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Sharp objects nook edition

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Sharp objects nook edition

  1. 1. Sharp Objects Nook editionTo download now please click the link below. above her hipbone, GIRL across her heartWords are like a road map to reporter Camille Preaker’s troubled past. Fresh froma brief stay at a psych hospital, Camille’s first assignment from the second-ratedaily paper where she works brings her reluctantly back to her hometown to coverthe murders of two preteen girls.
  2. 2. NASTY on her kneecap, BABYDOLL on her legSince she left town eight years ago, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic,hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed again in her family’sVictorian mansion, Camille is haunted by the childhood tragedy she has spent herwhole life trying to cut from her memory.HARMFUL on her wrist, WHORE on her ankleAs Camille works to uncover the truth about these violent crimes, she finds herselfidentifying with the young victims—a bit too strongly. Clues keep leading to deadends, forcing Camille to unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past to get atthe story. Dogged by her own demons, Camille will have to confront whathappened to her years before if she wants to survive this homecoming.With its taut, crafted writing, Sharp Objects is addictive, haunting, andunforgettable.ReviewsTerrific book, truly creepy. A page turner about a journalist going back to her tinyMissouri home town to cover the recent murders of two little girls. Gillian Flynnswriting in Entertainment Weekly has always been a notch above, and her firstnovel is no disappointment.Whats remarkable about this book is that it focuses on some of the mostdamaged and interesting women Ive ever seen in fiction. Strong women in fictionusually means one of three things:1) Ass-kickers in fantastic outfits that talk, think and fight like men (thinkTarantino)2) Delicate little homebodies with surprising reserves of strength when needed(think Jane Austen)
  3. 3. 3) Raging bitches (think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada)Whats great about the women here is that they dont really fit into any of theabove categories. Theyre conniving, manipulative, sweet, deeply insecure, fierceand hopelessly crippled people whose flailing at one another feels very real andvery scary. Great book.Camille Preaker is haunted by childhood memories of a cold, hysterical mother andthe devastating loss of her sister, Marian, who died when Camille was only 13.Literally carrying her war wounds upon her flesh, Camille is a recovering "cutter"who has carved a myriad of words into her skin as a visible record of the pain andtrauma shes experienced. Having escaped from the clutches of a cloying familyenvironment, Camille is being sent back into the cauldron, this time as a reporterfor a second-rate Chicago newspaper to cover the gruesome murders of two localpre-teens. The more involved she becomes in the mystery, the more she uncoversabout her town, her family, and herself. The discoveries are anything but pleasant.Part thriller, part mystery, part Southern Gothic, Gillian Flynns debut novel issimply outstanding. Camille Preaker is a heroine worth cheering for, as Flynnexpertly delves into the female psyche and the delicate, often damaging tiesbetween mothers and daughters. In the tradition of Flannery OConnor, the writinghere is so effective and evocative, this one will stay with you long after the readingis done.I love a good psychological thriller with disturbingly flawed characters and thisbook did not disappoint. The main character is a woman struggling to make a lifefor herself, fleeing her childhood and really, fleeing her mother when she is sentback to her home town as an investigative reporter. She is tasked to report on thegruesome murders of two pre-teen girls, but in the process she gets put right backin the middle of her messed up family dynamics, her small town’s social structure,and a potential romance.Ms. Flynn nails perfectly small Midwest town life. A quote in her description ofsmall town life,
  4. 4. “Like all rural towns, Wind Gap has an obsession with machinery. Most homes owna car and a half for every occupant, plus boats, Jet Skis, scooters, tractors, andamong the elite of Wind Gap, golf cars, which younger kids without licenses use towhip around town.”Ms. Flynn makes some disturbing observations about parenting and family life –and ties them in to premature death:As to the death of a young girl, “it’s the only way to truly keep your child. Kidsgrow up, they forge more potent allegiances. They find a spouse or a lover. Theywill not be buried with you. The Keenes, however will remain the purest form offamily. Underground.”The situations described in this book are exceptional, but she breaks the image ofsmall rural life as being ideal. Terrifying violence and dysfunction lurks beneaththe surface and I have to say, she nailed it in terms of describing my small ruralhome town. As Flynn writes, the idealic quality of small towns is false. A questionis – should people go home once they have fled extreme unhappiness? Can theygo home and survive it emotionally? Going home almost undoes Camille and asthe story is told the readers see from a disturbing first person angle, Camille’spersonal psychological problems and the extent of her damage. It was terrifying toread about, but I could not put the book down.A truly horrifying image of the protagonist’s mother:A question I had was, what was Ms. Flynn’s message in this? Small rural towns aremessed up? Family dynamics can really screw people up? Old school socialhierarchies breed disturbing people? I did find it interesting that the men in thisstory, save one, are thoroughly disappointing and that the evil, cruel and shallowwomen are images of beauty and physically were ultra feminine in terms of howour society defines such things. The violence that happens to women and girlshappens on the brink of girls becoming women, and the things done to them aresuperficial ways femininity have has been defined in our modern culture. Andfinally, the evil doers . What comment is Flynn making on images of women,
  5. 5. female sexuality and femininity in modern US culture? I am asking because I havenot yet decided what the answer is.I recommend this book for people who enjoy dark psychological thrillers, wherethe mystery and murder are just set ups for authors to portray dark disturbingcharacters and fully fleshed but damaging relationships. I would say fans of TanaFrench, Donna Tartt, and Laura Kasischke would enjoy this book, but beware, it isnot for the faint hearted – the decryptions of physical violence can be upsetting.Disturbing, nasty, violent, genius.I have heard great things about Gillian Flynn so I was excited to read this. Amongthe things that I have heard about her though was also the fact that her bookswere very violent. And this book really is. It is shocking, it is violent, it is dark butit is also amazingly clever.It kept me awake till the late hours. Flynn is one of the most ingenious authors Ihave ever read. She unfolds her clever plot and she develops her characters by away so that you think you know the truth but you just dont. For over the half ofthe book I was pretty sure that I knew who the murderer was. Well, I was wrong.The last few pages blew me away. She just managed to twist her plot in a way sounpredictable that it left me breathless.What adds to her clever plot is the well developed characters. For the biggest partthese characters are strong, independent women. Something rare in the crimeliterature where usually women are the victims and men the abusers.I do not read a lot crime/ mystery novels but after this book I will definately lookout for more. So even if this kind of books are not usually your cup of tea, youshould give this book a try.Personally, I will definitely read more novels by Gillian Flynn.Another great Jillian Flynn book. Again, her writing style is so different. In thisbook, an emotionally troubled reporter from a small newspaper returns to herhometown to investigate the abduction and murders of children. She does not
  6. 6. wish to take the job, but her boss thinks she would have the inside track comingfrom the town. She returns home and stays with her mother from whom she hasbeen estranged for many years. What she discovers finally makes her face herfears and gives her the strength to live her life fully, but getting to that point takesher through some horrendous discoveries. Very well written and hard not to finishin one sitting!I finished this days ago, but was caught up in my birthday weekend (21!!!! :D ),so I am just getting around to writing this. Having already read Dark Places byGillian Flynn, my expectations for Sharp Objects, her first novel, were extremelyhigh. Dark Places was easily my favorite book within the last year, and I was a bitreticent that I would not enjoy this as much. Fortunately, my expectations, ifanything, were set too low, and I found myself enjoying this even more.As usual, since goodreads supplies us with a summary, I wont waste time writingone. Camille was an intersting protagonist because, like Libby Day (from DarkPlaces), she is both frighteningly fragile and strong. I have read about characterswho were alcoholics and cutters, but I found it interesting that Flynn neverattempted to force us to feel sorry for Camille. Soon it becomes aparent why sheis this way,For a first novel, Sharp Objects is particuarly strong. Flynns writing seems so sureof itself, and her prose are unapologetically acerbic. What I find most interstingabout Flynns books is her treatment of women who are both good and evil. Shealso handles female relationshps between friends and family beautifully, andcreated one of the most painfully cold hearted women I have ever read. UnlikeDark Places, there is a fair amount of romance...or should I just say lust/sex whichwas also a pleasant surprise.I will stop gushing now. My only complaint would be the epilogue. The book isfairly short, so I didnt think it was necessary for SO MUCH to be revealed withinthe last 5 or so pages. I felt a bit cheated and wish Flynn had dragged that out abit longer.I guess this novel would fall into the mystery/thriller/crime category, but its somuch more than that. Many books that fall into this category are mass marketpaperbacks that make good reading but dont contain anything of substance. Thesame can definitely NOT be said about this book.
  7. 7. I went into this book knowing the basics from the blurb on the back of the bookand with a warning that the book didnt leave much to the imagination and didntleave anything hidden. Well that was true - this is definitely gritty and not forthose easily disturbed. Im glad that Im not easily disturbed though, because Ifound this to be one of the best books Ive read in recent years. I devoured it andread 4/5ths of it in one sitting.Camille is a reporter for the 4th biggest newspaper in Chicago, estranged from herMother, Stepfather and half-sister who still live in her hometown of Windy Gap,MO. When two girls are murdered in Windy Gap, her boss thinks shes the perfectperson to cover the story and she sets off to face her biggest story yet, along withher worst memories and unresolved issues...I liked the mystery aspect of the story and thought I had it figured out about halfway through the book. I was along the right lines but didnt get it quite right... Iliked that it kept me guessing.The writing is superior to that which I would expect from a debut novelist. Itsdark, disturbing... and incredibly absorbing. Most of the characters are flawed,some more than others, and this makes for interesting reading as their hiddenskeletons are revealed. Camille is probably the most flawed character of all, butthis just made me love her even more. I also liked how my feelings towards a fewof the characters, Amma in particular, changed many times throughout the book. Ireally appreciate a book that can make me think and can make me question mythoughts and feelings. This book certainly made me do this.Im looking forward to picking up Dark PlacesI was at Walmart killing time while getting my oil change (dont judge! haha) andof course I meandered on over to the book section. I picked up Gillian Flynns"Sharp Objects" and after reading the back I knew it would be perfect for the cabinweekend I knew I was going on. Oh...was I right! I had heard of "Gone Girl" andthe only thing I have heard about it was twisted. For some reason I wasnt in themood for "Gone Girl" and figured it would be a good idea to start with Flynnsdebut novel. I arrived at the cabin after just I had just completed (and being
  8. 8. horribly disappointed by) reading Paula McClains disaster of a book "The ParisWife". Ohhh I was pulled in and addicted with Flynns story INSTANTLY!The following may contain spoilers, however they will only be minor.a can of Planters.Camille Preaker is a 30-something who just completed a short stay at a psychhospital. For years she has craved words into her body that pop into her head. Sheis a reporter in Chicago who has her next assignment in her home town: the tinytown in Missouri that drove her to her cutting. One young girl is missing and one isdead. Camilles job is to get the scoop...and with her reunion with old friends andfamily she discovers a whole crap load of twisted situations and is obsessed withfiguring out the towns infatuation with her evil half sister Amma.Every character in this book has issues and can be at times nuts as a can ofPlanters! The town itself is a character too, which a menacing personality all of itsown. I devoured this novel in less than 24 hours, often gasping out loud at howawful and twisted the goings-on are. Just when you think a character may have anormal side, you are quickly convinced otherwise.Gillian Flynn looks so sweet and beautiful on the back cover yet I am blown awayat the nasty yet page-turning situations she comes up with! She DOES NOT holdback, and although I cringe on practically every page I am left wanting to knowmore and to discover the truths behind all the secrets. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE herwriting style and how she describes and compares people, things, or scenery. Ichuckled at some of her descriptions because they could be so vivid even whenusing only a small amount of words. For example, in one scene she describes awoman working in a diner to look like the pies displayed behind her, and WHAM! Aperfectly clear image popped into my head. Brilliant!I am impressed beyond expectation by this book. When I was holding this in myhands at Walmart I had no idea what kind of crazy roller coaster ride I was aboutto embark on. Especially after the trash I just was like watching"Casablanca" after just viewing "From Justin to Kelly". Hahaha.
  9. 9. If you are not afraid of a book that pushes the limits and goes WAY beyond yourcomfort zone, then you MUST give "Sharp Objects" a chance. You will betransported to a place that if you were to visit in person you would want to get thehell out of after five minutes. Wow. Such a great book! 5 Stars...Id give it 80stars if I could!To download now please click the link below.