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Fire inside kindle download

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Fire inside kindle download

  1. 1. Fire Inside kindle downloadTo download now please click the link below. Heron isn’t looking for love—no surprise, considering her last seriousrelationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all shewants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the ChaosMotorcycle Club...
  2. 2. For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She’s too polished and too classy forhis tastes. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes andoffers him a night in paradise, he can’t say no. And he doesn’t regret it when hefinds that Lanie is the best thing that’s ever happened to him—in or out of bed.Now the trick will be to convince her of that.ReviewsKristen Ashley did it AGAIN!! I cant believe how she can just crank out book afterbook and they are just so brilliantly written!I have to say that what made this book a 5 star read for me was, HOPPER!! Gosh ITOTALLY fell in love with that man, and you may think Im crazy, but for me hewas the shit! I think out of all KAs heroes he is my FAVORITE to date. The overallstory was not my favorite but nonetheless still a 5 Star read for me and that ismostly because of HOPPER KINCAID!Lanie brought a lot of drama with her character, some of it I did not mind, whileother times she made me mad. As the story moves along we start to understandexactly why she is the way she is, and before long I understood just what Hoppersaw in her and why he fell in love with her. I really felt by the end of the book thatthey were perfect for each other.Hop…sigh…you already know that I fell hard for the man. He knew what he wantedand no was NOT an option. He just kept going at Lanie until she finally got herhead screwed on right, which took some doing. Some of the things Hop said anddid to show Lanie just how much he wanted her, was some of the most romanticstuff that Ive ever read. All this and he was so sexy too. I LOVE HOP, can you feelme?This book starts right off with some SCORCHING HEATED SEX and it just kept upthrough the whole darn book. The chemistry between Lanie and Hop wasFANFUCKINGTASTIC , and I loved reading every single bed bouncing, bathroomromping, couch smashing interaction between these two. HOT I TELL YOU!!!!
  3. 3. Of course with all of KA books we also get some characters from the previousbooks, but in this book it was a while before they appeared. To tell the truth I wasgetting worried if they would not show up at all, but never fear they do, just’s worth the wait!!!The epilogue was out of this world and brought tears of joy to my eyes and alsogave me a few laughs and sighs. Gosh KA sure knows how to end a bookPERFECTLY!!!Overall another FANTASTIC read! Im sure all you Kristen Ashley fans are sure tolove this book and Hopper too. I hope your feeling me? Now go buy this book,you’re going to LOVE IT!!Fire Inside is Lanie’s story. We first met her in Motorcycle Man as Tyra’s bestfriend. Her fiancé Elliott was an idiot and got himself mixed up in some badbusiness with the Russian Mob. Even after that, Lanie stuck by him. The end resultis that she was kidnapped and shot, Elliott is dead, and Lanie has a lot ofemotional baggage.It’s been 7 years, but she’s still battling the monster inside that’s eating her alive.All she wants is one night. No strings. No expectations. No phone calls and flowersthe next day. Just sex with the hottest biker she knows, Hopper Kincaid.“Now, I’m going to your room and I’m going to wait there for fifteen minutes. Ifyou don’t show, no harm, no foul. I promise that, too. Nothing changes betweenus. No one knows anything.”“But,” she took a deep breath, “I really hope you show.”Hop agrees, even though he knows things will get complicated.
  4. 4. What they find is that one night is not enough. Hop discovers that Lanie is the besthe’s ever had. Lanie discovers that Hop is like a drug and she just can’t give himup. Of course, there’s a whole lot of drama (secrets from Hop’s past,misunderstandings, drug dealers, Lanie’s parents, etc.) before they get theirhappily ever after, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!Bottom line is I loved it!! Chaos is my favorite KA series and I can’t wait for more:)First off, let me start this off with my opinion in saying that, its an obvious 5 starread simply because Kristen Ashley wrote it. Second off, no one, BUT NO ONE,does the true Alpha male like this woman.This book starts off perfect. I was a little afraid I wouldnt like Lanie, in readingabout her previously. Afraid she was a little too....needy/into herself. I was alsohesitant on Hop, for obvious reasons from previous books. Neednt I worry though,KA had my back! Hopper came out BEAUTIFULLY in this book and Lanie wasawesome. KA did, as always, a very thorough job in laying these characters out todescribe who they were and were they came from to develop into the two peoplewho fell for each other so effortlessly.What I love about KA males is that there is never NO NOT EVER, no matter howmuch shit theyve been through, ANY second guessing on who they know theyhave fallen and love with and why. I love that I can open a KA and when the manhas made up his mind, I know its going to stick. These Alphas have no problembeing the support system these women need and have no problem remindingthem if they get a little wishy washy...which is always fun.Plus, with any KA book, you are always guaranteed a HEA, nope, shes like herAlphas and doesnt string us along in more than one book. She just feels like"home" to me. I love that I can open a book and trust what I read will beeverything that I love.If you love a sexy Alpha and a love story that packs a punch, this books for you.
  5. 5. I have a new favorite badass biker. I always knew it would be Hopper Kincaid. FireInside was not the typical KA novel in that, it did not have the dramatic ending ofblood and hospital drama. But, let me say there was a kidnapping and it involvedhandcuffs. ;)I’ve always had faith in Hop, even in MM, I knew there was something about him.Especially when Tack said that he should have had Hop guard Tyra because no onecan get the jump on him, he got on my radar. And yes, knowing the full story withthat skank BeeBee and Mitzi, readers can be assured Hop is a good guy.I understood why KA went that route she did with their story. Why sheconcentrated on the relationship of Lanie and Hop, instead of injecting the regulardrama. Lanie already endured a confrontation with the mob, she took severalbullets and nearly died, do we want more drama of the same kind happen to heragain?Why not a full 5-stars? Lanie drove me nuts with her thought process. I wasexpecting more sass, backtalk and resistance from her, but I guess with one HopKincaid, who could say no?Is Hop and Lanie my favorite KA couple? No.(That honor still belongs to Mike andDusty, Luke and Ava) But Hop is one of my top KA guys now. Just love him. All ofhim. He is badass, he is alpha and he is sweet.Usually, I judge how much I like a book if I would go back and re-read sections ofit, and with Fire Inside I know I definitely will!Another 5 Star Kristen Ashley Read!!!*Sigh* what can I say? I absolutely loved Hop!! I went into this thinking Hop thecheating louse is actually getting a book...really!!?? Never the less, it is KA and ifanyone can redeem a character its Kristen Ashley.Hop & Lanie were great together. They both have issues and reasons not to trust,and naturally theyre "One Night Only" turned into something more meaningful.Normally there are LOL moments in KAs books but this one had some heavyheartfelt issues for both Hop and Lanie. They were perfect for one another!!!Looking forward to the next book in the Chaos series.
  6. 6. I just popped my Kristen Ashley cherry! I devoured my first book by KA and all Ihave to say is I totally get the hype. I understand why there are so many onlinefan pages devoted to her books and “support groups” for readers to discuss whatthey just read. So after all hearing all of the hype for so long I jumped at thechance to read an arc for her upcoming release Fire Inside (A Chaos Novel). I wastold that there was a book one in the Chaos series but book two would be fine as astandalone. It was more than fine….it stood strong on its own two Harley Davidsonwheels.Lanie Herron comes from a country club existence in Connecticut but is nostranger to biker life with the Chaos motorcycle club. Hopper “Hop” Kincaid hasknown Lanie for years from hanging around the club. Hop is 110% alpha male withall of the trappings of a hot biker rolled up into one. Hop has the ability to meltyour panties, break your heart or just go crazy ass caveman all within fiveminutes. He always thought Lanie was gorgeous but was not his type since shewas a “lady” – a lady wrapped in head to designer clothes and full of drama. Onenight while hanging out at a Chaos social event Lanie approaches Hop and askshim for one night of stand of no strings attached bumpin uglies. Well… one nightturned into one heck of a dirty sexy complicated hell on wheels chaos fueledrelationship. Hop wants more. Lanie says less…so let the games begin.It’s 1:40 am and I dont think I will sleep until I pick out which Kristen Ashley bookto read next. Some might say - bikers? Not for me. Rethink this people. Next timeI see a hot guy wearing his club cut on the back of a fat boy smiling at me (andwe have quite a few bikers around here) I will definitely smile back and wonder ifthey are half as crazy effing bad ass as Hop and the brothers of Chaos. What anice story break from billionaires, CEOs and wayward virgins. Big love for KristenAshley. Five hell on wheels stars!"Keep hold of happy... Its found you. Dont let go."Reading Hop and Lanies story felt like a slow climb up a mountain. It was a bitslow at times. It was sometimes painful, but you knew at the end that it would beworth it. First let me say that I loved Hop right away. He was just so patient,sweet and understanding. He was willing to take on and deal with all the dramaand attitude that came with Lanie (and trust me there was alot.) I must admit thatI was a bit skeptical about Hop after I read about that "thing" he did in MotorcycleMan, but if anyone can make me love a bad boy its Kristen Ashley. There wasntmuch action or fighting in this book, but I didnt really miss it. I loved that thefocus remained on Lanie and Hops growing feelings. All of Hops sweet, little
  7. 7. gestures and whispered words made a swoon. "Take a chance on me," hewhispered."He was willing to stand by her side, help her fight her monsters and get her mindright.Much to my surprise I liked Lanie, in the beginning I was apprehensive about heras a heroine based on her past actions but by the end of the book I was rootingfor her. Even though she was a drama queen sometimes, she was also funny,strong and hard-working. "Just a note: it was impossible to stay pissed at ahandsome man when he had his mouth between your legs." Noted! Thanks Lanie.Sometimes when reading a KA novel it can be a hit or miss for me. This onedefinitely hit all the right spots, and reminded me of why I adore KAs writing."Youre a good man, Hooper Kincaid." Oh yes he is! And this was a good read.Rating: 5 Absolutely Loved It StarsThe last thing Lanie Heron wants is another man, after her last relationshipresulted in her being shot, her best friend being stabbed and him being dead,getting in to it with someone else is the last thing she thinks she needs. But, shehas been watching Hopper Kincaid for years and although she may not want alifetime with him, she wants a night, but a night soon leads to more, but is Lanieready to let Hop in?By now I imagine that you are sick of hearing me say this about any KristenAshley book I get my hands on but…I LOVED IT! A lot. But, I am going to let youin on a little secret (don’t tell anyone!) I wasn’t that excited about reading Lanieand Hop’s HEA, for some reason they didn’t capture my imagination, oh ye of littlefaith! I should have known she would have turned it round so that I came out theother side impatient for more and wishing it was that little (a lot) bit longer.Hop was the typically alpha, sexy and disgustingly sweet hero that Kristen Ashleyexcels at making me salivate over, I mean really it should be illegal to write menthat amazing and then expect woman to be satisfied with the pickings out there.However, if you are alpha. sexy yet incredibly sweet biker guy reading this feel
  8. 8. free to call me to tell me different, I honestly don’t mind being wrong, I haveplenty of body issues you can shag away for me *makes call me sign* okay, thepersonal ad part of the review is now over.If you love Kristen Ashley’s other books you will love this one, it has her uniquestyle of writing and is packed full of emotion as well giving us a peek of all theother characters that we have come to know and love throughout her other books.One thing that I think was slightly different about this book compared to others Ihave read though is the erotic factor. I thought this book was pretty damn sexy, itdoesnt go in loads of detail, but it is sexually charged and Hop has a beautifullydirty way with words that will definitely cause a few damp knickers (was that toographic? Oops).Another triumph for Ms Ashley, her books are always so good full of passion and aclear love for all her characters and her stories and I can’t help but love themalong with herTo download now please click the link below.