AmeriCorps end of year presentation


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This is a presentation that me and my fellow AmeriCorps members created to present to staff at our host site and to show to Washington Service Corp administration. It includes metrics of what we accomplished, personal stories, and reflections on the impact of the year of service on our lives and the work of United Way of King County. It also had some really amusing music selections which I could not figure out how to include in this version! The presentation was very well-received and really showcases the capacity-building value of AmeriCorps service.

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AmeriCorps end of year presentation

  1. A Brief History of Our Time as AmeriCorps
  2. We came from all over the world!Ariana (Seattle) 0 milesKatherine (Tacoma) 34 milesMorgan (Moscow, Idaho) 296 milesNora (Rochester, New York) 2,664 milesJenny (Suwon, South Korea) 5, 183 miles
  3. 2 VISTAS + 3 AmeriCorps = Fresh Ideas Smoothie loving Moving the Needle Integrated Collective Impact
  4. But now it is like….
  5. AmeriCorps Survival Tip #1: Free foodMorgan took home the gold in honorof all AmeriCorps, ever. The first ones to arrive and eager to eat!
  6. AmeriCorps Survival Tip #2: Free Clothes
  7. AmeriCorps Survival Tip #2: Free Clothes
  8. AmeriCorps Survival Tip #3: Free Bus PassesAmeriCorps Survival Tip #4: Food Stamps
  9. Monthly Chart of AmeriCorps Food Security Stress Eating: Project due Food stamps refilled: Grocery Shopping! Stress Eating: New project you don’t understand Celebration: Project finished! Out of Food Stamps 5 10 15 20 25 30 Time (days)
  10. AmeriCorps Through the [Seattle] Seasons
  11. Pre-Service Orientation for VISTASLocation: The Yak!Highlights: Nice Weather…(And meeting each other - newpartners-in-crime for the year!) We learned all about capacity building and fighting poverty!
  12. Pre-Service Orientation for AmeriCorpsLocation: Hampton, GeorgiaHighlight: Ariana, Morgan andJenny bonding time in our log cabin Jenny carrying 70 lbs. of concrete mix
  13. Day of CaringProject: Sorting clothes at DESC’s thrift store
  14. United Way really knows how to throw a party!!!
  15. Bridge to Basics Phone Bank NightsResults:• Reached 360 clients• Helped nearly 200 qualify for benefits like utility assistance!
  16. The School Year Begins, more Readers begin
  17. CRE: The day before It fit!Is it goingto fit? 2,000 Personal Hygiene Kits
  18. Community Resource Exchange 1500 participants 100 Service providers 40 pre-event supply drives 130 people received flu shots. 500 people received education and employment information. 700 people received haircuts, hand care and foot washing
  19. 25 people were tested forhepatitis C.49 guests connected tocommunity voice mail.75 applications for public benefitswere submitted.85 people received familyplanning information.
  20. After the event we werebone tired, but Jenny keptus laughing!
  21. Volunteer Reader EventVolunteer Readers connecting and sharing tips and stories! Listening to our panel of experts!
  22. Tax Campaign • 16 tax sites • 650 volunteers recruited and trained • 100,000 flyers and posters dispersed throughout our community • 10th Year of the Tax Campaign!
  23. Tax Campaign Results: • 14,400 returns prepared • $20.7 million in federal refunds • $7 million in EITC
  24. Even the Easter Bunny filed his/her taxes with us!
  25. Bridge to Basics at Tax SitesKatherine & Nora trainedand placed 45 Bridge toBasics volunteers at 11tax sites to do Intake andpublic benefits outreach!
  26. Results:• Helped 100 clients fill out Basic Food applications• Gave over 600 other public benefits referrals
  27. Nora and Katherine go to Vancouver, CA! <- She’s a beaut, eh?Highlights: Visiting urbanfarms, food banks,community kitchens, andmeeting amazing foodpolicy advocates!
  28. Katherine, Nora & The Rainier ValleyEats! Team in Vancouver
  29. Spring• Financial Fitness Day• Spirit of Caring• Hunger Action Week• Food Security Survey• AmeriCorps Week• New Books for Volunteer Reader Sites• Volunteer Reader Recognition• Tax Celebration
  30. Financial Fitness Day300 Participants 40 Providers 20 VolunteersFFD is basically a financialCRE. Morgan was thevolunteer chair recruiting thevolunteers that they needed.These pictures are of the taxvolunteers who preparedtaxes for FFD participants.
  31. Spirit of Caring: akatry to get everyoneto sign up for HAW
  32. Hunger Action Week & The Hunger Action ForumHAF Highlights:• Hearing keynote Ellen Gustafson speak• Facilitating different break out sessions HAW Team Roles: • Morgan – community outreach and engagement wonder • Nora – food blogger and social media whiz • Katherine – food security survey guru
  33. HAW Highlights• Almost 2,000 participants• Official declaration of Hunger Action Week from the Seattle City Council• DJs from KEXP, food bloggers, students, and community leaders took the hunger challenge and spread the word, supported by Nora and the social media team. (Even Katherine finally got a Twitter account to join the #HungerFreeKC blitz!)• Successful volunteer-driven community food security survey in the Rainier Valley
  34. It’s official! The Seattle City Council Proclaims Hunger Action Week.
  35. Hunger Action Weekactivities… Morgan spreads the word about Community Kitchen ‘everyday foods’ at the Rainier and ‘sometimes Community Center foods’ to a group of Little Eagles AmeriCorps HAW dinner party potluck!
  36. Hunger Action Week Rainier Valley Food Security Survey• 50 volunteers• 16 survey sites• Almost 500 community responses collected to inform future anti-hunger work!
  37. Volunteer Reader RecognitionVolunteer Readers received thank-you cards, VRP bags, handpuppets, nametag lanyards, posters, Starbucks cards and VRP pins!
  38. New Books for VRP! Labeling Party!
  39. AmeriCorps Week March 10-18
  40. AmeriCorps Week Seattle AmeriCorps honored by the Mayor• Gettin’ Things Done• Organized AmeriCorps Info session at Seattle University
  41. Our Mascot:LuckyWinkler
  42. Tax CelebrationThe Tax Campaign celebratedanother successful year byhosting a Dim Sum brunch for250 volunteers and their guests.
  43. Tax Celebration Event Featured: • Guest speakers • Rockin’ music • Delicious Dim Sum • Door Prizes
  44. Door Hanger Party! Prepping 8,000 door hangers to spread the word about Summer Meals in South Seattle and South King CountyWe have fun just, ya know, hangin’out…
  45. Summer Meals Outreach Events …Then sent 60 volunteers out to distribute 8,000 door hangers…We mapped out summer meals sites…. …All to make sure cuties like these guys have enough food in their tummies during …While catching some sun here and there… the summer!
  46. Social MediaWe write for the blog, post on Facebook and write newsletters…
  47. CRE Prep: recountingbags…within more bags
  48. All in a day’s work at theUnited Way!
  49. Who knew counting soap- filled supplydrive bags could be so much fun!?
  50. S:projectsCommunity ServicesCRE- Community Resource ExchangeCRE OCT 2012Main Contact List 2012 Terrence taking all of Morgan’s CREknowledge
  51. Passing the AmeriCorps Torch Good luck, Terrence!
  52. Oh, the places you’ll go…What lies ahead for theseAmeriCorps doing more?
  53. Morgan Projects: CRE, Financial Fitness Day, HAW, Summer MealsWhat’s Next: Morgan is currently applying to jobs in thenonprofit sector and has had several interviews. In themeantime, she looks forward to spending quality timewith Lucky and reaching ever-greater heights of culinaryachievement.
  54. Katherine Projects: Bridge to Basics, HAW, Rainier Valley Eats, Summer and Afterschool Meals The signs of genius appeared at an early age…What’s Next: Katherine is applying to a variety of jobs andplans to pursue a career in policy and social justice – butfirst she’s just excited to move out of a storage unit andinto a real apartment again.
  55. Nora Projects: Bridge to Basics, HAW, Rainier Valley Eats, Summer and Afterschool MealsWhat’s Next: Nora’s ultimate goal is to end worldhunger, but for now she’ll settle for finding a “realperson job” in a social service nonprofit andeventually get her Masters in Public Health.
  56. Ariana Projects: Volunteer Reader Program & RecognitionWhat’s Next: Starting in the fall, Ariana will be ateaching assistant for two 4th grade classes at TheWestside School. Although she will miss working forthe Volunteer Reader Program, she is excited aboutreturning to the classroom. Ariana plans to pursue acareer in education.
  57. Jenny Projects: Tax Campaign & Volunteer Celebration, FINRA, FAFSA grantWhat’s Next: Starting this fall, Jenny will pursue her MSWat the University of Washington. In the meantime, she willenjoy a month off work by moving into a new apartment,volunteering with a summer camp for Burmese refugees,and going to the dentist.
  58. We are sad to be leaving…
  59. But we are so grateful forthis amazing experience at United Way…
  60. Thank You,United Way!