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Norland ict services overview r7


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Norland ict services overview r7

  1. 1. ICT Support Services & SolutionsInformation & Communication Technology Support Services & Solutions Overview
  2. 2. Contents1.0 Norland - The Company2.0 Introduction to ICT Support Services3.0 Data Centre Operations4.0 Data Centre Fit-out Services5.0 Insights6.0 Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM)7.0 Physical Layer Deployment8.0 Our Customers9.0 Why Norland10.0 Summary
  3. 3. 1.0 Norland - The Company Norland is a leading provider of Facilities Management (FM) and Support Services in the built environment, operating from a strategic network of regional offices throughout the UK and Ireland. Our dedicated teams of highly trained and experienced staff maintain and enhance the capital assets of major national and global businesses. These Range from single floors in multi-occupied buildings to substantial property estates comprising diverse building types and users. Since its formation in 1984, Norland has achieved consistent annual growth founded on delivering complete customer satisfaction. We deliver a superior single- source solution for client’s property requirements - at any time and in any location. Norland’s continuous drive to offer its customers services that are relevant and address today’s real operation issues, has lead to comprehensive service offerings encompassing; M&E Engineering, ICT Support Services and many other soft services. This document has been produced to provide an overview of the ICT Support Services and to highlight the benefits realised by selecting an ICT partner that understand the wider implications of building infrastructure provision and maintenance. Norland brings together ICT and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) engineering expertise, in one integrated service offering.
  4. 4. 2.0 ICT Support Services Introduction Norland has an in-depth understanding of the provision and support of data transport solutions along with the environmental challenges associated with ICT installations. We have invested heavily in acquiring the right people and skills to provide a wide range of ICT services. Our services are focussed on delivering a comprehensive offering to our customers, which considers not only the physical deployment of ICT infrastructure, but furthermore takes into account the other key related utilities, such as Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) infrastructure and Facilities Maintenance (FM). The skill sets we have developed at Norland address the multiple operational requirements facing today’s organisations. Our services encompass feasibility studies, environmental auditing, regulatory advice, operational recommendations, design, build, project management and maintenance. We offer customers “total peace of mind”. Norlands “joined up” approach to the installation and support of ICT infrastructure, reduces the complexity of projects and provides customers with a single point of contact (SPOC). This removes the need to manage multiple contractors working in the same environment to the same deadlines, but with different agenda’s. Norland Provides ICT Support Services through five main service offerings:- 1. Datacentre Operations 2. Datacentre Fit-out Services 3. Insights 4. Infrastructure Lifecycle Management 5. Physical Layer Deployment
  5. 5. 3.0 Datacentre Operations Norland Datacentre Operations allows our customers to tap into a wealth of skills and expertise. Whether providing 24/7/365 maintenance, moves, adds and changes (MAC’s) or technology refresh programs. Norland has the expertise, experience and track record to undertake any datacentre operational requirement and provides the following key services:-  24/7/365 On-Site Support Services  Intelligent Hands – Engineering Resource  Break Fix Maintenance  “Out of The Box” Setup Service  Racking & Stacking  Hot Staging - Testing  Capacity Planning  Connectivity Management With the current Global drive to reduce power consumption and new Government legislation such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). Organisations are being driven hard to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate/report against the achieved reduction. This combined with the current economic pressures bearing down on all organisations, has made it increasingly difficult to treat ICT and M&E datacentre infrastructures as separate commodities, installed and maintained by separate suppliers. Many benefits can be realised by providing a single source team to deliver an integrated ICT and M&E infrastructure support. The key benefits are detailed in the next section.
  6. 6. 3.0 The key benefits are as follows:-  Reduced Management Overhead  Single Point of Contact (SPOC)  Reduced Energy Consumption  Risk Reduction  Incident Prevention  Improved Deliver Time  Integrated Processes  Removes Need for Tri Party Communications  Reduced Costs
  7. 7. 4.0 Datacentre fit-out Services Complementing its Datacentre Operations service, Norland also provides Datacentre fit- out services. This service incorporates the design, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning and deployment of all the key Datacentre infrastructure elements. Fitting out or refitting Datacentres often require the works to be completed in very short time constraints and subject the installation teams to business critical systems in very challenging and complex environments. Norland excels in this type of critical environment and are able to bring the best possible installation practice, health and safely and environmentally sensitivity to the project. Understanding the complexities of both the ICT and the M&E infrastructure when delivering ICT installations, allows Norland to offer its customers many benefits, often we are able to identify potential problems and issues in areas that can fall between the two installation work flows. Our services include the following:-  Structured Cabling Systems (copper & fibre)  iPDU installations  Cold Aisle Containment  Cable Containment Systems  Cabinet Sitting/preparation  M&E Installations
  8. 8. 5.0 Insights A modern organisation is presented with many operational challenges in today’s competitive market economy. Internal users and customers continually demand more from the ICT and building infrastructure, at a time when cost reduction is paramount. To truly understand and leverage all the available technical and operations benefits that can be implemented is extremely difficult for organisations. The need to adhere to new Government legislation and keeping abreast of energy saving methods and techniques, all present challenges to the modern organisation. The adoption and embracement of these new approaches is paramount, as they offer clear benefits to an organisation and often provide short term pay backs. Norland Insights provides the ultimate in customer assistance and support when addressing these issues, offering organisations access to a wealth of knowledge and operational expertise. Drawing on our vast experience in building infrastructure and key resource skills, we can remove a potentially time consuming customer day to day burden, by providing our experts in that particular skill discipline. We facilitate everything from initial feasibility studies, performance assessments, audits, customer up skilling, supplier negotiation through to implementation. In essence we deliver the particular requirement as a shrink wrapped service to the customer. This approach allows the plethora of Norland skills and services to be applied to a customer issue or requirement and encompasses the following elements:- ● Environmental Auditing ● Performance Assessments ● Project Management ● Intelligent Build Designs ● Benchmark Services ● Asset Management ● Regulatory Advice ● Energy Matters
  9. 9. 6.0 Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) Many organisations have invested heavily in Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) over the past two decades. Although the nature of SCS systems inherently provides flexibility and speed of change, organisations often experience major problems when managing the continuous day to day user connectivity changes. Building relocations, office moves, departmental shifts, new starters, IT upgrades, cabling faults and new outlet provisions, all feed the endless Moves Adds and Changes (MAC’s) within an organisation. The planning and auditing for these user MAC’s can also be very time consuming and problematic. Additional services such as power and containment often need altering, which further complicates the project and increases the risk of users not having their services returned on time. Norland provides SCS services through its Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) offering, from simple time and materials for miscellaneous cabling works, through to a comprehensive estate-wide cabling infrastructure support and maintenance contract. Norland provides unparalleled SCS support services, including the following:-.  Planning Departmental/Offices/Building/Relocations  Moves Adds and Changes (MAC’s)  Comprehensive Maintenance of User Connectivity  Infrastructure Fault Analysis and Feedback  Consistent Delivery Model and Costs  Customer Peace of Mind
  10. 10. 7.0 Physical Layer Deployment The UK market is currently flooded with Structured Cabling Systems and Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) products, all claiming to be the best in class and the most cost effective. This coupled with the enormous amount of technology jargon which surrounds the ICT marketplace, can make it difficult for customers to make the right choice for their businesses. Norland provides vendor independent Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) and solutions. Our design philosophy considers all the facets of the building services infrastructure, rather than the physical SCS deployment in isolation. Whether designing SCS for datacentres, computer rooms or user domain environments, our independent advice and design neutrality assists customers in acquiring the best possible solution for their requirements.  Structured Cabling – Design – Installation – Commissioning – Maintenance  Critical Environment and User Environment Engineering Expertise  Multisite National Installation Capability  Vendor Independent Approach  Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)  Project Implementation and Management
  11. 11. 8.0 Our Customers Norland provides ICT Support Services for a diverse range of organisations, including Global Financial Services Companies, Defence Organisations, Media and Public Sector. Our approach is always to offer customers the best possible solution at the most cost effective price, without compromising Norlands renowned service and quality. Integrated ICT and M&E Services Norland is pioneering the convergence of ICT and M&E Support Services in the UK. Many operational and economic benefits as well as management efficiencies can be achieved by migrating to one core multi skilled team. Norland provides Integrated ICT and M&E Support Services for many of its customers Critical Environments. Using our proprietary CE 360 approach to provide Best in Class service and minimise risk. We have leveraged and applied our unique processes, tools and expertise to deliver a fully managed Support Service, offering the following Key Benefits to our customers:-  Reduced Management Overhead  Integrated Processes  Single Point of Contact (SPOC)  Risk Reduction  Incident Prevention  Up Skilled/Cross Trained Engineers  Blended Shift Expertise  SIGNIFICANT COST REDUCTION
  12. 12. 9.0 Why Norland ICT? Norland provides ICT Support Services through its four main service offerings and considers the following as key benefits to selecting Norland as an ICT partner.  We Understand the Concepts of Data Transport Solutions  Sound Financial Strength  High Degree of Technical Expertise  Vendor Independent Solutions and Services  Exceptional Experience in Critical Environments  Removes Duplicate Suppliers  Reduces Risk in the Critical Environment  Minimise Downtime  We Bridge the Gap Between M/E and ICT infrastructure  Drive Supplier Rationalisation
  13. 13. 10.0 Summary Norland possesses a comprehensive knowledge of building infrastructures and their environment requirements, a knowledge that has been built up over a 25 year period. Our ICT Support Services address the real operational issues facing today’s organisations and provides a “joined up” approach, considering the entire building infrastructure services, rather than ICT in isolation. Whether working in critical environments such as datacentres, or user domains, our expertise in data transport solutions and the support of these infrastructures on a day to day basis, provides our customers with absolute “peace of mind”. Norland provides ICT Support Services for both critical environments and end user domains. Our converged approach allows customers to minimise operations risk, reduces costs, minimise downtime and drive supplier rationalisation.