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Intalio works japan seminar


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Intalio works japan seminar

  1. 1. Intalio|Works Run Your Business More Efficiently © 2010 Intalio
  2. 2. Corporate Overview Open Source Middleware Technologies Technologies Private Cloud Computing Platform Sold online to all types of organizations Sold to and through Service Providers Intalio|Cloud Platform Intalio|Works BPMS Intalio|Cloud BPM Intalio|Works Jetty Funding Intalio|Cloud CRM 650 customers in 50+ countries Launched in May 2009 60+ implementation partners 4 customers © 2010 Intalio
  3. 3. Intalio|Works at a Glance Intalio|Works BPMS Most widely deployed Open Source BPMS (over 100,000 active deployment sites) Community Edition (Free) and Enterprise Edition (Subscriptions) 650+ paying customers Intalio|Works Jetty Most popular Java application server (over 50M active deployment sites) Optimized for asynchronous transactions and small memory footprint 50+ paying customers © 2010 Intalio
  4. 4. Intalio|Works Jetty Jetty Wide Spread (hundreds of thousands of domains) Used in mobile, enterprise, networked and cloud applications Handle large numbers of long-connected users in small footprint Cometd High performance connection sharing with security and filters Resilient through firewalls and connection breaks Small and portable © 2010 Intalio
  5. 5. Intalio|Works Jetty – Success Stories Zimbra (division of Yahoo!) Jetty on server and offline client “We recommend Jetty because of the great success we've had with it, specifically for Zimbra 5.0. They've got >25M users great developer support, and the code is clean and simple to look at.” Dedicated support line Maintained branch, custom security © 2010 Intalio
  6. 6. Intalio|Works Jetty – Success Stories Forex trading platform Massive symbol space Low latency Browser, thick client Full support, custom scaling rig Cometd move streaming Multiple viewers, games, tabs Full support © 2010 Intalio
  7. 7. Intalio|Works Jetty – Success Stories Mobile Broker Track devices between networks Maintain device outbound connection Portability on devices Server, bandwidth minimization Service Integration Provide data stream to devices Asynchronously handle varying latencies Performance proof Dedicated team support © 2010 Intalio
  8. 8. Intalio|Works BPMS Community Edition Free BPMN Designer BPEL Engine Zero Code, One Click Deploy Community Support Enterprise Edition Certified for virtually all Enterprise Platforms Optional Modules: BAM, BRE, ESB, ECM, Portal Connectors available for most applications 100% Open Code Licensed through yearly subscriptions © 2010 Intalio
  9. 9. Intalio|Works BPMS – Success Stories Finnair – Passenger Upgrade Real-time situation analysis Increased customer satisfaction Reduced liabilities TeliaSonera – Construction Management Automated tracking of materials and services Expedited scheduling across supply chain Reduced costs associated with human errors © 2010 Intalio
  10. 10. Intalio|Works BPMS – Success Stories Bank Baltikums – New Account & Commercial Loan Risk management for the bank and customers Improved efficiency for core processes Increased flexibility and control over processes Real-time business performance monitoring “Business groups within the bank challenged the Business Technology department by asking for a technology that supports much larger operations in a much wider geography, keeps control on everything and provides transparency. We picked the obvious choice out of the software and services offered to us! We are sure our investments in Intalio will pay back in first year!” Andris Rozenbahs, Head of IT Tyre Dating – Customer Service & Partner Management Integration of disparate systems Reduced development costs Real-time supply-chain monitoring © 2010 Intalio
  11. 11. Intalio|Works BPMS – Success Stories State of Pennsylvania – Law enforcement Improves law practitioner involvement Supports collaborative business processes Consolidates disparate processes Baerum Kommune – Internet Public Services Easily adjusts to new requirements as they evolve Provides 24x7 service Reduces registration time from days to seconds © 2010 Intalio
  12. 12. Intalio|Works BPMS Enterprise Edition Overview © 2010 Intalio
  13. 13. Intalio|Works AJAX © 2010 Intalio
  14. 14. Intalio|Works BAM © 2010 Intalio
  15. 15. Intalio|Works BRE © 2010 Intalio
  16. 16. Intalio|Works ECM © 2010 Intalio
  17. 17. Intalio|Works Portal © 2010 Intalio
  18. 18. Run your business more efficiently Intalio provides the best experts when you need them Education Training Architecture Review Design Fast Track Development Developer Advice Deployment Proof Deployment Production Subscription Maintenance Lifecycle Advice © 2010 Intalio
  19. 19. Thank you! © 2010 Intalio