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PP301Chapter 1 Export Import Documentation


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PP301Chapter 1 Export Import Documentation . Polytechnic syllabus for International Business

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PP301Chapter 1 Export Import Documentation

  1. 1. DEFINING EXPORT & IMPORT BUSINESS EXPORT Is sending goods out of your country Example : Sell Malaysia product to other country such as Saudi Arabia IMPORT Is bringing goods into your country Example : Buy US product to our country, Malaysia
  2. 2. EXPORTING DIRECT EXPORTING Is a business activity occurring between an exporter and an importer without the intervention of a third party DIRECT EXPORTING Is simpler than direct exporting. It involves exporting goods through various intermediaries in the producer’s country
  3. 3. ENVIRONMENT IN EXPORT & IMPORT INTERNAL FORCES The firm can control or factors that are within the control. These include things such as availability of capital, finances, raw materials, personnel, production and marketing capabilities EXTERNAL FORCES The ones firm can’t control. These includes economic and socioeconomic, geography and natural resources, politic and legal condition, culture and financial condition
  4. 4. IMPORTANCE IN EXPORT & IMPORT To introduce the country in the world To expand sales and market To acquire resources To have diplomatic collaboration
  5. 5. FACTOR NEEDED IN EXPORT & IMPORT ACTIVITY Close location to the country may reduce the risk of controllable Convenience of effective communication and facilities Know the business partner’s background Impact of the image of business partner at international level
  6. 6. CONTRIBUTION OF EXPORT & IMPORT ACTIVITY Increasing national income Improving the national standard of living Increasing the foreign currency exchange & stabilize RM Transferring technology
  7. 7. THE END