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Daddy's little girl kindle fire


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Daddy's little girl kindle fire

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Daddy's little girl kindle fire

  1. 1. Daddys Little Girl kindle fireTo download now please click the link below. Cavanaugh was only seven years old when her fifteen-year-old sister, Andrea,was murdered near their home in Oldham-on-the-Hudson, a rural village in NewYorks Westchester County. There were three suspects: Rob Westerfield, nineteen-year-old scion of a wealthy, prominent family, whom Andrea has been secretlydating; Paul Stroebel, a sixteen-year-old schoolmate, who had a crush on Andrea;and Will Nebels, a local handyman in his forties.
  2. 2. It was Ellie who had led her parents to a hideout in which Andreas body wasfound -- a secret hideaway in which she met her friends. And it was Ellie who wasblamed by her parents for her sisters death for not telling them about this placethe night Andrea was missing. It was also Ellies testimony that led to theconviction of the man she was firmly convinced was the killer. Steadfastly denyinghis guilt, he spent the next twenty-two years in prison.When he comes up for parole, Ellie, now an investigative reporter for an Atlantanewspaper, protests his release. Nonetheless, the convicted killer is set free andreturns to Oldham. Determined to thwart his attempts to whitewash hisreputation, Ellie also returns to Oldham, intent on creating a Website and writing abook that will conclusively prove his guilt. As she delves deeper into her research,however, she uncovers horrifying and heretofore unknown facts that shed newlight on her sisters murder. With each discovery, she comes closer to aconfrontation with a desperate killer.Gripping and relentlessly compelling, Daddys Little Girl, a portrayal of a familyshattered by crime, reflects Mary Higgins Clarks uncanny insight into the twistedmind of a killer and is further evidence of why she is Americas favorite author ofsuspense.ReviewsThis enthralling story is a first person narrative told by Ellie Cavanaugh, the 30-year-old survivor to a murder that devastated her family when she was only 7.She is now an investigative reporter, and has twice gone to the parole board tofight the parole of the man convicted of the brutal murder of her big sister Andrea.For 23 years, she had been convinced her sisters murderer was in prison, but nowhe, and his extremely wealthy family, are fighting to prove her wrong.This story twists as Ellie researches the murder, with several episodes along theway that could have turned out much nastier. The episodes only convince her thather research is bearing fruit, and it comes to a powerful conclusion.
  3. 3. There was only one area that was never cleared up for me, but it would probablyhave been a dangling teaser regardless. (view spoiler)Overall though, my reaction when I finished was to say out loud "Wow!"A masterfully told story from the "Queen of Suspense", which helps to show theways that murder and violent crime dont affect just the victim. There is a rippleeffect that takes a toll on everyone.Daddys Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark is a fabulous story filled with mysteryand suspense. Mary Higgins Clark is a phenomenal author who was bornDecember 24, 1929 and she is now 83 years old. She studied at Fordhamuniversity and has won many awards for her books. This novel is one of myfavourites of Marys collection. It is an amazing thriller that has so much suspense.Whenever I pick up this book I know I will be up for a long night of readingbecause this book is impossible to put down. I just had to keep reading to find outwhat was going to happen next. The end of each chapter was always a cliffhanger. When I opened this book for the first time I had no idea where the storywas going to lead to. This story has left me with a new mind, a new opinion andthe craving for another one of these books.In my opinion this book is aimed for teenagers and adults. My mum and I haveboth read and loved this book. I could see that if a child were to read this bookthey might get quite confused and have trouble following the story and thecharacters.The main character, Ellie, takes the audience on a fearful and surprising journeywhere each event is a shock. I read along as Ellie fought to get the murderer ofher sister back in jail. Each page was filled with suspense and I was nervous asEllie put herself in serious danger and faced many near death experiences. Losingall of her family at a young age has put her in a tough position. She was youngand confused but as the story progresses she finds her true family once again.Ellie always felt blamed for the death of her sister and then the cause for herfamily to fall apart. After Ellies sister Andrea dies, her happy and cheerful parentshave never been the same. Her mother eventually died of a broken heart aftersplitting up with Ellies dad. Ellie and her father never kept in touch but something
  4. 4. or someone seemed to bring them back together as Ellie investigated evidence ofRob Westerfeild, the boyfriend and murderer of Andrea. Rob Westerfeild was doingall that he could to get rid of Ellie and prove that what he said was true. What Elliedidnt know but soon found out was that the murder of Ellie was not his onlycrime.This novel is a mystery and thriller with themes of murder, love, family, suffering,tragedy, death and loss.The themes of love and family are portrayed well throughout this story. Theyrelate to the the extreme care and admiration Ellie had for her sister and herparents. Loss is related to her losing her sister, her mother, her father and insome way a part of herself.It was a very depressing and tragic time for Ellie and her parents life when theyexperienced the loss of Andrea. This event traumatised Ellie and she could neverforget it.Ellie is a very brave character who shows a lot of independence. She was atrustworthy person and showed great love and compassion for her family. Theantagonist in the story was Rob Westerfeild. He was a very horrible person and hischaracter shows a lot of bad qualities. He was a liar and a murderer who showed adifferent type of character to those around him. He wanted to be able to get awaywith his terrible crimes and still have people see him as an innocent person.Mary Higgins Clark wrote this story very well and went into great depth to give thereaders a really good idea of the characters and themes. It gives a good settingfor us to imagine everything that she describes clearly. It is written in first personand is read from Ellies point of view. This way I was truly able to understand andlearn all of Ellies thoughts about her personality, fears and loves.I seriously recommend this book to other teens and adults as it is an interestingyet quick read. It is not too easy to read but it is not too difficult either. A trulyamazing story that is action packed and mysterious. Even so, it was still able tosend a message. Life is short, so dont waste it. Family comes first, protect themlike they would protect you."Daddys Little Girl" by Mary Higgins Clark is about Ellie Cavanaugh, who wasseven when her 15-year old sister, Andrea, was allegedly murdered by her richboyfriend Robert Westerfield. Ellie feels that she is to blame for her sisters murdersince she knew where and with whom her sister was during the hours leading upto Andreas murder, yet kept quiet for fear of getting her sister in trouble.
  5. 5. Fast forward twenty-years where Rob Westerfield is up for parole and intends toseek a new trial to prove his innocence. Ellie, who is now an investigative reporterand is sure of Westerfields guilt goes back to her hometown to find more evidenceagainst him.I thought "Daddys Little Girl" was an exceptional mystery that kept me guessinguntil the end (which was downright creepy). Ellie was also an extremely likableand memorable heroine. It was a quick and easy read. I definitely recommend thisbook to anyone who likes mystery books. This is my third Mary Higgins Clarkbook. I read "Two Little Girls in Blue" and "Daddys Little Girl" within days of eachother and I have to say that this is my favorite from the two.This book had sucked me in since the beginning. Not being an avid readerwhatsoever, i was amazed how much this book grabbed me, and never let me go.The story-line was so approachable, and i couldnt help but to remember everylittle second of it, and remember it so clearly, that i could relive it whenever i feltlike it.It played out so well in my head, i could have sworn it was written for the screen.It amazed me how well i thought out every scene as a movie. I would love toknow how Mary Higgins Clark pictured it, because i think my view had to havebeen very similar. From the look of the settings, to the look of the characters, ihad perfect pictures in my mind that will never leave me.For being the first book i have read in a long time, i feel so accomplished afterreading this, that Im destine to see a film based on this book. If there isnt one,or wont be one, we must do something about that. I have a perfect vision forevery detail, and i hope to see this on the screen someday.I give it 5 stars, hands down. Mary Higgins Clark created the perfect story withDaddys Little Girl. From the beginning, to the end. I hope you all will enjoy thisbook as well.Have you ever endured a death in your family? Focus on that moment right nowand multiply it by ten. That is the feeling of leaning over a loved ones body afterthey were murdered. Ellie was 7 years old when her sister was murdered. She hasnever let it go that she didnt tell her dad where Andrea was. After serving 22
  6. 6. years in prison though the suspected murderer is being let out and is having a trialto get his name cleared. Enraged Ellie will stop at nothing to prove that he isguilty. She even creates her own website that tells a whole lot of bad things aboutRob that happened to him in the past. This is very dangerous though and couldtake a turn for the worst for Ellie and some of her close friends.This was one of the very first books I read as a young teenager. Mary HigginsClark is one of my favorite authors from a young age! Honestly, I dont rememberevery detail of this book, but I know I LOVED it & the suspense was incredible.Somehow, with the girls being young, it was easy to relate to. MHC always amazesme & I plan to read many, many more of her books!!Ive read a lot of Mary Higgins Clark books throughout the years and this is themost different of all her books. It doesnt follow the typical Mary Higgin Clark"formula," which can get pretty predictable. Its written in the first person and sheusually doesnt write in that style. I would recommend this book when you wantsomething simple to read that doesnt involve a lot of deep thought.Another very good mystery by Mary Higgins Clark. Although we pretty much knowwho the criminal is at the beginning, the mystery was seeing if he would beappropriately punished for his crimes. A good sub-plot about coming to terms withyour past and moving forward into the future.One of my favorites by MHC. There are three plasible suspects for the murder ofEllies older sister and each twist has the reader second-guessing who might bethe killer. The ending is great too, especially since it leaves you hanging aboutvarious characters fates until you turn the page to the epilogue.This book was okay. I have read 5 (I think) books of MHC and I have reallyenjoyed them, however, this one was just okay.Ellie Cavanaugh was seven years old when her older sister was murdered neartheir home in New Yorks Westchester County. It was young Ellies tearfultestimony that put Rob Westerfiled, the nineteen -year-old scion of a prominentfamily, in jail despite the existence of twor other viable suspects. Twenty-twoyears later, Westerfiled, who maintains his innocence, is paroled. Determined tothwart his attempts topin the crime on another, Ellie, an investigative reporter foran Atlanta Newspaper, returns home and starts writing a book that willconclusively prove Westerfileds guilt. As she delves deeper into her research,however, she uncovers horrifying facts that shed new light on her sisters murder.Wiht each discovery she comes closer to a confrontation with a desperate killer.
  7. 7. At first I didnt think I would like this book but once I got into it I really liked it. Atthe end I felt good about the outcome. I could never imagine dealing with the lossof a sister or a child. This gives a unique insight to the fight she needed to endureto protect the innocent and vindicate her sisters death. I really enjoyed this book.I would def reccomend it to anyone that wants a good read.Im really starting to enjoy crime novels. The pages just flew by with this one.*spoilers* The whole book wants you to belive that Rob was the killer that I keptthinking he would turn out not to be. I liked Ellie and her endless serch for justice.I felt sorry for her family and how this affected them all. I would read more booksby Mary.To download now please click the link below.