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The ruffed grouse society by norman nabhan


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A Houston, Texas, business administrator with over 35 years of professional experience, Norman Nabhan is presently employed with Morgan Stanley as a key member of the organization’s Graystone Consulting division. Outside of the office, Norman Nabhan is a skilled and knowledgeable hunter and a Life Sponsor of the Ruffed Grouse Society.

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The ruffed grouse society by norman nabhan

  1. 1. The Ruffed Grouse Society By Norman Nabhan
  2. 2. The Ruffed Grouse SocietyA Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, NormanNabhan serves as an Institutional ConsultingDirector at Graystone Consulting Houston, a MorganStanley-affiliated institutional consulting firm that isbased in Houston, Texas. Norman Nabhan’sexperience with Graystone Consulting Houstonincludes providing critical financial services in thefields of investment and spending policy, assetallocation, investment manager selection, andrisk management.
  3. 3. The Ruffed Grouse SocietyMorgan Stanley’s Graystone Consulting is designedto deliver a full range of investment advice to avariety of large institutional clients. In an effort toaddress the specific investment needs of itssophisticated client base, Graystone ConsultingHouston follows a process of investment consultingthat benefits from Morgan Stanleys decades ofexperience in the field and is tailored to a clientsspecific objectives.
  4. 4. The Ruffed Grouse SocietyThe Graystone Consulting Process is a comprehensivemethodology that includes an initial assessment oforganizational objectives, an inclusive Investment PolicyStatement, a comprehensive study of asset allocation, and atargeted investment manager evaluation. Throughout theGraystone Consulting Process, clients are updated thoroughlywith a quarterly performance review process that assesses thereturn and risk of the client portfolios. Educationalpresentations can be developed for investment committees onsubjects such as fiduciary responsibility, asset allocationstrategy, alternative investments, or areas of specific interest toclients.