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The victorian period


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The victorian period

  1. 1. The Victorian Period 1832- 1900
  2. 2. VICTORIAN POETRYALFRED TENNYSON:• He is considered to be a poetof sadness and loss.• He wrote a lot in the dramatic monologue form.• He wrote poems on theKing Arthur and the Knights ofRound Table.
  3. 3. • The poems combine history, dramaticeffect, and the kind of sadness which hewas famous for.• He wrote many plays.• Tennyson is best known for IN MEMORIAN, an elegy to a friend• Tennysons works were melancholic, and reflected the moral and intellectual values of his time
  4. 4. ROBERT BROWNING  The master of the dramatic monologue form in the Victorian Age. Many of Browning’s dramatic monologues contain moments of violence.
  5. 5.  “My Last Duchess is one of the mostfamous poems. He became famous when he ran off with Elizabeth Barret, who was also poet. Browning’s vocabulary is large and his fondness for little-known wprds proverbial.
  6. 6. ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING She was thebest-known female poem of the century. “Aurora Leigh” was considered a Victorian feminist text.
  7. 7.  Her lyrics ( Sonnets from thePortuguese) are pretty, displaying awoman’s passion. Many of her poems protest what she considered unjust social conditions.
  8. 8. MATTHEW ARNOLD:He wrote a short poem about the crisis ofbeliefs of his time: “DOVER BEACH”. ARTHUR HUGH CLOUGH:He reflects some of the feelings of doubt of the time.
  9. 9. EDWARD LEAR:. • He became famous for his nonsense poems, often in a rhyming form called LIMERICK.
  10. 10. DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTIo His art was characterised by its sensuality and its medieval revivalism.o His early poetry was influenced by John Keats.
  11. 11. o His later poetry was characterised by thecomplex interlinking of thought andfeeling, especially in his sonnetsequence The House of Life.