Retrospectives In Action


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  • This is the link to the blogpost about the Check In exercise:

    Have fun!

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  • Mike, Thanks for the comment!
    You can find more info about those exercises here:

    I will write a blogpost later and post the link here.

    Mr Squiggle:

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  • Hi,

    Good presentation, but I guess I could have got more out of it if I'd been there, specifically, could you let me know where I can find decent resources for:

    - 'Check In' exercise, can't find this anywhere
    - How Mr Squiggle is relevant to retrospectives!


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  • People get stuck in routines. Good is the enemy of great. Yet, is it insane to expect good and better performance if nothing ever changes. Even if you want to, how do you know what to go about changing? Image from:
  • Image from under CC licence: do post mortems to learnmore. Armypeople do post mortems to reviewplans. Class and studyingdoesconstantreflection (tests, discussions) to highlight
  • Let’s reflect on what it is that you are all here to do, and what concerns you may have. Let’s see if we can match these hopes or addresses these concerns throughout this workshop
  • MrSquiggle image from from:
  • Retrospectives In Action

    1. Retrospectives in Action<br />@nickoostvogels @patkua<br />
    2. Who are you?<br />Experience + Interest<br />
    3. What is a retrospective?<br />
    4. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results<br />- Albert Einstein<br />
    5. We’re not the only ones who do this<br />
    6. What is a retrospective?<br />A ritual held at the end of a project to review the events and learn from the experience<br />
    7. Typically…<br />Insert Retrospective <br />here<br />What if?<br />
    8. What is a retrospective?<br />n agile<br />throughout<br />A ritual held at the end of a project to review the events and learn from the experience<br />and benefit from those lessons immediately<br />
    9. Hopes<br />and<br />Concerns<br />I hope to…<br />I’m concerned that…<br />I hope to…<br />I’m concerned that…<br />I hope to…<br />I hope to…<br />I’m concerned that…<br />I hope to…<br />I’m concerned that…<br />(for this session)<br />
    11. SET the STAGE<br />INSIGHTS<br />CLOSE<br />DEFINE ACTIONS<br />GATHER <br />INFORMATION<br />
    12. SET the STAGE<br />INSIGHTS<br />CLOSE<br />DEFINE ACTIONS<br />GATHER <br />INFORMATION<br />
    13. INSIGHTS<br />SET the STAGE<br />CLOSE<br />DEFINE ACTIONS<br />GATHER <br />INFORMATION<br />
    14. SET the STAGE<br />INSIGHTS<br />CLOSE<br />DEFINE ACTIONS<br />GATHER <br />INFORMATION<br />
    15. SET the STAGE<br />INSIGHTS<br />CLOSE<br />DEFINE ACTIONS<br />GATHER <br />INFORMATION<br />
    16. FACILITATOR role<br />HISTORY<br />Image by Eugeni Dodonov at<br />
    17. FACILITATOR role<br />RESPONSIBILITIES<br />trigger COMMUNICATION<br />keep ENERGY level UP<br />GUIDE through EXERCISES<br />RECORD<br />BLEND IN<br />
    18. PARTICIPATORYDECISION MAKING<br />Image : Facilitator’s guide to participatory decision making - Sam Kaner<br />
    19. EXERCISES<br />
    20. Check - In<br />
    21. Check – In<br />PURPOSE<br />Icebreaker<br />Improve communication<br />Everybody speaks<br />Remove tension<br />
    22. Check – In<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Check In<br />
    23. Safety Check<br />PURPOSE<br />Understand people’s willingness to participate<br />Low safety = conversations may not reflect reality and full story<br />High safety = healthy discussions<br />
    24. Safety Check<br />5. No problem, I’ll talk about anything <br />4. I’ll talk about almost anything, a few things might be hard<br />3. I’ll talk about some things, but others will be hard to say<br />2. I’m not going to say much, I’ll let others bring up issues<br />1. I’ll smile, claim everything is great and agree with managers<br />
    25. Safety Check<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Safety Check<br />
    26. Motivation<br />Some people may feel safe, just not really motivated. Motivation measures a different aspect<br />The ESVP exercise helps us here…<br />
    27. Motivation<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Motivation<br />
    28. Fishbowl<br />Image by Nancy White at<br />
    29. Fishbowl<br />PURPOSE<br />Build mutual understanding<br />Listen, observe<br />Gain insights<br />Discuss<br />
    30. Fishbowl<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Fishbowl<br />
    31. (Break)<br />
    32. Mr Squiggle<br />
    33. Mr Squiggle<br />PURPOSE<br />Visualization<br />Storytelling<br />Creativity<br />Discover things to elaborate on<br />
    34. Mr Squiggle<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Mr Squiggle<br />
    35. Brainwriting<br />
    36. Brainwriting<br />PURPOSE<br />Get true feelings out<br />Collect different viewpoints<br />Build understanding<br />Discover new ideas<br />
    37. Brainwriting<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Brainwriting<br />
    38. Retrospective Starfish<br />Start Doing<br />Stop Doing<br />Less Of<br />More Of<br />Keep Doing<br />
    39. Retrospective Starfish<br />PURPOSE<br />Stimulate different thinking<br />Find improvement area’s<br />
    40. Retrospective Starfish<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Retrospective Starfish<br />
    41. Dot Voting<br />Image by cogdogblog at<br />
    42. Dot Voting<br />PURPOSE<br />Prioritize action items<br />Democratically<br />
    43. Dot Voting<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Dot Voting<br />
    44. Timeline & Emotional Trendline<br />
    45. Timeline & Emotional Trendline<br />PURPOSE<br />Get back in the mindset<br />Collect information<br />Visualize emotions<br />Discover<br />
    46. Timeline & Emotional Trendline<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />Timeline & Emotional TL<br />
    47. Close<br />
    48. ROTI<br />Return on Time Invested<br />
    49. ROTI<br />5. Excellent. A really useful meeting worth more than time spent on it. High value.<br />4. Above average. I gained more than the time I spent. Good value<br />3. Average. I gained enough to justify the time spent on. I have not lost my time, no more. Value.<br />2. Useful but it wasn’t worth 100% of the time I spent on it. So I lost time.<br />1. Useless. I gained nothing. No value at all!<br />
    50. ROTI<br />PURPOSE<br />Get feedback on the retrospective<br />Anonymous<br />
    51. ROTI<br />PLACE in retrospective<br />Set the <br />stage<br />Gather <br />information<br />Insights<br />Define <br />actions<br />Close<br />ROTI<br />
    52. Questions?<br />@nickoostvogels @patkua<br />