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Why should i care about hypermedia


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Presented by Mads Enevoldsen from Jayway at Nordic APIS in Copenhagen on May 21 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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Why should i care about hypermedia

  1. 1. Why should I care aboutHypermedia APIs?Copenhagen May 21th 2013Mads
  2. 2. Poll
  3. 3. AssumptionsOverall conceptsOnly HTTP
  4. 4. REST CoinedRoy Fielding [2000]:"Architectural Styles and theDesign of Network­basedSoftware Architectures"REST polluted and HATEOASHypermedia API
  5. 5. Richardson MaturityModelMartin Fowler
  6. 6. Hypermedia ControlsHuman: links with namesComputer: links with rel
  7. 7. Design of HypermediaAPICommunicate business flow vialinksClient like a state machine
  8. 8. Client Side ComparisonLevel 2 Level 3NavigationBehavior
  9. 9. Client Side ComparisonLevel 2 Level 3Navigation construct followBehavior
  10. 10. Client Side ComparisonLevel 2 Level 3Navigation construct followBehavior business rules implied by links
  11. 11. Example: BookshopBrowse book catalogRead book detailsPurchase bookDownload book
  12. 12. Level 2Gustaf Nielson KotteSurviving the Zombie Apocapolypse of Connected Devices
  13. 13. Level 3Gustaf Nielson KotteSurviving the Zombie Apocapolypse of Connected Devices
  14. 14. CR: Free Xmas download
  15. 15. CR: Free Xmas downloadFat clients need update
  16. 16. CR: Free Xmas downloadSkinny Clients Are OK
  17. 17. Framework support@HasBoughtBook(false)public void buy(){...}@HasBoughtBook(true)public InputStream download(){...}
  18. 18. Thank