Intalio Cloud Announcement Presentation


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Announcement presentation made on May 19th by Ismael Ghalimi

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Intalio Cloud Announcement Presentation

  1. 1. Intalio Cl 17 The Enterprise Cloud Company CLOUD 1.0
  2. 2. The Enterprise Cloud Company Founded in July 1999 Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA Privately held, VC funded 500 customers in 52 countries 65 systems integration partners 35 employees, 20 contractors 14 offices around the world
  3. 3. Deployment Sites Paying Customers 50,000 500 40,000 400 30,000 300 20,000 200 10,000 100 0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2005 2006 2007 2008
  4. 4. Ismael loves sashimi...
  5. 5. ...therefore Intalio goes to Japan quite often.
  6. 6. Everybody loves the cloud...
  7. 7. DY N AM I C P R O V I SI O N I N G
  9. 9. ...but they want it in a box!
  10. 10. Intalio|Cloud Appliance Compute Blade: 16 x HP ProLiant BL490c G6 2 x Quad Core Intel Xeon X5570 2.93GHz (8 cores total) 144GB (18 x 8GB) 1333MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 Registered DIMMs No embedded storage Database Storage: 16 x HP StorageWorks SB40c Storage Blade 6 x OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5quot; SSD 250GB in RAID 0 configuration (stripping) 20,000 IO/s, 1.5GB/s read, 1GB/s write, 100 microseconds latency Used for database storage File Storage: 4 x HP StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System 70 LFF SAS or SATA Drives, 3Gb/s SAS connectivity 140TB in RAID 6 configuration (stripped set with dual distributed parity) Used for file storage and database backup Network Switch: 2 x HP 4X DDR InfiniBand Switch Module 20Gbps per port, 1.3 microseconds latency 16 Internal 4X DDR downlinks, 16 external 4X DDR QSFP uplinks 16 Internal 4X DDR downlinks, 8 external 4X DDR CX4 uplinks System Requirements: Configuration Overview: Customer Accounts: 2,304 32 CPUs Number of Users: 62,208 (27 per Account) 128 CPU Cores Memory per Account: 1GB 2.3TB Memory Database Storage per Account: 25GB 24TB SSD Database Storage File Storage per Account: 250GB 528TB HDD File Storage
  11. 11. Small Account Configuration Primary Virtual Machine Virtual Load Application Database Firewall Balancer Server Server Small Account Virtual Machine Up to 144 Small Accounts per Pair Compute+Storage Pair 8 Compute+Storage Pairs per Enclosure 1GB to 144GB of Memory Up to 144GB / 2TB per Small Account 144GB / 2TB Up to 1,152 Small Accounts per Enclosure Replication Standby Virtual Machine Virtual Load Application Database Firewall Balancer Server Server 4 Enclosures per Rack Up to 2,304 Small Accounts per Rack
  12. 12. Large Account Configuration Database Server (PostgreSQL) Operating System (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Database Server 8 Pairs per Enclosure 2 Enclosures per Rack 32 CPUs, 128 Cores 2.3TB / 48TB 16 x Compute+Storage Pair 4X DDR InfiniBand Network and ScaleMP vSMP Foundation 144GB / 3TB Virtual Load Application Firewall Balancer Server Large Account Virtual Machine Compute Blade Application Servers 144GB of Memory 144GB / 64GB 16 Blades per Enclosure 2 Enclosures per Rack Single Rack System 64 CPUs, 256 Cores 96 CPUs, 384 Cores 4.6TB 6.9TB of Memory 48TB of Solid-State Storage
  13. 13. SFDC-Class Cloud Requirements 55K customer accounts (27 seats per account), 1.5M user seats 25GB database storage + 250GB file storage per account (vs. 1GB for SFDC) Configuration 22 racks, 88 enclosures, 704 blades, 1,408 CPUs, 5,632 cores 50TB of memory, 528TB of SSD database storage, 12PB of HDD file storage Costs Hardware Acquisition Costs: $15M Operating Costs (Including Hardware): $413K/month (<0.5% of SFDC’s Revenue) Fits into...
  14. 14. Intalio|BPM
  15. 15. Intalio|BPM Blue, Works, and Prints Runs Your Process Integrated
  16. 16. Intalio|CRM
  17. 17. They say... We say...
  18. 18. Limit #1: Deployment Options is available on-demand only. Intalio Option #1: On-Demand ( Hardware, power, cooling, bandwidth, and servicing provided by Intalio. $9 to $99/user/month. 3 users minimum, month to month. Intalio Option #2: On-Premise Hardware, power, cooling, bandwidth, and servicing provided by customer. $19 to $49/user/month. 20 users minimum, year to year. Intalio Option #3: Managed-On-Premise Power, cooling, and bandwidth provided by customer. Hardware & servicing by Intalio. $49 to $99/user/month. 2,000 users minimum, three-year commitment.
  19. 19. Limit #2: Development Languages Intalio VisualForce Java JavaScript PHP Python Ruby X#
  20. 20. Limit #3: Database Scalability Intalio 1GB of data storage/account 25GB of data storage/account No extra file storage/account 250GB of file storage/account 5MB limit for document No size limit for documents Single table join in reports Unlimited table joins in reports 2,000 custom objects Unlimited custom objects Many execution limits No execution limits Reference:
  21. 21. Intalio|CRM 60% Cheaper On-Demand & On-Premise Better User Interface
  22. 22. Intalio|Cloud Customer’s Data-center Custom Innovation Design Design BPM CRM GRC Develop Custom Application Application Intalio|Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Systems Integrator Intalio|Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) Systems Integrator Intalio|Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Optimize BPM CRM Situational App. CRM GRC Situational App. BPM GRC Custom App. Subsidiary Department Partner
  23. 23. Intalio|Cloud Packaged On-Demand & On-Premise A little bit more than vapor...
  24. 24. 17 Cl CLOUD 1.0 Thank you!