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  • Wireframe : Homepage. Core.
  • Wireframe : Homepage. Core.
  • Wireframe : Homepage. Core.
  • Wireframe : Homepage. Core.
  • Community Road Map Pres July12 Ro

    1. 1. Building Communities with
    2. 2. Agenda• Communities – Drivers, Benefits & ROI• Community RoadMap• Community Build Functionality• Example Community Sitemap & Features• Community Case Studies & Benefits
    3. 3. Community Benefits & ROI
    4. 4. 9 Community Benefits & ROI• Revenue Generation • Increased revenues from direct & indirect sales • Increased customer tenure – maintaining existing customers longer • Increasing customer expenditure by 19% through focussed online initiatives• Insights & Innovation • Voice of Customer Capture (VoC) • ‘In the know’ – real-time feedback and need capture • Knowledge Share/collaboration • Customer Research – surveys/polls • New products services – testing/soft launches etc.• Customer Loyalty (& Brand Affinity)• Brand Reach / Awareness
    5. 5. 9 Community Benefits & ROI contd…• Market Positioning• Customer Service & Support• Talent Acquisition & Engagement• Diversity Initiatives & Measurement• Cost Savings
    6. 6. Community RoadMap
    7. 7. •Business & shared Community Goals •ROI & Measurement •Community Purpose & Membership Value Proposition (MVP) definition •Timescales & Budget (£) Scope Agreement •Technology scope/selection Pre-Scope •Management & Reporting aims •Business Strategy •Brand •Organisational Services Review •Market Research – Customer/Member Analysis Assessment & Mission Workshops & Feedback •Internal Interfaces /Community team capability review Collation & Analysis •Social Media review/readiness/strategy (Groups/Communities) •Communication •Strategy for Success •End-to-End Build Plan •Milestones (KPI’s) •Agree staged Site Development – Core/Recommended/Enhanced functionality •Communication and Engagement Plan Project Plan •Team set-up,/ownership & accountabilities & Tech Spec Create •Measures •Process Map •Build a Community Plan on Real People! •Seek and Track Members (Influencers/Evangelist/Groups and Networks) •Early Content development (Blog/Tweets) •Early Member Adoption Tasks/Rewards/Privileges Pre Community Builder •Build Community need - Create Desire / Anticipation (3 month Pre-LaunchBuild – Relate, Attract & •First Community Member Search & Plan 1-10-100-1000 Engage •Gain Association/ Competitor Community Participation Strategy) •Pre Launch Communications •Promote Member Value Proposition (MVP)
    8. 8. •Onboard future Community Manager – plan, promote, recruit, relate, contribute, and Become the Community! •Ensure completion of 3m Pre-Launch Strategy Plan •Core Site Features and Functionality testing Core Site Go-Live! •Build a Core Steering Group / Management Team (Initiate Stages 2 •Execute member growth plan 10-100-100 and/or transition /Convert existing/newly created Social Media Group and 3 Roll-out Plan) Pre/Launch Members to (Private/Public) Community •Deliver: Welcome WOW Pack & Community Care Charter (Getting Started + Guidelines) •Community Manager work acceleration: promoting, introducing, contributor relations, momentum building, ideas management, issue resolution, site design feedback/improvement etc. •Increasing Member Participation/Investment (Time/Energy/Emotions/Money) •Launch Competitions/Rewards/Recognition •Operate Open vs. Closed membership strategies (as appropriate) Retention & Stickiness •Promote Referral/Friend Rewards ReportGrowing and Bonding •Member Surveys/Content Review •Create member stickiness – power, friends area, contribution, personal purpose, ‘known here!’ status, customised profiles, data/info storage etc. •Moderating •Measuring •Monetizing Performance Reporting & •Continual Assessment (Member Feedback/MPV Review/Competitor analysis) Recommendation •Increasing ParticipationPerformance Managing •Performance Reporting Community Change •Plan Enhancement (Business/Investment) •Loop back to Pre Launch and follow process for all Major Site Changes Proposal & Enhancing Implementation Plan
    9. 9. Community Build Functionality Phases
    10. 10. EnhancedRecommended Core Community
    11. 11. USER / FRONT-END • Custom URL • Private Messaging • Multi AuthorCore Core + Recommended Core + Recommended + Enhanced • Secure Login • Special Blogs • Member Profiles Interest/Function Groups – customer • Listening Post – • My Account service, dispute Real-Time Visualisation • Discussion Forums – resolution, steering of Data from your Your Say committees etc. Sector • News & Events • Knowledge • Online Meetings Exchange/Centre • Polls & Surveys • Video Channels • Resource Library • FAQs • Real Time Q&A • Ratings • Contact Centre – • Live Support Feedback / ideas , • Webinars & VoC/VoE areas etc. Podcasts • Membership • Sponsorship • News Feeds Buying Site /Advertisement • Payment/Donations • Advanced My • Referrals Centre Account – SM • Branding • Job Boards integration • Blogs • Member Recognition & Rewards – In the Spotlight
    12. 12. Core SYSTEM / BACK-END Core + Recommended Core + Recommended + Enhanced • CMS • Advanced Email • Video Feeds from • Reporting Marketing Platform Skatta • Robust Hosting • News Feed Aggregation • Integration and • Analytics • Advanced Search configuration of Facility Analyse Social Tool • Social Media Functionality • Job Board Fields / DB • Live webinar API into • Podcast integration Instant Presenter • Email Marketing Platform • Google Maps API • Support Platform, GetSatisfactio • Search • Content Rating Systems n • RSS • Payment Integration • Mobile Optimised • Share feeds • Custom Reporting templates Modules • eCommerce Modules • Multi Author Profiles for Blogging • Ad Rotation platform • Member Social Media Integration
    13. 13. Wireframe :Homepage.Core.
    14. 14. Appendices• 3m Pre Community Launch Strategy
    15. 15. 3m Pre Community Strategy to LaunchIf you want a successful community launch, you need a huge number of people ready and eager to join theday your interface is live:• Month 1: Laying the foundations to become a community member• Identify relevant online communities and key people.• Launch an industry blog.• Introduce yourself to two people bloggers/influencers per day.• Start a database/spread sheet of people you have permission to speak to, record the conversations you have and when the next contact will be.• Interview key influencers for your blog.• Learn the unwritten rules of your target audience (i.e. begin writing them down for yourself).• Month 2: Building relationships that matter• Use existing resources/assets to help biggest influencers/connectors. Don’t ask for anything in return.• Starting a mailing list for people you feel want to be a part of something/make a difference in the industry. Invite them to join.• Continue e-mailing 2 new people per day. Make sure each e-mail is unique and tailored to the individual.• Create a technological profile for the average member (what technology do they use? Why? On what platforms are they most prevalent?• Pick the 3 most important communities and begin participating in a range of issues.
    16. 16. 3m Pre Community Strategy to Launch contd…• Month 3:Cement friendships, involve the client & plan the interface• Ask for advice on what people would want from a community. Use as much of it as possible to design your community.• Arrange an online or offline event for members to be involved with. Invite special VIP guests to give a webcast/speech.• Continue e-mailing 2 new people a day.• Compile your research and approach your company/client with your recommendations on what they need to do to build a community.• Agree business constraints/resources and create a list for the community needs.• Involve web teams/agency to design the community interface.• Month 4: Launch• Host a best of series on your industry blog featuring the best posts from the top bloggers.• Invite your most enthusiastic contacts to test the community.• Ask them to invite 1 friend to try the interface.• Design a rewards program for members that discover the community early and seed content.• Launch…yippee!
    17. 17. •Online Direct/Indirect •Member Profiles Revenue Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Generation sales – Increased revenues with additional •Referrals user cross sell/Upsell •Discussion Forums Increasing Customer opportunities •Sponsorship/Advertise Tenure & Expenditure •Advertising/Sponsorshi ment (online) by 19% p – Revenue from •Donation/Payment advertising within the centre community •Contact Centre – •Lead Generation (B2B)* Ideas/Feedback, Info/Pr – More social prospects oducts/Services into the customer Requester pipeline •Membership Buying •Membership Buying Site Channel – (Associated) Products & services of •Apps community interest/demand •Subscription – Subscription sales for community access or for other secure areas with the community as a feeder (including: apps/webinar/meeting place fees etc)
    18. 18. • Research – Leveraging •Member Profiles Insights & Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Innovation consumer/customer insights; performing low- •Contact Centre – Ideas/Feedback/Request cost market and product s I. Voice of Customer research Capture (VoC) | II. ‘In •Discussion Forums the Know’ – real-time • Incremental Improvement – Creating •Polls & Surveys feedback and need identification/innovation a pipeline for ongoing •News Feeds feed | III. Knowledge customer input •Webinars/Podcasts share/collaboration | • Time to IV. Customer Research – Market/Revenue – •Listening Post surveys/polls | Decreased time to •Special Groups – V. New products services market through Products/Services – testing/soft launches customer input and Testing with elected groups for hence reduced time to full launch success revenues
    19. 19. • Customer Satisfaction • Referrals Customer Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Loyalty & Brand – Increase (see Customer Service and • Discussion Forums Support) • Polls & Surveys Affinity • Contact Centre – • Customer Loyalty and Tenure – Increase in Ideas/Feedback/Request lifetime customer s value, share of • FAQ’s wallet, brand identification • Ideas/Feedback Areas • Voice of Customer • Like/Share with (VoC) Surveys Friends • Member Recognition & Rewards
    20. 20. • SEO Lift – Improved •Referrals Brand - Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Reach/Awarene ranking on search engine results pages •Discussion Forums •Sponsorship/Advertisin ss • Reach – Increase in g word-of-mouth and viral marketing •Blogs • Brand/PR • News & Events Management & • Like/Share with Protection – Increased Friends lead time in identifying potential brand and PR • Webinars/Live problems Broadcasts/ Podcasts etc • Lead Generation • Job Boards (B2B)* (see above) • Sponsorship Takeup
    21. 21. • Innovator/Lead in • News & Events Market Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Positioning Online Community – First to market benefits • Discussion Forum – Lead Sponsorship • On/Offline Event • Blogs Hosting • Knowledge Exchange • Creating a Voice in the Market • Sponsorship/Advertising • Association/Sponsorship • Special with other Lead Brands Interest/Function Groups – Steering Committee Events • Webinars/Live Broadcasts/ Podcasts etc
    22. 22. • Call Deflection – Cost • FAQ’s Customer Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Service & savings from all forms of Contact Center • Contact Centre incidence • Polls & Surveys Support • Special Groups – • Avoidance and reduction – Including Dispute Resolution telephone calls, emails, • Discussion Forums – chat sessions, etc. Customer Service • Knowledgebase • News & Events Ownership – Improving the quality while • Ratings decreasing the cost of • Listening Post building and maintaining support knowledge- bases
    23. 23. • Talent Attraction & • Member Profiles – Talent/Custome Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers r Reach - Real-time interactive Job site; Talent Trap • Discussion Forums – detailed Performance Acquisition, Eng Profiles for Your Say agement & internal/external role • Contact Centre vacancies, vacancy Development status updates, Q&A • Referrals • Polls & Surveys • Communication, Engage • Job Boards – Talent ment (Choice) & Exchange Retention: Discussion • Member Recognition Forums, Mentor Areas & Rewards – In Schemes, Events, Voice the Spotlight of Employee (VoE)/ • Special Interest Groups Employee Engagement Committees, Feedback/I • deas Areas etc Development/Evaluation Tools • Talent Recognition & Reward • e-Learning Platform Build
    24. 24. •Special Interest Group • Member Profiles Diversity Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Initiatives & Formation/Engagement & New Event Initiatives • Contact Centre • FAQ’s Measurement • Discussion Forum – • Polls & Surveys Contribution/Champions • Knowledge Centre • News & Events Build • Special Interest Groups • Employer/Community • Knowledge Exchange of Choice • Resource Library • Grievance/Complaints Reporting • Engagement Survey Results
    25. 25. •Sales – Time & Cost • Member Profiles Cost Savings & Key Site Features/Components Benefits & ROI MeasuresBusiness Goals/Drivers Efficiencies Reduction(see Insights & Innovation) • Contact Centre • FAQ’s • Direct Re/sourcing Opportunities • Polls & Surveys • Online Customer • Referrals Service Activity – • Job Boards Reducing offline/headcount • Knowledge Exchange interaction • Resource Library • Efficiency Ideas Capture • Time Efficiencies – Ease/Anytime & anywhere access • Online/ Open Communications Platform - Unfired Messaging (Vision/Strategy/Change s) • Joint Ownership (Multi- Networks/Sponsors/Fun ded)