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Hotdogs and sausages


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Hotdogs and sausages

  1. 1. Hotdogs and SausagesOne of the most popular processed meat treats that people of all ages frommany countries have come to love is the all-American cheese dog. With agenerous amount of chunky cheese that melts as you fry or grill it, cheese dogsmake a great tasting sandwich by simply slapping in a bun with mayonnaise,mustard and catsup.Filipinos with a penchant of making their spaghetti sweet, use catsup in additionto or as a substitute for tomato sauce, then top it with sliced hotdogs.In an effort to make things a bit healthier, processed meat manufacturers haveadded chicken or turkey hotdogs (some even make hotdogs from tuna andpromote its omega-3 fatty acid content and its attributed health benefits) totheir product line after the standard hotdog and cheesedog. These havebecome favorites among restaurants, fast foods and hotels which make them apart of their breakfast menu selection because these offer a healthieralternative to those who refrain from eating red meat.Large manufacturers make premium quality hotdogs, with absolutely noextenders with the resulting product having a delicate taste and texture thatgoes very well in deli platters or cocktails. These can be simply steamed andserved in a bun or pan-fried and served with rice and eggs. More reasonablypriced hotdogs sometimes have extenders made with texturized vegetableprotein.German franks are extra big and meaty hotdogs without the red casing; greaton a stick roasted over a campfire with marshmallows for father-son bonding.At home, serve it grilled or fried; as a hot snack on a bun with condiments.Hungarian-style sausages are dried and smoked to achieve a distinguishablearoma, slightly dry and spicy flavor. These are great for barbecue, brushed withyour favorite sauce and served with a variety of relishes.Old English pork sausages are made using a traditional recipe with barbecuesmoked flavor. This European-inspired sausage is blended with English spicesand filled into hog casings. Best grilled or pan-fried to develop a crisp skin andserved with mashed potatoes for authentic English “bangers and mash”. If youwant an authentic European experience, do as the English who just boil thesesausages and serve with pretzels and beer!Mix sliced or chopped up sausages in pasta sauce for added depth of flavor.For raw sausages, you can take the meat out of the casing and use this as asubstitute for ground meat and not need to season it.
  2. 2. Feeling creative while throwing a party? Create a hotdog bar and let yourfriends and family create their own masterpiece with their choice of topping orrelish. Score lightly, panfry or grill and serve as a main course with rice, potatosalad or coleslaw.Did you know that though hotdogs and sausages are usually fried, you canlessen the fat and make the flavor milder by simply boiling or steaming them?