Enterprise SEO with a twist


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Enterprise SEO slides used at a breakfast session held by OMG in Norway.

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Enterprise SEO with a twist

  1. 1. Enterprise SEOOMG Frokostseminarer
  2. 2. Me myself and I ….. • Started in 1997 • Board of directors SEMPO.org • Advisory board Bing Advertising • Co-Wrote the first book about the topic in my home country Iceland • Co-Wrote the first book about Global Search Engine Marketing • Father of five children Brands I have enjoyed working for:
  3. 3. Frokostseminarer – Enterprise SEOYOU, THE PEOPLE...
  4. 4. Less than 20% of thoseattending this session haveSearch Engine Optimized theirfront page TITLE <title>XXXX AS</title>
  5. 5. More than 90% of those thatare here in this room are usingGoogle analytics…. 3%nothing …. that I could find
  6. 6. Around 40% of those that arehere in this room are B2B, sowhy “only” Google?
  7. 7. Frokostseminarer – Enterprise SEOTHE BASICS
  8. 8. CMS Issues – Set the foundation• There are tens of tech signals that Google needs for your site to rank• Technology to technology• Your CMS system should be evaluated by an SEO professional to identify problems like: – URL structures that cause duplicate content / difficult to index – Session IDs – JavaScript or Flash drop down menus that cant be indexed – Lack of support for Custom Page Titles – Lack of support for rel=canonical tags
  9. 9. Organic search opportunity
  10. 10. Content – The driver of traffic• Its all about content authority• Make sure that you distribute valid unique content regularly that is pushing your message• Repeated surveys* show business decision makers use the internet widely and especially content• 93% of B2B decision makers use the internet for business every day• The higher the budget the decision maker has, the more likely search engines are in playing a role in research and decision making• 40% of business decision makers expect their Web usage to increase*Enquiro, Outsell, eMarketer. IDG and IAB
  11. 11. Usable analytics – Understand & Act• Make data-driven Conversion tracking decisions that improve your ROI 16,344 Clicks• Google Analytics and Webmaster tools as a 9,586 Service bare minimum reviews• The key question is what 5,311 do you want to get out Conversions of it?
  12. 12. FujitsuCase Study, with a twist …
  13. 13. Project Summary• Fujitsu IT Services is a leading provider of IT services and products for the global marketplace including applications, infrastructure and business solutions, hardware, software and networking• When the Fujitsu work started they Fujitsu had no top 50 visibility under core phrases such as: – IT Services – IT Solutions – IT Consulting• Using a mixture of on-site and off-site SEO, plus a multilingual content seeding strategy, improvements in visiblity were made.
  14. 14. FujitsuMETHOD
  15. 15. Method – Top Level• The project started with a deep dive into the competition, technical analysis and the on-site analytics• Focusing preliminary on the title tags, META descriptions, the build up of anchor tags within the Fujitsu sites and the first two paragraphs of copy within each page – This was done this way due to the content control hierarchy being complex and the limitations within the CMS• The external links were created through link-baiting using White-Papers and “BIG” news. Other methods were also used for external endorsing of the site/pages• Realizing the potential of Google Universal search, the focus was on writing content endorsing Fujitsu as the leader in its field, with the goals to: – Maximize brand visibility – Gain further online endorsement through controlled content – Saturate search results, such as Web, Blog and News
  16. 16. The Competiton• Among the competitors looked at while preparing for the project were: – IBM, Atos Origin, Capgemini and Logica• What we focused on was to „sniff“ their online organic and PPC strategies, focusing on understanding their: – PPC efforts such as creative’s, targeted keywords and budget – Organic keywords returning traffic and to where – Sites returning traffic – Building of links and Anchor tags
  17. 17. Objectives• Cost-effectively increase revenue by: – Increase Fujitsu‘s visibility from close to zero in non- branded searches to reaching top 30 with 80% of the phrases in keyword clusters created • Within focused markets – Boost Fujitsu brand recognition and tie closer to three core phrases: • IT Services • IT Solutions • IT Consulting – Raise Fujitsu relevance for product/service searches • Generate conversion on sales leads • Understand stakeholder impact
  18. 18. FujitsuUK IMPACT SAMPLE
  19. 19. UK Impact – Before we started• In the beginning of the project there were clear signals that Fujitsu was not as prominent on the search engines as it could/should• The signals echoed on poor visibility for none branded/Informational search phrases• Core phrases – International core phrase was • IT services – Local UK core phrases were • IT solutions • IT consulting
  20. 20. After implementation & optimization• Fujitsu reached – Number ONE for IT Services on Google UK and .COM within the UK – Number THREE for IT Solutions on Google UK and number six on .COM within the UK – Number NINE for IT consulting on Google UK and number eleven on .COM within the UK
  21. 21. Fujitsu IT Services• Fujitsu number one for „IT Services“ – IT Services, 35k searches within the UK each month
  22. 22. BUT...
  23. 23. … they killedKenny!!!
  24. 24. Bottom lineThe path forward
  25. 25. Don’t loose sights of the big picture … CMS Analytics Content Links Social The path to success
  26. 26. Kristján Már HaukssonTHANK YOU