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GBS Presentation V2

  1. 1. GBS SocialBusiness Audit Team Connect
  2. 2. Introduction What is GBS? What “social” challenges does GBS face? Why is a transformation to a social business important?
  3. 3. What is GBS? Group Business Software (GBS) is a global software and service company. Premier IBM Business Partner, specialization lies in cloud technology. Headquarters in NYC and Frankfurt. Mission: “Reduce corporate IT spending by enabling any Lotus application internally or externally in a self-service fashion by 2014.”
  4. 4. What “social” challenges doesGBS face? No social media strategy. Only a handful of employees are involved in social business practices. Don’t use social media to its fullest capability. Unsure what type of content to post externally.
  5. 5. Why is a transformation to asocial business important? Increase business results while cutting costs. Efficiently share information and collaborate on projects. Remove time zone barriers.
  6. 6. General How does GBS currently use social business tools? Which environments does GBS currently use in its social business initiatives? What are the top 5 business pressures facing GBS that are driving a desire to adopt social business technologies? How would you categorize the use of social business at GBS? What department(s) at GBS are focused on social business initiatives? What are the strategic actions GBS is taking, or planning to take, to address the business pressures they identified? What organizational capabilities does GBS have? How do social media tools help GBS to become more nimble when reacting to their market? How does GBS use social media tools to become more transparent with their partners, suppliers and/or customers?
  7. 7. How does GBS currently usesocial business tools? Information repository Project management External interaction Public and private blogs
  8. 8. Which environments doesGBS currently use in its socialbusiness initiatives? Internal – getting employees involved External – engaging customers
  9. 9. Top 5 Business Pressures1. Achieve better business results2. Leverage sharing and collaboration3. Communicate across different time zones4. Remain innovative5. Stay competitive
  10. 10. How would you categorize theuse of social business atGBS? Medium level No solid strategy  Fire hose approach Not enough engagement
  11. 11. What departmentsat GBS arefocused on social businessinitiatives? Marketing Product development
  12. 12. How does GBS plan toaddress the businesspressures they identified? Sametime Instant Messenger IBM Connections IBM Quickr BleedYellow GroupLive cloud computing Lanyrd social conference directory
  13. 13. What organizationalcapabilities does GBS have? Portals/groups for different company areas Employee profiles Form teams to solve business problems
  14. 14. How do social media toolshelp GBS to become morenimble when reacting to theirmarket? Synchronize all to post same message to three main channels Get feedback immediately
  15. 15. How does GBS use socialmedia tools to become moretransparent? BleedYellow  Internal and external knowledge sharing Blogs  Defines GBS as a leading technology company Facebook Photo App  Adds a personal connection
  16. 16. Social Media Marketing On which social channels/platforms does GBS currently have corporate profiles? How active is GBS in the bloggersphere and what topics are GBS bloggers engaged in?
  17. 17. On which socialchannels/platforms does GBScurrently have corporateprofiles? Facebook  Promote events  Product updates YouTube  Webinars  Product demos  Promotional videos Twitter  Promote products and services Foursquare  Reward employees and customers
  18. 18. How active is GBS in thebloggersphere and whattopics are GBS bloggersengaged in? Twelve internal and external active bloggers External Topics  Lotus Connections  Events, products and services  Press releases/newsletters Internal Topics  Processes  Collaboration efforts  New product information
  19. 19. Internal Collaboration What encourages GBS employees to use social business tools? Which technology enablers does GBS currently use, and how? What steps does GBS take for to bringing a response team together for a key business threat?
  20. 20. What encourages GBSemployees to use socialbusiness tools?
  21. 21. Which technology enablersdoes GBS currently use, andhow? Internal  IBM Lotus Connections  Share ideas  Ask questions  Locate and store information  IBM Quickr  Project management External  BleedYellow  Engage with customers, prospects and experts
  22. 22. What steps does GBS takefor to bringing a responseteam together for a keybusiness threat?
  23. 23. Social Customer RelationshipManagement At what point in the customer on-boarding phase (and how) does GBS leverage a social business strategy? Does GBS have online communities to obtain feedback from prospects and customers? If yes, how?
  24. 24. At what point in the customeron-boarding phase (and how)does GBS leverage a socialbusiness strategy? Leverages a business strategy immediately. Accomplished through BleedYellow.  Allows customers to post personal profiles, write blogs, share bookmarks and create communities.
  25. 25. Does GBS have onlinecommunities to obtainfeedback from prospects andcustomers? If yes, how? External YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. Each have commenting features for feedback.
  26. 26. Social Analytics How often is the GBS brand mentioned in social media? What is the Klout score of @GBSKnows? If and how does GBS measure ROI or business metrics impacted by social business software?
  27. 27. How often is the GBS brandmentioned in social media? GBS is mentioned in social media on a weekly basis.
  28. 28. What is the Klout score of@GBSKnows? GBSs Klout score is 38. Their top three influential topics are:  Video  Domino  YouTube
  29. 29. If and how does GBSmeasure ROI or businessmetrics impacted by socialbusiness software? No standardized process for measuring ROI or business metrics. Extremely inconsistent.