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Preso for DC Media Makers - Love Your Photos night - for the launch of new book by Jen Consalvo (http://jenconsalvo.com).

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  1. 1. DC Media Makers It’s time to LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! Jen Consalvo h p://jenconsalvo.com
  2. 2. @noreaster connected to camera holistic Health & green smoothies born in Maine, living in exile book worm wanderlust
  3. 3. Why a book?
  4. 4. photography just floats my boat
  5. 5. An exercise in focus, discipline, being bold... ... and a huge lesson in social media outreach! J. Nicholas Tolson h p://www.jtnt.net Mary Kate McKenna h p://MKMcKenna.com Chaminda Wijetilleke h p://www.flickr.com/people/52802883@N00/ Brian Solis h p://BrianSolis.com Thomas Hawk h p://ThomasHawk.com Frank Gruber h p://somewhatfrank.com Holly Vo h p://www.flickr.com/people/hollyvo/ Richie Edquid h p://www.berichandcreamy.com/ Linda Plaisted h p://manymuses.blogspot.com/ Pamelia Viola h p://www.pamelaviola.com/ ~ kindness, inspiration & generosity ~
  6. 6. so, what causes unhappiness with your photos?
  7. 7. how well do you know your camera?
  8. 8. have you looked at the manual? do you know how to use more than the auto-se ings? can you change to macro focus? know how to change your ISO? know where the white balance control is?
  9. 9. by marcomagrini Focus on what’s important in a scene.
  10. 10. A li le tip to impress your friends... Bokeh The Japanese word Boke derived from the verb "bokase" meaning to smudge or make blurry. Pronounced BO-KEH in English. The blurry, or out of focus region behind a subject is called the bokeh. A pleasing bokeh is one which has soft, round edges to the objects. Less enjoyable bokeh is one which has harsh or sharp edges as this can be more distracting to the viewer. I describe good bokeh as smooth and creamy. ~From Charlie Zimmerman’s glossary of photographic terms h p://www.charliezimmerman.com/ glossary.shtml
  11. 11. Understand and manipulate LIGHT ✴ ISO ✴ Indoor vs Outdoor ✴ White balance ✴ Positioning
  12. 12. Images from Burma - © Mary Kate McKenna Light can make a boring subject come alive can create drama where there was none changes everything is fun to play with can be manipulated IMHO, the most important element of a photo
  13. 13. A common scenario: ✴ Indoor vs Outdoor ✴ White balance
  14. 14. I work from awkwardness. By that I mean I don't like to arrange things. If I stand in front of something, instead of arranging it, I arrange myself. - Diane Arbus
  15. 15. Some Diane Arbus...
  16. 16. Get close Get low Get tangled up...
  17. 17. Experiment and shoot a lot. Pixels are free now!!
  18. 18. Don’t stop shooting ...find a rhythm
  19. 19. Mobile Devices...
  20. 20. The tools I use most often... Canon 5D Mark II Canon Powershot SD800 iphone 3G Macbook Pro Aperture iPhoto Picassa Flickr Maps Seagate external hard drive