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Motorless in the motor city


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In 2012 Norman Witte found himself living in Detroit, unemployed with a dead car. With no means to replace it, Witte learned alternate ways to get around the city as he continued to look for employment. The process, he said, involved navigating the city's public transportation system and learning to be a good cyclist. More than a year later, Witte, now a web developer at Crain's Detroit Business, is continuing his car-less life in the city, but this time out of choice.

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Motorless in the motor city

  1. 1. Motorless in the Motor City Norman Witte III
  2. 2. Finding yourself without car
  3. 3. Three Bs
  4. 4. Typical Rush Hour Situation
  5. 5. Sidewalks are unsafe for cyclists
  6. 6. Lack of infrastructure leads to talent flight “Since we started 20 in their 20s in 2006, we’ve asked honorees every year what they would like to see change in Detroit, and transit has always been the biggest concern.” –Mary Kramer
  7. 7. Cycle-friendly Work Environment
  8. 8. Spacious Cargo Area
  9. 9. KATAMARI!
  10. 10. Commuting in a winter wonderland
  11. 11. Come on and take a free ride
  12. 12. Peace Harmony Love Bikes