The eye of moloch kindle fire


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The eye of moloch kindle fire

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The eye of moloch kindle fire

  1. 1. The Eye of Moloch kindle fireTo download now please click the link below. LAST BATTLE FOR FREEDOM IS UNDER WAY…By the end of Glenn Beck’s #1 bestselling political thriller The Overton Window, ayoung rebel named Molly Ross had torn aside the curtain to reveal a shadow war
  2. 2. being waged for the future of America. In the six months since then, her fight forfreedom hasn’t gone well. Marked as traitors and hunted by ruthless government-sanctioned mercenaries using the most advanced surveillance technologies evercreated, Ross and her “Founders’ Keepers” find themselves cornered and standingalone. but the fight is far from over.The battle lines in this bitter rivalry are as old as civilization itself: On one side, anunlikely band of ordinary Americans ready to make their last stand in defense ofself-rule, freedom, and liberty—and on the other, an elite cabal of self-styledtyrants who believe that unlimited power should be wielded only by the chosenfew. That group, led by an aging, trillionaire puppet-master named Aaron Doyle,will stop at nothing to destroy the myth that man is capable of ruling himself.As Doyle prepares to make his final move toward a dark, global vision forhumanity’s future, new allies join the fight and old enemies change sides. In themidst of it all, Molly draws together a small but devoted group willing to risk theirlives to infiltrate one of the most secure locations on earth—a place holding long-standing secrets that, if revealed, would forever change the way Americans viewtheir rare, extraordinary place in history. Exposing these truths, and the real-lifegame of chess being played for mankind’s freedom, is their last chance to save thecountry they love.Reviewsf you care about your Country and the direction that we are headed, the Eye ofMoloch is a must read. You will be hooked from the beginning and have a hardtime putting it down.The Eye of Moloch is a frightening tale of a government surveillance/police stateout of control. Information is power. In the wrong hands it becomes a weaponmanipulated by a wealthy mastermind whose objective is to create the chaos that
  3. 3. will destroy the US Constitution and mans freedom. In its place the new worldorder will emerge, controlled by a privileged few.Molly Ross and her small band of patriots of Founders Keepers are the only thingthat stands between freedom and tyranny. They are the only ones who understandwhat is really happening and are doing something about it. Yet because of thepower of the surveillance state and the false information coming from a compliantpress, the Founders Keepers are being portrayed as traitors to the Republic andhunted down as enemies of the state. As you are following Molly, you areastounded by the powers arrayed against her and wonder how/if she can succeedagainst these overwhelming odds.Eye of Moloch is a modern day version of George Orwells "1984". However, whenGeorge Orwell published his book in 1949, the ideas of Big Brother, doublethink,thought crime, and Newspeak must have seemed way out in the future to readersof his day. The idea of devices in the home monitoring your every move was thestuff of science fiction. The Eye of Moloch describes a surveillance state that isalready upon us. Fiction has been revealed as fact in the last few days with therevelations of the NSA collecting and storing information on all communications.With 15 pages of footnotes at the end, there can be no doubt that this is afictionalized story of a real problem.WAKE UP AMERICA. Its time to stop this outrage. We are in a soft tyranny and onthe verge of irreversibly transforming the Unites States of America from a shiningcity on the hill representing mans freedom to a force for evil in the world. Thepolice state must go. We need everyone to become Founders Keepers and reversethe disastrous course this country is on.Its as if Glenn sat down, wrote this book over the weekend and rushed it topress... Its like looking into the mirror and seeing the state of things as they arein this country today... This is supposed to be fiction... but it soon, may beclassified as Historical Non-Fiction with only the names changed to protect theinnocent.If you are a fan of thrillers ripped from the headlines, filled with trips downpolitical conspiracy - then this book will leave you in stitches. Will there be a third?
  4. 4. Probably going to be hard to top without the next installment being considered"Historical Fiction" --- Only time will tell...A solid, complex, chilling, political thriller that spins a confusing web of story stylesinto an all encompassing over view of modern day progressive liberalism and thetruly evil agenda that it encapsulates.I bought the unabridged audio book version of the book today from Audible andlistened to all afternoon. I have to say that over all the book is pretty entertaining,chilling, and somewhat interesting. However it had a rather blatant disjointed,haphazard, mufti-authored, disconnect to it that made it very confusing to listentoo, let along, I assume, to read. While I found the story to be chilling I also foundthat the way in which it was assembled had me wondering if I had missed a fewchapters of the previous book, The Overton Window.To me the book seemed filled with chapters that were well written, enjoyablysuspenseful, insightful, yet seemingly written by many different authors. Thiseffect brought a sincere sense of confusion to the over all flow of the story and tothe book as a whole.While much of the book was filled with political insight into the minds and ideologyof hard core progressive liberalists, a significant portion delved into what I thoughtto be the heart and soul of those involved in the events encapsulated by the story.The book can be summed up as; A truly chilling mosaic of current political eventsspun out of control by agents of willful chaos and those who are caught up withinthe struggle and those who choose to just "ignore" the reality that surroundsthem. Freedom is nothing more than what we are given by those who know thereis no freedom but what freedom they grant to us.All in all this is a good political thriller written in the multiple story telling styles ofVince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Glenn Beck. A truly chilling tale of the evil that ismodern day progressive liberalism and how it is progressing through the body ofliberty and killing it from within. Apart from the disjointed feel of the story, theover all story is outstanding and relevant to the issue we are facing in todaysworld. A solid book worthy of a place on any ones book shelf.
  5. 5. My disappointment so far is in the abrupt change in tone and style from the firstpart of the series, The Overton Window. The Eye of Moloch is written in an overlysensationalistic fashion which doesnt fare well in a print format sequel to what Ithought was a well written thriller / drama. Overton 2 aka The Eye of Moloch,though it gets its point across by filling in various gaps, questions and extendingthe plot, it does so in a bizarre multi stylistically challenged fashion, that seems tochange from chapter to chapter. This at times almost leads me to think variouswriters may have written parts of this. What I think this book lacks most is theentertainment value you find in part 1 to include presentation and delivery... Also,by stepping out of his comfort zone and wanting the book to be overly intense hesort of drops the ball somewhat, but thats just my opinion.To download now please click the link below.