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Nature by hd carberry quiz


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a compilation of questions on nature by hd carberry.

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Nature by hd carberry quiz

  1. 1. NATURE by HD Carberry QUIZ QUESTIONS
  2. 2. The country that is portrayed in the poem enjoys two seasons? What are they? Dry/hot/sunny and wet/rainy season
  3. 3. Name one plantation crop mentioned in the poem? Cane / sugarcane
  4. 4. What does the phrase high Jamaica wind signify? Strong Jamaica wind blowing / raging wind blowing in Jamaica
  5. 5. Describe briefly the effect of the wind and rain on the land. -Trees struggling to stay rooted to the ground -The heavy rain hitting hard on the roof -Rainwater filling up gullies
  6. 6. What picture comes to mind when we read the second last line of the poem ? Beauty of nature coming back to life
  7. 7. Which line indicates that there are bright sunny days and the sun shines on the fertile fields of corn? When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields
  8. 8. How do you know the rain comes down in torrential showers? -The rains falls down like bullets hitting on the rooftop - Heavy rain fills gullies with swift water
  9. 9. When it rains, where does the water usually flow into? Into gullies
  10. 10. Why do you think the poet mentions the regular ‘English’ seasons of summer, winter, autumn and spring? To show comparison between the weather in his country and the weather in England
  11. 11. To whom is the poet referring when he uses ‘We’? Jamaican people
  12. 12. What is the overall feeling of the poet towards nature as portrayed in the poem ? Awe/ proud/ appreciative/ contentment
  13. 13. “And there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies” Why do you think there is no sound except for that of the water? There is no activity as people stay indoors
  14. 14. Quote a line to show the wind is i) destructive ii) gentle i) Destructive : And the tress struggling in the high Jamaica winds ii) Gentle: When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air
  15. 15. Which phrase suggests that harvesting is over? Reaped canefields
  16. 16. What is meant by the word ‘paved’ as used in the poem? Covered / filled
  17. 17. What do the yellow stars refer to? Buttercup
  18. 18. What evidence is there to show Nature is rich and bountiful? Explain in your own words -Canefields grow healthily during dry season -Flowers blooming -Bees busy making honey - Mango trees bearing fruits
  19. 19. During the season of flowers, what can you hear and smell? -Hear : bees buzzing -Smell : smell of honey
  20. 20. How are the canefields described? -They grow on fertile land in Jamaica during dry season - After harvest season, they are left to dry on the ground/ they become unproductive
  21. 21. Where is the sound of water swishing heard? From the gullies
  22. 22. What takes place when the weather is good? The rainy season
  23. 23. How do the Jamaica winds affect trees ? The wind blows so strong they could uproot the trees
  24. 24. Which season is applicable when we see leaves fade and fall off trees? Dry / sunny/ hot season
  25. 25. Would you like to visit a country with four seasons or with two seasons ? Why? Yes because … No because…
  26. 26. Write two words that are related to places the rain falls on and flows down. i) Gullies ii) Roofs
  27. 27. What type of fruits can we find in Jamaica ? Mango
  28. 28. What sounds are heard on rainy days ? Water running in the gullies
  29. 29. When is the harvesting season in Jamaica? Dry season
  30. 30. In your opinion, has the poem given you a comprehensive picture of the changes that take place in Jamaica? Yes because it shows the changes during dry and wet season in Jamaica
  31. 31. When do canefields become barren? After the harvesting season
  32. 32. What happens in the gullies after the rain ? Swift water filling in gullies
  33. 33. In your own words, explain the last line of the poem. Beauty takes over when the rain stops
  34. 34. Give one word that describes the canefields when the harvest is over Bare/ barren/ unproductive
  35. 35. What is the main theme of the poem? Appreciation of nature
  36. 36. Jamaica is a beautiful country. Would you like to live there? Give a reason to support your answer Yes because… No because…
  37. 37. What do you think is the main crop in Jamaica? In your own words give a reason to support your answer. Cane / sugarcane because…
  38. 38. The poet makes a reference to the four seasons in other countries. Do you think the poet would like to have four seasons too? Give a reason to support your answer. No because he sounded appreciative of the 2 seasons Jamaica has
  39. 39. When is the persona’s favourite season? Give a reason. Dry season because that is the time when mango trees bear fruit/ logwood blossom/ tall grass sways gently when blown by the wind/ buttercups covered the earth
  40. 40. THE END