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Case study: #GoogleMoLang


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Seeing how online search has changed our lives, Google Philippines worked together with internet sensations and formed a campaign that aimed to encourage Filipinos to maximize the full potential of online search. Ready? Check this one out!

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Case study: #GoogleMoLang

  1. 1. GOOGLE MO LANG: “Create your own epic night with a little help from Google” #GoogleMoLang A new campaignthat revolutionizes online searching in the Philippines Noreen A. Sayoc PUBLISH A51: Saturday 9:15-12:45
  2. 2. GOOGLE MO LANG: BASIC BACKGROUND Summary • Philippine Internet stars together with Google, devised an online game called “Google Mo Lang” which was launched on September 24, 2014. Pinoy netizens are brought to a virtual adventure to create their “perfect night” which simulates real-life setting by prompting Filipinos to use the Google search product resulting to different stories and endings for your “epic night.”
  3. 3. MEET THE INTERNET STARS Clockwise from left: Erwin Armovit (Sponge Cola), Tricky Ikki, Jako de Leon (Bogart the Explorer’s manager), Erwan Heussaff, Chicser members: Cav Villafuerte, Owy Posadas, Oliver Posadas, Ranz Kyle, Ully Basa, and Biboy Cabingon, Ted Mark Cruz (Sponge Cola), Mikey Bustos, Gosh Dilay (Sponge Cola).
  4. 4. GOOGLE MO LANG: AGENDA & CONTEXT 1– Smartphones are indispensable to daily life 2– Smartphones have transformed consumer behavior 3– Smartphones change the way that consumers hop 4– Smartphones help advertisers connect with customers *** As of June 2014, Google is number one Global Search Engine Market with an average of 68.75%. Baidu is number two with 18.03%. Yahoo in the third spot with 6.73%. And Bing with only 5.55%.
  5. 5. GOOGLE MO LANG: THE IDEA For the interactive game to begin, the users (players) need to answer a set of questions only Google Search can figure out in a jiffy and lets you choose how to complete your adventure. The concept is to creatively introduce a host of tips and tricks that lets Pinoy netizens use the world’s top search engine more precisely than previously thought possible by different Filipino users. “#GoogleMoLang is the surest shortcut to most items that concern or interest people, so why not maximize it?” – Mikey Bustos
  6. 6. GOOGLE MO LANG: STRATEGIES Tactics 1. #Googlemolang was able to create a campaign wherein Filipino audiences could relate to the to what was being shown in the interactive game because it demonstrates a part of our culture. They gave us choices and made us feel a part of their world and experiences. 2. The campaign was also able to tell a story and capture the users’ attention with the aid of the famous internet stars. Not only was it fun but also informative to Filipino users. 3. The concept was well-thought of through the collective social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that led to a wider Filipino mass audience. It is an effective marketing strategy that leads to better consumer engagement.
  7. 7. GOOGLE MO LANG: IMPACT OF DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICE ORIENTED “Google Search ‘listens’ to what people exactly mean by their queries and give people back what they truly need. It shapes our lifestyle by helping us make the right decisions from the best available information,” - Ryan Morales, Google Philippines Marketing Manager. NETIZEN COMMUNITY #GoogleMoLang gets you search-savvy and forms a community of Pinoy netizens that can be able to fully maximize the practical uses of GoogleSearch. ENHANCED PARTICIPATION The interactivegamewith a“choose-your-own- adventure” style encourages and allows Audienceshavethechoicetohow they want their quest for the perfect night to continue with the aid of using the GoogleSearch.
  10. 10. GOOGLE MO LANG: CONCLUSION Gamification has been used in everything and Google has been at it with notable success. Among them is Google News badges in 2011 that digitally awards people for reading articles on Google News and Cube in 2012 that transformed Google Maps into a 3D game. #Googlemolang was successfully able to transform its search engine into a hilarious interactive game. It shows that Pinoy netizens that are typing queries on the search bar is just scratching the surface of what Google search can really do. Users were also able to be a part of something that they never thought they could: Sing with Spongecola, Cook beside Erwan Heusaff and win a rap battle with Bogart the Explorer.
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