wrong What can go right How YOU can matter to your community Norris Krueger @entrep_thinking
    3. 3. Why Maps? Why Ecosystems? • Maps are mental models • What can we do with them? • (What should we do….) • What can go wrong? • What can go right? Tweet us! #nacce2013
    4. 4. Ecosystem 101? • Misunderstood? (CW? Non-PC?) • Messy – – – – Dynamic Interconnected Filled with…. Humans Network: neither/both hierarchies, organic • Flows of resources: Gaps (and, um, non-gaps) • Feld’s Top Two? – Bottom-up – Inclusive • Key Leverage Points: Gatekeepers vs Connectors Tweet us! #nacce2013
    5. 5. Sociogram pic Tweet us! #nacce2013
    6. 6. Tweet us! #nacce2013
    7. 7. Who do you want to be? Tweet us! #nacce2013
    8. 8. How can we use ecosystem maps? • Micro – Who do we want to connect with? – Who should we? • Macro – How do we help grow/defrag our community? • Psycho? – World domination! LOL but… Tweet us! #nacce2013
    9. 9. Genealogy map Tweet us! #nacce2013
    10. 10. Boise Tweet us! #nacce2013
    11. 11. What can go wrong? • “8 maps” • Idaho’s sordid saga… in 3 verses  • Jim Collins was right… • You may not like what you learn  • P.S. this is NOT easy (and not for amateurs?) BUT…….. Tweet us! #nacce2013
    12. 12. What can go right? We understand our ecosystem. Really. We can identify the key leverage points. Who should we help? Build trust. Perfect role for community colleges Tweet us! #nacce2013
    13. 13. Why Community Colleges? Why YOU? tweet us! #nacce2013
    14. 14. The NACCE-inspired “Defrag” Process • Remember the Google map? – Map (A) – Listening Sessions *‘Visioning’+ (B) – Align Resources • Remember the sociogram? – Gatekeepers vs Connectors – Connectors vs Liaison-Animateurs tweet us! #nacce2013
    15. 15. So where are YOU? Where do you want to be? Where you NEED to be?? tweet us! #nacce2013
    16. 16. • Identify key stakeholders – Who should you be helping? – Not who you want to help? – Need map to get started • Identify testable value propositions • Test the MVVPs! • Learn -> Pivot -> Repeat tweet us! #nacce2013
    17. 17. Your Competitive Edge • • • • • • • • Natural connectors Neutral turf/fair broker Lead by example not turf/juice/clout Natural CO-immersion Natural bottom-up Natural includers Already visible contributor in multiple ways TRUST! tweet us! #nacce2013
    18. 18. Hints • Brad Feld & Kellogg & Kauffman & EDA & ….: Bottom-up, inclusive, people-centric… entrepreneur-centric • Help connectors. BE a connector, • BE a liaison-animateur! • To get started? Be a CONVENOR • But how? Some tools for your toolkit: tweet us! #nacce2013
    19. 19. A few tricks… and caveats • Distinctive Competence (not Core) • Surveys – – connectors, gatekeepers... and who deserves help? – Triggers? [ ] • Visioning/Listening [happy to share more offline] – Accentuate the positive: AI, ABCD • Are we there yet? – Metrics - process and outcomes [ ] tweet us! #nacce2013
    20. 20. And a few more… • "no more amateur night"? (Build the “C-Team”) • The 3 (4?) C's: Competent, Connected, Collegial (and ??) • SAOSW!! • "Straw man" framework: Jumpstart alignment • Convenors get loved? • Celebrate. Educate. Initiate. • Big Omaha model: tweet us! #nacce2013
    21. 21. Useful links • • • • • • Connectors & gatekeepers: Genealogy: Brad Feld: Startup Communities (book; slideshare) More on Defragging: Are we there yet?: Process metrics Survey idea: (also: ) • And, of course, contact ANY of us! • Norris.Krueger[at] ; @entrep_thinking • Plus G+, LinkedIn, Facebook tweet us! #nacce2013
    22. 22. National Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Sheena Lindahl Co-Founder and President Empact
    23. 23. 300+ Conversations
    24. 24. The Ecosystem is… • Growing • Complex • Large
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Evolving Rapidly
    27. 27. Growth of Ecosystem
    28. 28. Mapping Community Partnerships Gary Muller Business Programs Department Head Catawba Valley Community College Tim Putnam Associate Director NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center NACCE Fellows for Community Outreach
    29. 29. Mapping Community Partnership What: Strategic planning process to create linkages between the community college and the community for entrepreneurial development. Why: To identify resources and opportunities that exist in the community to develop a more effective entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    30. 30. Top-Line Services For Three Common Clients List what services are available and the services needed. Reference: AACC Virtual Incubation Network (VIN) Toolkit
    31. 31. North Iowa Area Community College Local, State or Federal Government State Government - City Councils & City Other Business Accelerators -Department of Economic Development Staff - Iowa Innovation Council Federal Government - County Boards -Department of Natural Resources - Dept. of Agriculture - Area Councils of Government - State Representatives & Senators - SBA - Dept. of Commerce - Economic Development Administration - Senators & Congressmen Small Business Development Center North Iowa Area Community College Other Education Institutions - Other Iowa Pappajohn Centers - Other Iowa community colleges Economic and Workforce Development -Local Chamber of Commerce’s - Area Economic Development Agencies - Iowa Regent Universities - Area high schools - Area private colleges and universities NGOs Commercial Entities - AgVenture Alliance - State Technology Association - Iowa Association of Business and Industry - Iowa Center for Community Vitality and Microenterprise Microenterprise or Financial Institutions - Wellmark Venture Capital -Iowa Fund of Funds - Iowa Angel Network Regional Angel Investment Networks - Area banks and credit unions - Iowa Farm Bureau Federation - Area CPAs and Attorneys - Rural Electric Cooperatives
    32. 32. Catawba Valley Community College Financial Institutions Innovation Fund of America Regional Workforce Development Programs Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs Local CPA's and Lawyers Catawba Valley Community College Local and State Government Regional Angel Investment Networks Local Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce Federal Government Agencies Small Business and Technology and Development Centers Education Institutions Area High School NC Real Programs State University System
    33. 33. Long Beach City College Local, State or Federal Government -Cities -Redevelopment Agencies -Workforce Investment Boards -Economic Development Bureaus -Ports -Business Improvement Districts -Enterprise Zones -HUB Zones -Free Trade Zones Chambers of Commerce Economic and Workforce Development -Economic Development Corps (LAEDC) -Regional Small Business Alliance -Foundations (Kauffman, Mott, etc.) Small Business Development Center Long Beach City College Other Resources -PTAC -DOC -MBOC -NIST -CMTC Other Education Institutions -Area High Schools -Community Colleges -Private Universities (e.g., Pepperdine, USC) -CSUs -UCs Legislators -Congress members -State Assembly -State Senate -Franchise Tax Board -Board of Equalization Community Based Organizations -Goodwill -SBA Resource Partners (WBC, SCORE, District office) -Incubators -Community Action Partnerships Industry -Professional Associations (ASBDC) -Business Associations -Small Business Procurement Programs (Boeing, HP, PC Mall) -Industry Partners (Constant Contact, Yelp, Sprint, Goo gle) -Foundations (Verizon, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo) Financial Institutions -Venture Capital Funds -CDFIs -Banks -SBA Lenders -Microlenders -CDCs -Credit Unions -Community Lenders -VC Forums (Kiretsu) -Angel Investors (Tech Coast)
    34. 34. Santa Fe Community College Local, State or Federal Government City of Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Economic and Workforce Development Small Business Development Center Workforce Investment Board Santa Fe Community College Other Education Institutions Industry Masters Charter School on Campus SFCC Higher Education Center Community Based Organizations Regional Development Corporation Santa Fe Arts Council Los Alamos National Labs
    35. 35. Step by Step- let’s build one together External Partnership – Who you are going to serve or who is the target market? – Map your Resources- Identify the partnerships as well as the players • Who is the resource? • What services do they provide the targeted client? – Measure the depth/scope of the relationship (Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold) • Ask yourself how this impacts what you want to accomplish in entrepreneurship?
    36. 36. Entrepreneurial Student (Academic Track) Existing Small Business Owner Small Business Start Up TA Coach’g/Consult’g Mentoring* Networking *Red: Services to be offered Training: Bus Canvas Business Planning Continuing Ed Workshops HRM Incubation Acceleration Shared Use Space Shared Services Access to Capital Debt Financing Equity Funding Revolving Loan Fund Incentives Tax Credit Programs
    37. 37. Select Target Market : List services & offerings needed Business Plan Classes Access To Capital Networking Events Small Business Start up Coaching/ Technical Assistance Mentoring Professional Service Providers
    38. 38. Who’s providing service to the targeted market Local - EDC’s State/Fed Government - Revolving Loan Funds -Depart. of Economic Development - TIFF’s - SBA - USDA Entrepreneurial Orgs. - Incubators - Accelerators Small Business Centers Economic and Workforce Development Small Business Start ups - Development Center -Local Chamber of Commerce’s - SCORE - Woman Center - Area Economic Development Agencies - Minority Centers Access to Capital Education Institutions - Micro Enterprise - College/Univ - Banks/Credit Unions - Community Colleges - Angel Networks - VC Funds
    39. 39. What specific services are being offered? Community Based Organizations - Networking - Seminars Industry - Protyping - Apprenticeships - Lean Training Local, State or Federal Government Other Educational Institutions -seminars -technical resources Technical Assistance SBDCs & SCORE -Counseling - Tax Incentives -Seminars Economic & Workforce Development -RLF -Tech Ass’t -Location Svc’s Financial Institutions & Microenterprise -Loans -SBA loans -Angel Funds
    40. 40. Measure the depth/scope of the relationship Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold – Depth: Is it formal outcomes (hot) based partnership or an awareness type relationship (cold) – Frequency: How often do you have interactions. Co-located and share clients (hot) or just a ‘LinkedIn’ connection (cold) – This can help you focus your relationship building efforts.
    41. 41. Select Targeted Group: List Services & Offerings Target?
    42. 42. Map your Resources- Identify the partnerships as well as the players Entrepreneurial Orgs. State Government Local, State or Federal Government Federal Government Small Business Development Center Small Business Start ups Education Institutions Economic and Workforce Development Non-Profits Commercial Entities Financial Institutions
    43. 43. External Organization: What specific services do they provide the targeted client Service?
    44. 44. How to Be Your Ecosystem’s Liaison-Animateur Norris Krueger @entrep_thinking Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    45. 45. Stakeholder Value Propositions • You have more stakeholders than you know! [ ] • Start with highest leverage stakeholders – Helping liaison-animateurs makes YOU…. • Distinctive Competence (not Core Comp) • Want >>> Need • Understand their “job” • Understand their pain • Understand their gain Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    46. 46. Value Proposition Canvas Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    47. 47. Customer Jobs • What functional jobs is your customer trying get done? • What social jobs is your customer trying to get done? • What emotional jobs is your customer trying get done? • What basic needs is your customer trying to satisfy? Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    48. 48. Customer Pains • • • • • • • • • What does your customer find too costly? What makes your customer feel bad? How are current solutions underperforming for your customer What are the main difficulties and challenges your customer encounters? What negative social consequences does your customer encounter or fear What risks does your customer fear? What’s keeping your customer awake at night? What common mistakes does your customer make? What barriers are keeping your customer from adopting solutions? Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    49. 49. Customer Gains • Which savings would make your customer happy? • What outcomes does your customer expect and what would go beyond his/her expectations? • How do current solutions delight your customer? • What would make your customer’s job or life easier • What positive social consequences does your customer desire? • What are customers looking for? • What do customers dream about? • How does your customer measure success and failure? • What would increase the likelihood of adopting a solution? Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    50. 50. • Identify stakeholders; identify what they want (then see what you can help with) • Deliver it. • Have fun! And… • Entrepreneur Up! • 208.440.3747 @entrep_thinking (& Facebook, G+, LinkedIn). Tweet us! #NACCE2013
    51. 51. Thank you! Norris Krueger – Entrepreneurship Northwest Sheena Lindahl – Empact Gary Muller – Catawba Valley Community College Tim Putnam – North Iowa Area Community College