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Marketing in the Social Age


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A guide to how social has changed the landscape for traditional marketing and how we can succeed in social.

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Marketing in the Social Age

  1. 1. Marketing in theSocial AgeKristian BannisterCreative Director [at] No Pork Pies@YeahKristian
  2. 2. Traditional marketingis not as effective as itused to be
  3. 3. Users are being exposedto more and more contenteveryday
  4. 4. Average consumer is exposed to2k – 5k adverts a day£8.3 billion is spent of advertisingin UK every year89% of adverts are ignored
  5. 5. We can only maintain150 stable relationshipsat one time Dunbar’s Number
  6. 6. Hang about, I haveover 500 friends onFacebook #swag
  7. 7. Even though social media has made iteasier for us to be connected, we are stillbound by the same cognitive limits.
  8. 8. Can the same be true forbrands?
  9. 9. How can we make sure wehave a better chance ofconnecting with ouraudience?
  10. 10. We need to buildmeaningful relationshipswith our customers
  11. 11. Modern marketing is notjust about promotion…
  12. 12. Modern marketing is notjust about promotion…It‟s about conversations
  13. 13. How do we builda meaningfulrelationship?
  14. 14. We create a brand that is INFLUENTIAL
  15. 15. It‟s about creating influentialcontent…
  16. 16. It‟s about creating influentialcontent…Web content is a publicconversation between yourcompany and your users
  17. 17. Influential content…changes ATTITUDE & encourages ACTION
  18. 18. ATTITUDE1. Awareness2. Likeability3. Trust
  20. 20. So how do we turnREGULAR content into…
  21. 21. So how do we turnREGULAR content into…INFLUENTIAL content?
  22. 22. Six things to consider whenshaping your content
  24. 24. Be topical or leverage bignews stories for your ownmarketing
  25. 25. TELL STORIES
  26. 26. Narrative is powerful!
  27. 27. Think about what made the JohnLewis Christmas advert in 2011 sosuccessful.It told a story their audience couldrelate to.
  28. 28. EMOTIVE
  29. 29. Most retweeted Twitter post of all time
  30. 30. Knocking Bieber off the top spot!
  31. 31. “When you try to reach everyone,you risk reaching no one” Colleen Jones Clout – The Art and Science of Influential Web Content
  32. 32. TARGETED
  33. 33. Promoted posts… Do they work?Likes from fake profiles
  34. 34. Promoted posts… Do they work? No referral traffic from Bangkok in Google Analytics. Is the Facebook ad network compromised by spam?
  35. 35. Think about what matters to the peopleclosest to your brand.Target the people who will add value.Don‟t treat it as a vanity project if youwant to build an engaged community.
  37. 37. Great marketing is not„what you sell‟…
  38. 38. Great marketing is not„what you sell‟…it‟s „what you stand for‟
  39. 39. “Your brand has to stand forsomething. If everyone loves you, youmight be doing something wrong” Joe Pulizzi
  41. 41. Competitive Market: Southwest & Jet Blue70% bookings through web channels. Understand that theiraudience are tech savvy. First airline to add fleet-wide Wi-Fi.Early adopters of social customer service using Twitter andFacebook to deal with positive and negative feedback.Built brand loyalty with rewards & compensation for theircustomers through Twitter and Facebook.Built brand trust with their open approach to customerservice.
  42. 42. So what‟s stopping you?
  43. 43. “Our industry is boring”
  44. 44. “Our industry is boring”Huge increase in brand awareness - Over 300 million views!Content that taps into a new audience, very sharable.Content promotes quality of product.Created a whole new revenue stream with impression basedadvertising on their videos.Sales up 500% in 2008, 700% in 2009.Put a face to their brand!
  45. 45. “We only deal in B2B”71% of B2B buyers use the internetto get their information
  46. 46. “We only deal in B2B”Experts in content marketing. Thought leaders in their field.Wide range of content: podcasts, webinars, eBooks, blog, free tools.Found the value in their customers needs.Appeals to business of all sizes. Scalable content marketing!Lots of entry points in their lead generation funnel.
  47. 47. “Our audience is very niche”Create content that provides real value to your audience.Stand out as a thought leader in your industry.Easier to identify contacts already engaging in social networks.Build a community around your niche regardless of the userslocation.Attract more qualified leads > generate high-quality conversions.Better to have 100 fully engaged fans, than 1000 unengaged.
  48. 48. “We only deal locally”Audience is on your doorstep, easier to target.Already have something in common with your audience.Being local is desirable quality in todays climate, easier to build trust.Create a sense of community with your audience which you cantake offline.Easier to create brand advocates and reward brand loyalty.Rise of geolocation apps will have strong benefits.Word of mouth still most trusted source of marketing.
  49. 49. Let‟s recap
  51. 51. Thank you!Kristian BannisterCreative Director [at] No Pork Pies@YeahKristian