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Client: NXTPLabs Series B One Sheet


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NXTPLabs, an investor and incubator based in Buenos Aires, is raising a Series B to extend their portfolio from (50) to (300) and expanding from (12) LATAM markets to global Hispanic markets (+US, EMEA, etc.). NXTPLabs specializes in incubating Consumer Internet, Commerce, Social, Gaming, and non adtech start-ups throughout the region. Same Page Capital is working as a Senior Advisor to NXTPLabs and several companies within the portfolio.

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Client: NXTPLabs Series B One Sheet

  1. 1. Investment Opportunity:  NXTP is a seed investment firm and hands-on operational incubator.  Based in Buenos Aires, ARG with focus on early stage LATAM firms.  NXTP has network of high-net worth investors in local markets.  Investment Strategy: Consumer Internet, Commerce, Social, Mobile, Gaming  Current fund: $USD 2.5M with portfolio of (50) firms in (12) markets.  Raising Series B: ~ $USD 20M (50% in commitments as of 11/30/2012)  Use of funds: additional investments @ $25k.  Grow portfolio to (300+) throughout Hispanic markets (LATAM, US, EMEA).  Facilitate follow-on rounds.  SPC consolidating business services with NXTP in JV effort.  The JV makes seed investment; SPC delivers suite of business services.  SPC currently serving as Advisor to portfolio companies.© 2008 by Same Page Capital, LLC Proprietary & Confidential 1