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The king's deception download ebook

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The king's deception download ebook

  1. 1. The Kings Deception download ebookTo download now please click the link below. Malone is back! Steve Berry’s new international adventure blends grippingcontemporary political intrigue, Tudor treachery, and high-octane thrills into oneriveting novel of suspense.Cotton Malone and his fifteen-year-old son, Gary, are headed to Europe. As afavor to his former boss at the Justice Department, Malone agrees to escort ateenage fugitive back to England. But after he is greeted at gunpoint in London,
  2. 2. both the fugitive and Gary disappear, and Malone learns that he’s stumbled into ahigh-stakes diplomatic showdown—an international incident fueled by geopoliticalgamesmanship and shocking Tudor secrets.At its heart is the Libyan terrorist convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103, who isset to be released by Scottish authorities for “humanitarian reasons.” An outragedAmerican government objects, but nothing can persuade the British to intervene.Except, perhaps, Operation King’s Deception.Run by the CIA, the operation aims to solve a centuries-old mystery, one thatcould rock Great Britain to its royal foundations.Blake Antrim, the CIA operative in charge of King’s Deception, is hunting for thespark that could rekindle a most dangerous fire, the one thing that every Irishnational has sought for generations: a legal reason why the English must leaveNorthern Ireland. The answer is a long-buried secret that calls into question thelegitimacy of the entire forty-five-year reign of Elizabeth I, the last Tudormonarch, who completed the conquest of Ireland and seized much of its land. ButAntrim also has a more personal agenda, a twisted game of revenge in which Garyis a pawn. With assassins, traitors, spies, and dangerous disciples of a secretsociety closing in, Malone is caught in a lethal bind. To save Gary he must playone treacherous player against another—and only by uncovering the incredibletruth can he hope to prevent the shattering consequences of the King’s Deception.ReviewsWhat secret did King Henry Viii take to his grave? What does he make his wifepromise to relate to his son before closing his eyes for the last time? Why doesKatherine loathe him and yet takes care of him until the very end? What secretrelated to the Tudors will come into the present? His former boss Stephanie Nelleof the Magellan Billet has asked Cotton Malone a favor. Hoping to escort arecalcitrant teen back to England should have been an easy feat. But, whenarriving at the airport and hoping to present him to the police Cotton fails to noticesome discrepancies in the officials that greet him. Entering the limo, falling asleepfor fifteen minutes would cost him more than must the missing time. As he
  3. 3. prepares to turn over Ian the young man in question he is greeted by two policemen and when questioning one and asking for identification what he receives isdefinitely not a ID you or I would want. Leading him at gunpoint, finding himself indanger he tells Gary to run and take cover with the Ian. But Ian and Gary are onthe run and disappear. Just how will Malone find out where and who is behind it.But what happens next alerts him to the fact that his son has been kidnapped andthis young man might have orchestrated the events. As Gary and Ian are runningfor safety thoughts go through the reader’s mind as to where this will lead byboys.Just who is behind that what why would the CIA orchestrate this event soperfectly? The operation targets and hopes to solve a centuries old mystery. But, ifrevealed the information would change the course of history and question theveracity of the reign of one of their own monarchs.Blake Antrim is the man who orchestrated the events at the airport. Malone once apowerful man at the Justice Department and agent at the Magellan Billet, heserved there for many years. But, one call to Langley set the events in motion,which led Stephanie Nelle, the head of the Billet to enlist the Malone’s help indelivering Ian.Kathleen Richards is about to be fired when summoned to The Serious OrganizedCrime Agency where she learns of her new assignment and fate. As Katherinelearns of his new assignment it takes her to a vault whose hidden occupants arenon other than King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour his wife. Learning the reasonshe was taken there and the fact the coffins were opened and the vault rummagedthrough, Kathleen would soon learn the reason she received her credentials andjob back plus who requested her on the case. When Kathleen learns why she wassummoned the author takes us back to when Henry VII relates a secret to his sonbefore he dies and then over one hundred thirty years later the secret is relatedone more time to someone else. The wealth of a king lays hidden somewhere andwas supposed to be protected by one son and the message passed on to another.Just what happened to it and what is the King’s Deception? Why did a group calledthe Daedal approach Blake and why did they want him to fail in his quest? As
  4. 4. Kathleen learns the history of behind both Kings and Blake faces those that wantBritain’s secrets kept hidden. Would he find the legal reason for the English toleave Northern Ireland? How does this link to the release of a Libyan Terroristconvicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and who is about to be released?Why are they killing American Intelligence agents in order to make their point thatnothing will stop them from his release by Scottish authorities. Why won’t Britainhelp and what will the American government do? What part does a five hundredyear old secret play and what impact will it have?As Kathleen is a member of M16 and the CIA is also involved trying to find anduncover the clues to the mystery, what happens when Gary disappears, Maloneneeds to find the answers to the reasons why. How does it link back to the Tudorsall piecing together with from a puzzle that will take him as it did Kathleen fromthe Middle Temple to the Chapel at Windsor Castle where Henry VIII in entombedand Oxford college. Then things take a rough turn as one college professorenlightens her into the background of Elizabeth I, who she wanted to succeed her,her reign, those she trusted and her final moments. But, as the final words arespoken, the answers that might help her to decipher the coded journal just a fewsteps away, something happens to change it all and not only is the professor indanger but someone warns Kathleen what will happen if she does not stop herinvestigation. With Cotton and Ian trying to find Gary and learn more about whathappened to Gary the author brings to light the fact that one prisoner is about tobe released that was responsible for Pan Am Flight 103 and the British are notdoing anything to stop his release. Why still remains to be seen as we learn moreabout the King’s Deception and hoping that it would not be scrapped. OperationKing’s Deception relates to the wealth of the late King Henry VIII, where it islocated and how it relates to the Daedal us Society who is behind Blake andKathleen’s warnings and hopes to foil any attempt they might make to stop therelease from going through. But, why did Blake initiate the kidnapping of Gary andwhy did he want link does it have to Malone and Ian? From Windsor Castle toOxford college and Hampton Court deceit, murder, assassins, spies and muchmore are all out uncover this secret society based on Greek Mythology.Blake Antrim is in charge of Operation King’s Deception and hopes to find out thelegal reason why the English must leave Northern Ireland. Just how this links toQueen Elizabeth I the final Tudor monarch, who conquered Ireland and took muchof the land, remains to be revealed. Elizabeth I reigned as the author enlightensreaders as queen of England and Ireland from November 17 1558 until her death.
  5. 5. She was the fifth and last of the Tudor monarchs. Author Steve Berry givesreaders a solid background of this monarch, the daughter of Henry III; she wasborn a princess and treated as such. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed twoand one half years after her birth. Elizabeth was said and declared illegitimate andher half brother Edward VI gave the crown to Lady Jane Grey leaving bothElizabeth and Catholic Mary out of the equation. Mary however became Queen andJane was executed leaving Elizabeth to succeed Mary when she was imprisoned forsupporting the Protestant rebels. But, Elizabeth surrounded herself with trustedadvisers as the author relates William Cecil and Baron Burghley. As a result sheestablished an English Protestant Church of which she became the SupremeGovernor. But, there is much more related to why she never married or producedan heir to continue the Tudor line. However, her reign weakened, economic andmilitary issues but her reign of 44 years brought stability. The relationships shehad were several the end result she never married. Even her engagementgenerated scandal and gossip. The author relates the many suitors and thepossible marriages but the end result was still the same. On her deathbed she wasasked to name her successor she never did. Therefore, James VI of Scotland wasnamed when they entered into a coded negotiation. “Elizabeth may not havedeclared her wishes openly to James, but she made them known with"unmistakable if veiled phrases" Wikipedia.Things change and Kathleen learns the true meaning of deceit, lies and danger asher life depends on whether Cotton and Ian can devise a plan to get her awayfrom the one person who she thought she could trust. But, what about Blake andhis role with the secret society? When things become more intense and Cottonreveals what think about Elizabeth I and the treasure that is supposed hiddensomewhere just where will this all lead and will the truth be revealed?The author reveals the true deception that I will not and the hidden informationabout Elizabeth I and her reign that unless you research it for yourself and read itin Chapter 49 and 50 you won’t understand what would have happened if the truthbe told. With all the players revealed we learn more about Kathleen Howard, Blakeand the woman he was having an affair with who was not what she appeared tobe. Just who was behind wanting the King’s Deception foiled? Who killed the agentthat was working to uncover the code? Who can anyone trust and what will thefate of Ian, Gary and even Cotton be when all of the deceptions are finallyrevealed? Just what is releasing the prisoner going to do for one country?Deceptions, deceits, murder, cover-ups, lies and one King whose hidden secretwould change the course of history if revealed and another whose secret andhidden a treasure that would be the reward of the person who deciphers the code.Where is the Tudor Sanctuary and what lies beneath it? The King’s Deception:
  6. 6. Truth be known and what would the end result be for both England and Ireland?How does this all link to Elizabeth I? What happens at the end will definitely defyall odds and make you wonder what is truth, reality or fiction. Once again authorSteve Berry brings the reader inside the tomb, Windsor Castle, Oxford andthroughout England to learn the true secret of the King’s Deception. You just won’tbelieve what this is really about.This is the 8th in the Cotton Malone series and once again the author has written asuspenseful novel with many surprises. The book begins with ex-JusticeDepartment agent now book store owner flying with his son from Georgia toLondon. Cotton, who now lives in Denmark, is bringing his son, Gary, to thatcountry for a vacation. He is also accompanying a teen to London at the behest ofthe CIA. The boy, Ian, is to be handed over to the Metropolitan police. Howeverthey all get kidnapped and end up in an espionage adventure that involves amystery dating back to the reign of Henry VIII. The author has included many wellresearched historical facts along with some inventions (explained at the end of thebook). He also gives us historical facts about present day London locations thatwere built in the time of Henry and other monarchs.I enjoyed the book for itshistorical information about Great Britain as well as the tale of intrigue that theauthor spun.I now have a desire to visit London and see the locations mentionedin the book.Oh, Steve Berry, how I love you. Cotton Malone is back and just as amazing asever! Im going to start off by saying that Steve Berry is one of my all timefavorite authors. Not only are his books enthralling and well-written, but they arealso saturated with history. Steve Berry includes historical facts and interestingtidbits if history in all of his books.The Kings Deception is the eighth book by Steve Berry in the Cotton Maloneseries. In this book Cotton and his teenage son, Gary, go to Europe. Cotton agreesto escort a teenage fugitive back to England, but upon arrival in London, bothCottons son and the teen are kidnapped.That sets off events that through Cotton into the midst of a diplomatic showdown.I wont give anything away since the book isnt out yet, but it was nonstop actionand I was glued to the book from the first page. From terrorists to Tudor secretsthe book was just as good as its predecessors. The ending was phenomenal, aperfect conclusion to an amazing book.
  7. 7. I recommend this book to anyone who likes CIA plots and an abundance of action.I figured its close enough to publication date that I can go ahead and post this.Everyone else has!I received (with immature, unadulterated, dance-around-my-living-room delight)an advanced copy from Netgalley for review.The mere mention of King Henry VIII sends historians and lovers of Tudor fictioninto wild meanderings on the twisted and tangled life that was the monarch’s. Wifeafter wife, child after child, this manredefined not only what it meant to be regent and religious leader in Britain, butalso the place of the Tudor family in the history books. His daughter, Elizabeth I,reigned over England and Ireland for decades. She created a golden era, full ofdramas and adventurers. She never married, claiming virginity until her death.Her paintings are all mysteriously and specifically done, surrounded by rules ofwhat could be painted.Steve Berry’s latest in the Cotton Malone series takes us back not only into Britishhistory, but also into the Malone’s family history. It is a tale of two years past, ofhow their family changed yet again. Lies and secrets marred the three Malones,and it took truth and honesty to heal. Funnily enough, lies and secrets altered thelives of the Tudor family as well.What if she remained The Virgin Queen, unmarried, for a reason? What if she waspart of what would be the greatest fraud in British history? What if all those rulesabout painting the Queen were necessary to veil an imposter? What if this secretcould reignite a war that would change Elizabeth’s legacy from beloved queen tothief of her sister’s title of “Bloody?”Take a ride down memory lane with Cotton Malone in his latest (well, perhaps notchronologically) adventure as a simple favor for a friend turns into a quest for
  8. 8. truth and a battle for the lives of all involved. Just be prepared, as the secrets ofthe past are not the only dangerous mysteries mixed up in The King’s Deception.The Kings Deception was an incredible read. The pacing in the book, with themany twists and turns keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. I found it tohave the perfect blend of true life events, historical facts and fictitious musingsblended together. Steve Berry created a totally plausible series of events that alsoinstills a desire to read more about the history and legends alluded to in the story.I would recommend The Kings Deception to all fans of historical fiction and fans ofspy thrillers. You will not be disappointed.I had a great ride with this book! I won this book through Goodreads First Readsand thankfully have found a new author I really enjoy. Steve Berry writes withenough of everything (a little history, a lot of intrigue, a splash heartache, ahandful of characters that you love a few you hate, and even a dash of romanceand lots of surprises)that you are sucked in, wondering who is to be trusted,whats the truth and where will this all lead and before you know it youve reachedthe end. I was kept guessing and hoping that things would work out the wholetime thrilled by the twists and turns. I am really looking forward to catching up onthe rest of Cottons adventures. I recommend this series to anyone who likesauthors like Dan Brown.There is a common opinion that many best-selling authors "phone in" some oftheir stories after enjoying massive success.The implication is one of laziness, relying on formula rather than inspiration. Or, ifthe author collaborates, taking top billing from the hard work of the partner.The Kings Deception by Steve Berry is neither lazy nor derivative.This is the eighth outing for Cotton Malone - Berrys ex-US agent-turned-bookseller and it doesnt disappoint. Malone and his son Gary are kidnapped inLondon while escorting young thief Ian Dunne to the authorities.Apparently, Dunne has stolen a secret the British government will stop at nothingto protect and the Malones are to collateral damage. Complicating matters is arogue CIA agent named Antrim and his Operation Kings Deception which alsowants Dunne.Kings Deception is a secret that threatens the monarchy and the rule of law.Dunne has a flash drive with the proof and MI6 wants it back.
  9. 9. Malone and his son Gary were also maneuvered to London by Antrim, who has apersonal connection to the Malone family.Berrys strength is his ability to weave thrillers from historical events. In this case,its the succession of the Tudor family to the British Crown.And what does this have to do with the impending repatriation to Libya of theLockerbie bomber?Youll have to read the book, due out in June, to find out.To download now please click the link below.