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Teaching Courseware


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The courseware is designed for grading purposes,to be submitted to our ICT lecturer, Dr Johan Eddy Luaran

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Teaching Courseware

  1. 3. Flipping fantastic setting characters exercises SYNOPSIS Moral values theme
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  3. 5. Tristan: “ I hate the way that I feel right now. I’m not sure how to describe it but I think it’s a mixture of sad and bad. Well, I feel sad because I’m leaving my old school, and I feel bad because I’m also leaving James. James is my twin brother. He’s much smarter than me. He can do everything. He can dress himself and walk and play football and write with a pen instead of a computer. I would be able to do those things too, if I didn’t have a disability. Anyway, this new school is really cool. It has horses and a huge paddock where you can practice riding! There’s a swimming pool so you can go swimming every day. I’m good at swimming. There’s a game room which is full of videos, DVDs and computer games. The only problem is that it’s a residential school. James is going to a different school and I won’t even be there at night for him to tell me what a rubbish day he’s had. He’ll miss me. I know he will. “ Next page Previous
  4. 6. James : “ I can’t believe that this is the last week that we’ll be here, in this school, together. Tristan and I have always been a team. Wherever he goes, I go. Wherever I go, he goes. I suppose that’s not surprising as I’m always pushing his wheelchair. We’re pretty much stuck together and that’s the way I like it. Tristan would know the words to describe how horrible it’ll be. He’s far smarter than me. He can work out math problems quicker than I can eat a chocolate bar. He always gets ‘A’s in his homework. He understands how computers work. Yes, he’s definitely much smarter than me. How will I cope at my new school without him?” Next page
  5. 7. Tristan : “ Tonight is the school play. It’s traditional for Year Six to put on the end – of – year play. It’s the last thing we do before we leave, and it’s the best thing we do as well. I’ve been looking forward to it for ages. We’re doing the Adventures of Tom Sawyer . I’m Tom! At the end of the play, I’ve got to thank Mr Sewell, our English teacher. He taught us the lines in the play. I hope the English teacher at my school is as good as him. We’ll be doing drama twice a week, as the school has its own drama studio. It’s like a little mini – theatre. I can’t wait to be performing on the stage. There’s plenty of room for wheelchairs and of course there’s a ramp leading up to it. Here, it’s really awkward. The only way to get onto the stage is up four steps. Mr Sewell has to carry me while James lifts my wheelchair. Next year, they’re having a ramp but it’ll be too late for me. I’ll be long gone! I’m so excited. I just wish I could stop feeling bad about James.” Next page
  6. 8. James : “ Tonight was the worst night of my life! It was the school play! The only good thing about my new school is that I don’t have to do drama if I don’t and believe me - I don’t want to. The hall was packed with people. Mum was in the front row. She wanted a good view of Tristan, as he was the star of the play. He was brilliant   I don’t know how he could remember all his lines. All I had to do was say one measly line. Could I remember it? One tiny, little line, consisting of just seven words to say and I had got it wrong. Although Mr Sewell says that no one noticed, but, I don’t believe him. Jessica Parker laughed at me. Mum said that Tristan and I were both brilliant, but honestly, - am I really expected to fall for that? I was awful. Just because we are twins doesn’t mean that we have to be good at the same things. I accept that. I thinks that Mum should accept that too.” Next page
  7. 9. Mum: “ I was so proud of my two sons tonight and they were the stars in the school play. Tristan was wonderful as Tom Sawyer. He spoke his lines so clearly. Tristan, of course, has never been a worry to me. He has always been such an able boy. He may not find it very easy to move his arms and legs, but his mind flows as freely as a freshly oiled cog and he is so confident. James on the other hand, has always been so nervous. I’ve been really worried about how he would manage in his new school which was bigger, with more rooms, more subjects and more teachers. I’ve been worried about how he would find his way around his new school without Tristan, but after tonight’s performance, I am now confident that he will manage somehow.” Next page
  8. 10. Tristan : “ Last night I was ecstatic. The school play put me on a real high. Everyone said I was wonderful was as Tom Sawyer. I know I said my lines perfectly and everyone else was great too. Mum says she is more worried about James but what about me? At least James will have all his friends and classmates at his new school at Highfields. But no one is going to Chesterlea Grange with me. Its miles away and I’ll only be able to come home at the weekends. I am not ready to leave my familiar surroundings and today, I feel really down, like a burst tyre! Last night was the last time James and I would be together before being separated to different schools. It’s the grand parting of the ways but I’m not sure I’m ready for it. I’d be on my own.” Next page
  9. 11. Mum : “ Tristan is a bewildering boy. He has always been 'a live wire' but over the last few weeks, he has been unusually quiet. James has been quiet too, but that is quite normal for James. They both seem to be depressed since the last day of school, and I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it was a mistake to choose different secondary schools for them. They are very different children but they’re still twins. I must ask them again if this is what they really want. I can’t let them to spend the rest of the summer holidays looking like they have won the lottery, then lost the ticket down a drain.” Next page
  10. 12. Tristan : “ Mum has just asked me whether I really want to go to Chesterlea Grange! Is she joking? Of course I don’t want to! I want to remain in my old school where it's safe, friendly and everyone knows me. The thing is, when I went to see Chesterlea Grange on Open Day, it had looked like a lot of fun. There were activities like horse-riding, swimming and wheelchair games which I liked best, and they also hold the Paralympics every summer, archery contests, wheelie marathons and basketball tournaments, which were all new to me. Now I’m just confused! I don’t know what to think. I told mum that I don’t want to go to Chesterlea Grange any more. What have I done? I bet that right now she is fixing for me to go to Highfields with James!” Next page
  11. 13. Mum : “ Words fail me! Tristan doesn’t want to go to Chesterlea Grange. I just don’t know what to do now.” Next page
  12. 14. James : “ I am so relieved! Tristan has told Mum that he doesn't want to go to Chesterlea Grange, which means Tristan will be joining me at Highfields. I am so worried about how I would cope without him. I was already thinking up many excuses so that I would not have to go to school on the first day. I believe that if we’re together, Tristan and I can look after each other. I can push Tristan in his wheelchair up the ramps, through the corridors and automatic doors. I can make sure that he can get to the toilet and tell his PE teacher what he can and can't do. But mum thinks that the best thing about Tristan going to Chesterlea Grange is that he will have to learn to manage on his own and not depend on others to do things for him. For Tristan, at first, he was looking forward to all the games and computer facilities at his new school but now I just can't understand why he has changed his mind. I ‘ve been so busy thinking about my own feelings and problems I might have at new school and has not taken much notice of Tristan. Perhaps it’s time I should have a chat with Tristan to find out what’s wrong.” Next page
  13. 15. Tristan : “ OK, now I’ve really blown it! James has just talked to me about Chesterlea Grange and reminded me about all the exciting things we saw when we visited the school and how friendly the teachers were. The more we talked the more certain I became that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t go. I realized that I really wanted to go to Chesterlea Grange. It’s such a marvelous place. I must have been nervous about going to a new school and that's why I was so unsure. At least after that chat, I have learnt one thing. I now understand how James feel about a lot of things. But how am I going to tell Mum that I do want to go to Chesterlea Grange after all?” Next page
  14. 16. James : “ Me and my 'big mouth'! Why did I ever go and persuade Tristan to go to Chesterlea Grange? This made him change his mind again and he has finally decided to tell mother that he had a bad case of 'collywobbles' and actually wants to go to Chesterlea Grange after all. Now I’ve to face Highfields all on my own. It will be a nightmare going to Highfields without Tristan.” Next page
  15. 17. Tristan : “ Phew, what a relief! Mum is not upset that I have changed my mind again. However, I know that James is unhappy because of the old sad look in his eyes. I wonder how I can make James feel better. I think that James is just as scared about going to Chesterlea Grange. I just want to talk to James and see how I can help him. I know that he doesn't want me to leave him.” Next page
  16. 18. Mum : “ Tomorrow is the first day of the new term. Both my boys are nervous but excited about their first day at their new schools. I’m so proud of both of them. James helped Tristan to finally decide to go to Chesterlea Grange. On the other hand, Tristan helped James by speaking to Kiara Jones and asking her to be James' special friend during his first few days at Highfields. How did he do that? He phoned Kiara Jones, of course. Tristan had met Kiara Jones earlier at an under 11s football tournament and I found out that James had actually wanted to make friends with Kiara too.” Next page
  17. 19. James : “ Highfields is brilliant. Lots of my old friends there and made some new friends too. Kiara and I have been chosen for the football teams that we tried for. I can’t wait to tell Tristan all about Highfields at the weekend.” Next page
  18. 20. Tristan : “ James, my old mate. There’s only one way to describe Chesterlea Grange. Flipping Fantastic!” ~ End ~ home
  19. 22.   The mother wants the twins to be independent. She is confident that Tristan would be able to cope well at Chesterlea Grange. However, she worries about James and wonders how he is going to manage all alone at Highfields. Tristan changes his mind about Chesterlea Grange, in order to be with James. Besides that, the school is far away from home and he would only be able to see James once a week. On the other hand, James manages to persuade him by reminding him of all the facilities and activities in his new school that Tristan dreamt of. Knowing James cannot cope himself alone, Tristan calls on their friend Kiara Jones to help James in Highfields.  The twins at last realise that they have made the right decision and their new school environment is flipping fantastic. home
  20. 23. home characters   Tristan and James : They are the main characters in the story. They are twin brothers who are dependent on each other. Tristan is more confident and outstanding than James. James is shy, nervous and has a low self-esteem. Mum: She is the mother of Tristan and James. She is determined to send her sons to different schools so that they would be independent and confident about their own abilities
  21. 24. OthEr thEmEs FeAr oF thE unKnown MothErly pRide home
  22. 25. James dreads being alone in Highfields without the help of Tristan. Although Tristan feels excited about his new school, at times he feels confused at being alone and far away from home and his brother in the new school.
  23. 26. Mum takes pride in her boys’ ability.  She admires James’s courage to perform on stage despite being an introvert and appreciates Tristan’s great performance. as  ’Tom Sawyer’ in the school play.
  24. 27. A caring society, being independent, brotherly love.
  25. 28. home plot / synopsis setting characters moral values themes
  26. 29. ZIG ZAG TIMELINE NEXT 1. James feels nervous about being alone in Highfields without Tristan to help his way around. 2. Tristan changes his mind about going to Chesterlea Grange in order to be with James. 3. Their mother feels that Tristan has to be enrolled in a special school so that he can be independent. 4. The twins who rely on each other are upset over the thought of being separated. 5. Tristan is excited over the facilities in Chesterlea Grange. Read the mixed up sequence of the short story. Click the correct sequence of the story in the ‘zig-zag’ timeline. The first one has been done for you.
  27. 30. ZIG ZAG TIMELINE BACK NEXT 6. James and Tristan are about to complete their primary education at Peter Hill Primary. 7. Tristan calls Kiara Jones and seeks her help to assist James at Highfields. 8. The boys realize that they have make the right decision and are very happy in their new school environment. 9. Mum is quite confident about Tristan but worried about James on how he is going to manage in his new environment. 10. James manages to persuade Tristan to go to Chesterlea Grange by reminding him of the facilities and the friendly staff there
  28. 31. James feels nervous about being alonein Highfields without Tristan to help hisway around.2. Tristan changes his mind about goingto Chesterlea Grange in order to bewith James.3. Their mother feels that Tristan has tobe enrolled in a special school so thathe can be independent.4. The twins who rely on each other areupset over the thought of beingseparated.5. Tristan is excited over the facilities inChesterlea Grange.6. James and Tristan are about tocomplete their primary education atPeter Hill Primary.7. Tristan calls Kiara Jones and seeks herhelp to assist James at Highfields.8. The boys realise that they have makethe right decision and are very happy intheir new school environment.9. Mum is quite confident about Tristanbut worried about James on how he isgoing to manage in his newenvironment.10. James manages to persuade Tristan togo to Chesterlea Grange by remindinghim of the facilities and the friendlystaff there.      FLIPPING FANTASTIC                                                                   WORKSHEET SS7              Write the correct sequence of the story in the ‘ zig - zag ’ timeline. The first onehas been done for you.                                         ZIG ZAG   TIMELINE       6                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ZIG ZAG TIMELINE 6 1 4 2 3 5 9 3 2 4 5 7 8 1 4 3 2 5 2 4 3 9 8 7 10 7 8 10 9 3 2 4 5 7 8 10 9 BACK
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  31. 34. Peter Hill Primary The boys old school which they love. Tristan and James are finishing their final year in this primary school.  They perform in a play entitled “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” which is the last activity in the school. The children’s house A secure and familiar place.
  32. 35. Chesterlea Grange This is a residential school for students of special needs situated far away from Tristan’s home. Tristan looks forward to be enrolled in this special school which has all the facilities that he has dreamt of such as a drama studio, games room, swimming pool and a paddock. The school also has sports activities such as basketball tournament, archery contest, wheelchair games and so on. Highfields This is the school that James is going to be enrolled in when the new school term begins.  At the end of the story, James feels excited about his new school as most of his schoolmates are there including Kiara Jones. home
  33. 36. home Appreciation Concern Helpfulness Consideration Gratefulness Independence
  34. 37. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Why do you think Tristan feels his new school if ‘Flipping Fantastic’? Click on the answers that are correct.  home NEXT
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