In a world of decreasing margins and increasing competition,                                                              ...
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Client: Quicklizard Price Optimization Platform for E-Commerce


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Quicklizard provides a pricing optimization technology to web commerce clients and the technology companies who provide services to them. Quicklizard's technology provides always-on competitive marketplace price monitoring at the SKU level so commerce companies can improve margins even incrementally across multiple catalogs. For the technologies servicing Retail, Travel, and other highly margin-driven businesses, Quicklizard's product serves as a stream of product level pricing Business Intelligence so you know what product for what brand at what price to promote in display, social, mobile, and search ad messages.

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Client: Quicklizard Price Optimization Platform for E-Commerce

  1. 1. In a world of decreasing margins and increasing competition, QuickLizard provides an event-driven price optimization solution using real time analytics, your competitors’ pricing data and user-defined parameters to save you time, maximize resources, and make you more money.PRICING PROBLEMS FACING TODAY’S ONLINE MARKETPLACE: THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FROM QUICKLIZARD:1. Manual data collection is extremely time- QuickLizard is a leading developer of event-driven price optimization consuming, error-prone, difficult to keep up-to- solutions for on-line sales across a variety of industry verticals. date, and expensive to manage.2. Automated data collection typically creates the QuickLizard’s easy-to-usesoftwaregives you the edge by constantly “black box” phenomenon: Lots of data goes in, analyzing your complete product catalog your competitors’ products, but very little useful information comes out. then providing updated pricing recommendations for you based on3. Data generated by most automated systems competitors’ price information, available inventory, your requested simply lacks the precision and timeliness that margins, and competitive positioning. competitive analysis requires to make an impact. Quicklizard is fully customizable to match your specific needs and productTHE SYMPTOMS: catalog structure. The systemcore features include: You’re losing time, money, and resources.  Complete catalog scanning. You do not need to decide which You can’t see real-time price-driven opportunities. products to compare. No matter how large your catalog is, You are limited to a preset list of products and Quicklizard will dynamically select the most important ones usinga unable to see the bigger picture. flexible, customizable rule engine. Your competitors are under-cutting you, out-  Operating in real-time, Quicklizard provides a steady output of selling you, or both. pricing recommendations factored by cost, sales record, inventory level and your competitors’ pricing data. Pricing is not performed inHOW YOU CAN BETTER COMPETE: batches so you always have the latest information. Provide you with the information you need.  Integrated website analyticsare displayed side to side with the Price optimization strategy that’s dynamic. pricing information so analyzing how pricing will impact conversion is Based on competitor’s pricing. easier than ever. Easy to use and maintain. Creates time, cost, and resource efficiencies. THE QUICKLIZARDRESULTS:  Increase sales  Decrease operating costs  Maximize your operational ROICLEAR AND SIMPLE: • Software-based (SaaS) solution • No installation requiredQuickLizard’s software interface is simple and user-friendly. • Rapid training – no technical expertise neededVERSATILE:User-defined parameters allow for use in a wide variety Perfect for: • Online Retail Sales • Travel and Tourismof market applications. • Auto Rental • Hotel & HospitalityTAKE THE LEAD: • Price optimization algorithms • Real-time KPI analysisQuickLizard’s superior technology gives you an indispensible • Automatic system updatesadvantage over your competitors.ENGAGEMENT MODEL AND PRICING: Flexible and scalable pricing model based on volume and scope. Highly scalable technology infrastructure and operations. Ability to easily integrate into API environment for customization. Advanced analytics and user-defined parameters drive a real-time pricing strategy that puts you ahead of your competition!For more information, pricing, and understanding how QLPro can drive your online sales: • (212) 598-0848