How Can We Help Your Agency?We provide an end-to-end                           Deliver measurable results for your clients...
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Client: TouchStorm One Sheet for Agencies


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A one-page overview outlining the key benefits of working with TouchStorm for branded video content development, production, curation, and distribution.

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Client: TouchStorm One Sheet for Agencies

  1. 1. How Can We Help Your Agency?We provide an end-to-end Deliver measurable results for your clientssolution for brands focused with a pioneer in editorial video distribution.on using digital video toincrease consumer reach, TV-like Reach – Let’s face it, most online video does not have anywhere near the reach that TV can consistently deliver. Yes, there’s some viralengagement and customer videos that do, but only 1 in 500 videos ever hit an audience aboveconversions. Utilizing proprietary 500,000. Are those the kinds of odds that you want to base your nexttools, TouchStorm works with brands media plan upon? Yeah, me neither. But what if you could deliver TV-like reach —to identify what their target consumers 10, 20, or even 30 million views? We thought you might like that. Our TouchStormare searching for online as it relates Editorial Network can deliver levels of reach that rival TV distribution, and best of allto their business objectives. Using — you don’t pay for placement. Your videos run in the center of the page as editorialthis knowledge, TouchStorm works content that audiences are searching for. No 15-second pre-roll over in the margins,with respected former television news you are front and center with an active, interested audience — millions of them whoproducers to create relevant, HD- self-selected to engage with your client’s videos.quality, journalistic videos that provideconsumers with educational content 2-3 Minute Engagement – If ever there was a debated word in the worldfrom today’s leading experts. Then of media, then “engagement” is it. What is it? Does it matter? Can itwe distribute this library of videos be measured? I’m sure you’ve had a few of these water cooler debatesinto leading publishers, blogger and over the past months. We think it matters — a lot. In time, it will beniche vertical sites around the web as the metric for all online video. That’s because more and more content online willbranded editorial video content. be just that — content. Useful content that consumers are searching for, and since online is the most measurable medium on the planet, you should demand that all your content be measured. We’ve been measuring our videos since day one, andWho is TouchStorm? TouchStorm is a they consistently deliver above the industry norms. This means that more peopledigital video distribution company and are watching more of your client’s video content when you work with TouchStorm. Wea pioneer in branded information. The like our norms to be way above average. How about you? Do 2-3 minute views soundcompany distributes, optimizes and intriguing? We’d love to take 2-3 minutes of your time to tell you more about it.produces online video for a wide rangeof clients, including Betty Crocker, Kraft, Measurable Conversion – Yes, you read that correctly. Measurable.P&G, Sony, Travelocity and Autodesk. What good is a view if it does not convert into the action that you want.The company works with today’s leading Online is where the action is best measured. Whether it is as simplebrands and experts to create TV-quality, as visiting your site or as complex as filling out a survey or as directjournalistic-style videos. The content is as making a purchase, we develop the tools you need to convert views to action.created and optimized using TouchStorm We’ve done it for some of the biggest brands in the world. At the end of the day,marketing tools and distributed by the brands need an audience to convert to action. We can work with you to determinemost popular publishers on the web via the kind of response you are looking for and then, we’ll create the right program tothe TouchStorm Editorial Network. get the results your clients need. Guaranteed. Yes, guaranteed. You only pay when the video plays, or when the action is taken. We are here to get your videos seen by the right audience and to make sure they take that critical next step. And we put our paycheck on the line to prove it. Contact us now to start distributing your videos as earned media. site: | twitter: @TouchStorm | e: