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Seven years to sin ebook

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Seven years to sin ebook

  1. 1. Seven Years to Sin ebookTo download now please click the link below. longer the resistance…Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, proper Lady Jessica Sheffieldwitnessed a licentious scene no innocent young miss could imagine. Shocked, yetstrangely titillated, she’d held her silence regarding scandalous Alistair Caulfield,and walked down the aisle as expected. But through years of serene,
  2. 2. unremarkable marriage, Caulfield’s image remained burned into her imagination,fueling very illicit dreams……the sweeter the rewardAlistair ran far from the temptation of the prim debutante with the fire of passionin her eyes–all the way to the West Indies. As a successful merchant, he has littlein common with the rakehell youth she knew. But when newly widowed Jessicasteps aboard his ship for a transatlantic passage, seven years’ worth of deniedpleasures are held in check by nothing more than a few layers of silk–and thecertainty that surrender will consume them both…ReviewsAlistair Caulfield has harbored a love for Lady Jessica Sheffield for many years, butmany factors made that love unattainable. He being younger, and the 4th son of aduke and duchess, there was no role for him. Alistair is quite a free spirit, makinghis own way in the world at a young age and building his own fortune by whatevermeans necessary.On the eve of Jessica’s wedding, she is walking her dog for the evening and comesacross Alistair engaged in a lecherous act with a married woman.“The horror she should have felt at finding a man engaged in sexual congress wasmarkedly absent. Because it was Caulfield, and he fascinated her. It was a terriblesort of captivation with which she viewed him-a mixture of envy for his freedomand horror at the ease with which he disregarded public opinion.”Being free wasn’t afforded to Jessica as her father had her already paired withBenedict Sinclair, Viscount and future Earl immediately upon her presentation as adebutante. Having spent her life under her fathers thumb and having proprietybeaten into her, Jessica was just happy to be away from that situation. Happensthat her marriage was a good one, but fate had other plans for Jessica.
  3. 3. “Other men coveted the mystery of her, but Alistair had seen behind the veil, andthat was the woman he lusted for. Forever beyond his reach in reality, but afixture in his mind. She was burned into his memory by the raging hungers andimpressions of youth, and the years hadn’t lessened the vivid recollection one wit.”After six years of marriage to Benedict, she is widowed. Benedict left hereverything including the property in Jamaica. Almost a year into her bereavementof her husband, Jessica decides she needs to get away from society for a whileand decides to travel to Jamaica to tend to the property there. Just so happensthat Alistair has now made his return to London, and has arranged with Jessica’sbrother in law to escort and assist Jessica on her trip. Jessica doesn’t know ofAlistair’s return or of his plans to accompany her on the ship for the next sixweeks, alone with only the two of them and the crewmen.“He wanted her to see him as the man he was now-cultured and learned. Polished.His presentation was meant to be the first salvo in what was intended to be a slowcareful seduction.”The unattainable becomes attainable as the courtship of Jessica Tarley begins.These two alone on a ship together have no distractions from each other, andAlistair couldn’t have planned this better. I loved watching these two turn theirlust into love, and tear down each others protective walls. Each sharing the mostemotional parts of their past with one another. Not only knowing each othercarnally, but getting a good look into the true make up of each other.“She’d started this journey as a widow, certain she would be alone for the rest ofher life. She ended with a lover, a man to whom she’d bared her body and soul,revealing memories of a past she had previously shared only with Hester.”There is also a heartbreaking secondary story going on that involves Jessica’ssister, Hester. Growing up, Jessica tried to protect Hester from their fathers’rages, only for her to end up married to a man with those same rages. Michaelwho has loved her since their youth wants desperately to protect her, is in difficultposition. He would love nothing more than to save her but all he can do is extend
  4. 4. his friendship and try to be there for Hester as best he can. I certainly wouldn’tmind a continuation of her story. I loved Michael and Hester, and hated Regmont!I loved this story so much!Sylvia Day is versatile in her writing, and once again I have experienced herbeautiful writing and characterization. This is story of two people falling in love,and I truly fell in love with this cast of characters and their story. Alistair is thatstrong, dominant, and sexy man that I love so, but yet he’s not afraid to show hislove for all the world to see. I really liked Jessica, she is stronger than shebelieves, smart and very perceptive. In the face of propriety she embraces herself,and the hellrake she has fallen in love with.The night before Jessica Sheffield is to be married, her pug Temperance leads heron a merry journey through the woods to find the perfect spot to piddle. Said spothappens to be near a gazebo—one that is… quite occupied. When the moonreveals to her who exactly is fornicating in said gazebo, her startled gasp catchesAlistair Caulfield’s attention.From the moment that their eyes lock, something within both of them changes.Jessica is awakened to desires and urges she never knew existed. Alistair iscaptivated and consumed by a woman he cannot have. And the memory of thatmoment will haunt them both for seven years.Jessica Sheffield has been hidden away behind a mask of propriety and mannersand expectations. The whole of her life has been dedicated to being a properdaughter and a dutiful wife. When she boards Alistair’s ship to Jamaica, Jess isfree to become the woman she has long hidden. And that woman is delightful.Fiery and strong. Wanton. Jessica really comes into her own after a lifetime ofbeing who others expect her to be.Alistair Caulfield stole my heart. And my panties. He pretty much oozes sex fromhis pores—the man is all things virile. I think he may even have carnality in hisvery bones. But even though his machismo is very potent stuff indeed, that isdefinitely not all there is to him. Alistair is compassionate and stoic and… patient.Jessica manages to stir up longings and desires in him that really squeezed at my
  5. 5. heart. I loved watching a man who puts most of his self-worth on his prowessbetween the sheets simply… unravel… under the force of her love for him.One of my favorite things about this couple is how there was never anyindecisiveness on either Jessica or Alistairs sides. It was never a matter of if theywant each other or if theyll give in to their passions. The lack of angst wasrefreshing and very, very welcome. I like that Jessica was no simpering miss,fretting over her attraction to Alistair. She wants him, he wants her, they justhave to figure out how to make it work.Which is not to say that their journey is easy. They both have obstacles, internallyand externally, to overcome. Jessica and Alistair have both suffered at the handsof their parents. Jessica, physically. Alistair, emotionally. It was deeply gratifyingto see them come together, to voice their demons, and to find acceptance forthem in one another. It felt very honest and true. And added dimension and layersand meaning to their relationship.Seven Years to Sin is as sensual as it is sexual. It manages to stir your heart as itheats your blood. Miz Day has written Jessica and Alistair’s story so beautifully. Itwas filled with such deep emotion that you can’t help but become invested in allthe characters. I loved this book. Plain and simple. And I’m already eagerlyanticipating a reread—I simply didn’t want to leave these characters and theirworld.Ive been searching for a word to describe this book and I think Im going to settleon delicious!.This is my first foray into Historical Novels and who best to guide me through myfirst time than Sylvia Day, and guide me she did!.I was consumed by this book and couldnt put it down and for two days it felt like Iwas in the moment, the Era and the story itself.
  6. 6. Everything was described so well from the clothing to the setting that in my mindseye I could picture the whole story and it was breathtaking.Alistair in his breeches, boots and billowy shirts together with his animalmagnetism aplenty....oh dear, I defy anyone not to fall in love with this man! Iadored the heroine Jessica, and watching these two flawed, sensual characterscome together was just wonderful.They both have something from their pasts to deal with and watching them evolveand trust was very special.Jessica and Alistair positively sizzle. If youre looking for a hot read this book has itin spadesI also loved following the story of Hester, Jessicas sister. Her story tugged at myheart strings thats for sure.There were a few outstanding quotes I shared with my girls along the way (whichno doubt had them downloading the book in seconds haha) which Id love to sharehere but dont want to give anything away.To me, there were actually two different stories being told. One is of Lady Jessica& Alistair Caufield and the other of Jessicas sister, Hester, & Michael, a long timefriend of Alistairs and Lady Jessicas brother-in-law.Alistair has had his eyes on Jessica for as long as he can remember.Unfortunately, his station in life would not make a suitable match for Lady Jessica.Plus, she has already been betrothed to Viscount Benedict Sinclair. On the eve ofher wedding to Benedict, Jessica witnesses Alistair and another woman in midst ofa tryst. He catches Jessica watching and Jessica was both appalled & intrigued byhis actions. Both are forever ingrained in each others memories.
  7. 7. Fast forward seven years. It has been almost a year since sine Jessica lost herhusband, Benedict. They had six years of a happy and contented marriage. Jessicafeels the loss of her beloved husband. Benedict was good and kind to her. Hebequeathed Jessica a sizable fortune and a property in Jamaica. She will want fornothing. Jessica feels suffocated since her husbands death and wishes to take ajourney to Jamaica to sell her property. Alistair has grown to be a rich and worldlyman and has just returned to London when Michael approached him seeking hisassistance. He wants Alistair to look after his sister-in-law during her journey. Ofcourse what better way to get reacquainted with the now widowed Jessica than tospend six weeks with her on a ship bound to Jamaica. He definitely didnt wasteanytime seducing her. Their courtship was fantastic to read. First the seduction,then somehow their connection grew into something heavier. They slowly peelaway at each others past and begin to understand each other to the point wherethey want more than a finite fling. Loved their story.Michael has now inherited his brothers title. Along with the titles responsibilities,comes the pressure of finding a suitable wife. However, Michael has always beenharboring a deep love for Jessicas sister, Hester. Unfortunately, she is stuck in anabusive marriage to Regmont. Hester once loved Lord Regmont, but her adorationhas amounted to close to nothing after the years of abuse. Wanting so much tosave her from Regmont, rules of decorum & society prohibit Michael from doinganything drastic other than offer his friendship to Hester. It was tragic to seeHester and Michael dance around the obvious. But can Michael really just standbyand do nothing? Excellent second story, though I wish Ms. Day would continuetheir story in another novel. Hint, hint ;)Overall, this was simply fantastic. This had everything I wanted in a romancenovel: Great story telling, excellent plot, hot chemistry & wonderful characters. Iwas absorbed in every bit of it. I highly enjoyed this story and would recommendit for anyone looking for a great HR read. Thank you Rhonda for bringing this storyto my attention. I loved it :)Ah this book was my 2nd book by Sylvia Day and if I told you I worked myschedule around reading this book and finished it in less then 48 hrs cuz it wasthat damn good you might not believe me!I had just finished Pleasures of the night and thought to myself "eh I might wannagive another Sylvia Day book a try" secretly I enjoyed Plesures of the night lol butI didnt wanna admit it.. Yet..
  8. 8. Seven years to sin had it all. A great story, great characters and some scortchinghot passion ridden scenes that Id be lying if I said I didnt re-read over and overlol. I loved the fact that both characters had perks and flaws and werent perfectlike most characters in books are and their back stories were highly belivable. Itwasnt cheesy and the fact that Alistair admitted he wasnt blindly in love with Jessat the beginning of the seven years but honestly admitted he lusted for her morethan anything, until their time on the boat made it seem more credible cuz I oftenfind love stories cheesy.I like the the way the story switched between Jess and Hesters story even thoughI wish Hesters outcome would have been more solid at the end. All in all thisquickly turned into one of my favorite books and I have recommened it to so manypeople. I will definitely be reading more Sylvia Day in the future.Seven Years to Sin penned by the prolific and famous author Sylvia Day is anhigh-spirited love story that will vibrate the depth of th readers heart and soul.Within the mesmerizing pages of Seven Years to Sin are an extremely touchingand exorbitantly sensual story of several individuals who live a life of lies in orderto avoid disgrace surrounding their pretentious relationships. The sorted affairs ofelite members of society of the Dukes, Earls, Lady, and Lords only a few are privyto the details.This novel is not like grannys romance novels.The settings Ms Day utilizes for the environments of grace and disgrace arerealistic and quite picturesque. Ms. Days powerfully engages the five sensesenabling the reader to transport themselves into the narrative and experience thejoys and heartache of the finely honed personalities of her dynamically craftedcharacters. Lady Jessica Tarley, Lady Hester Regmount are sisters who areadmired and respected along with their powerful husbands socially andprofessionally. The four of them have endured painful childhoods which one wouldnot commonly associate with an elite family lifestyle amidst mansions, cruise shipsand massive plantation homes in the West Indies. As I read Seven Years to Sin Iwas in awe of Ms. Days dedication to details and research of the dialoguehistorical elements associated with living during this period in England and in theCaribbean. The multitude of details present throughout the book pulled me deeperinto the sinful lives of the people living during this era.
  9. 9. Once again Ms. Day has converted me into being more open-minded and receptiveto seeing love and devotion from another perspective. I read with my mouthagape at the interaction of Ms. Days well defined characters and their innermostthoughts. When I think of historical romance I envision stuffy, unrealistic dialogueand behaviors. I did not find an ounce of my stereotypical biases as Ms. Day tookme into the past and on an irresistible, erotic , exciting ride through the lives andevents on the Pennington mansion with the aristocratic families of Sinclair,Masterson, Sheffield, Tarley and Alistar Caulfield.Seven Years to Sin is a mind-blowing sexy read with plenty of outrageous twistsand turns. In my opinion it was definitely worth the seven year Jessica and Hesterwaited for a love of such magnitude. It truly was not too late to play sex gamesand thrust oneself into behaviors of the grown and sexy.I enjoyed this novel more than I expected since this is not a genre I usuallygravitate to when reading sensual romance novels.To download now please click the link below.