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Strategy in Short• Problem: Iceland Inspired by Iceland Case Study


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Strategy in Short• Problem: Iceland is hit by a Volcano that halts most flight traffic and threatens tourism at a critical moment• Solution: A multilingual multichannel strategy was created focusing on Google Universal. YouTube/Vimeo Videos were created, Facebook Fan and Like Pages and ad campaigns based on selected demographics, on top of that Twitter bursts and blog posts. The strategy among other was to attach Iceland to high profile brands and names such as John Lennon, Lonely Planet, CNN and general search phrases like music festival, travel destination and so on. Targeted phrases had close to ten million monthly searches.• Implementation: New web site was launched, unique content was written and distributed in 7 languages focusing on key stakeholders such as journalists, travel agents and the general traveller raising awareness of Iceland.• Results: Information about inspired by Iceland was viewed over one hundred million times through this multi channel multi lingual approach. First numbers in Q1 2011 indicate a growth year on year in bookings and the season is just starting.• Following screenshots illustrate the impact @optimizeyourweb

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