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Brim visualstoryboard29th julyv2

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Brim visualstoryboard29th julyv2

  1. 1. BRAND RE:IMAGINED Storyboard 29th July 2013
  2. 2. Introduction To follow is a brief visual story of your invited guests journey once they arrive at the event location For the purposes of illustration the words, colours and images are purely placeholders and will be determined by the content and stories you tell.
  3. 3. Pre-event Registration
  4. 4. Arrival 1. Delegates arrive & collect their personalised Nexus 7 devices, hostesses use the QR scanner to register who they are and prompt their device into life, the device is collected from a moving ‘sushi’ bar
  5. 5. Set and Staging layout Stage one Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Entrance Blank surfaces for light and projection
  6. 6. Entering the event space.. 2. Delegates are guided in through a corridor, subtle lighting, and a crackle of sound.. Their device seems to have a life of its own.. 3. Delegates enter into a very non descript environment Music playing, the odd flicker of light, and without an obvious screen position
  7. 7. The room and the device start to act as one.. This is a tease of what is to come, a simple, fun beginning to the experience, the room is a sceneless void of colour and sound only…
  8. 8. Once all the delegates are seated the atmosphere changes completely An opening video is played on one screen (stage One) with atmospheric affects throughout the room The rest of the room is still in darkness The country host seemingly steps from behind a hidden wall to set the tone for the day Welcome content is synced to the delegates devices – this enables the host to explain a little of what is to come 4.Opening – Stage One
  9. 9. 5.Presentation one – example Top Shop (Stage One) First presentation, still on Stage One A visually immersive stage – the room is bathed in darkness, all emphasis is on the stage , not a hint of the what else the room holds!
  10. 10. 6.Stage Two – example Burberry Kisses As the previous presentation ends the devices alert the delegates to something new.. The tone and affects in the room change…delegates are naturally drawn to stage two, and its reveal
  11. 11. 7. Stage Three - Brand/Guest Presenter Delegates are prompted to move to the third and final stage This is the final presentation before break time – as the presentation comes to a close the device alerts delegates that it is nearly coffee time….
  12. 12. Network Demo An open, urban network demo area, works as a refresh and revitalise, chat, one-to-one or interact
  13. 13. 8. Break and refresh
  14. 14. Other uses for the device…. Two way voting, interaction, gaming, split into groups, purely dependant on content and message Devices become part of the room or Presentation.. Again split into groups or as one..
  15. 15. Thank you, Noreen Clifford