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Path union subway station to acc


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Prepared for the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada June 23 - 27.

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Path union subway station to acc

  1. 1. ways to RiConvention 2018
  2. 2. Exiting Subway at Union Station Turn to the right proceed forward 25 Metres We will go this way!You can go left as well. It also leads to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)
  3. 3. Cross from Subway Station into Union Station These doors will be on your left Cross the open space to these doors There is construction outside and inside for the next 25 metres
  4. 4. After construction hall enter this concourse Look for signs to YORK Concourse Hall Proceed forward GO is the GTA commuter trains system VIA is Canada’s National Railway UP is the rail way to the airport
  5. 5. Next Find Entrance to York Concourse Proceed 25 metres to this sign and turn left
  6. 6. Cross to the York Concourse Hall & Union Food Court to the GO Train Ticket Booths ON WAY TO AIR CANADA CENTRE
  7. 7. Swing left at the GO ticket booths
  8. 8. Follow the WORKING MOMS then turn left Through these doors
  9. 9. Last turn for AIR CANADA CENTRE
  10. 10. YOU MADE IT Union Subway Station to the Air Canada Centre Doors looking out on Union Plaza
  11. 11. A Review: Union Station Subway to Air Canada Centre There are alternative routes through the complex. You will likely find them as I did on my second attempt. Estimate of time 5 – 10 minutes A Wethe4 Production