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Watercolor drawing photoshop tutorial


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Watercolor drawing photoshop tutorial

  1. 1. Photoshop Tutorial - A Watercolor Tinted Drawing Effect By Ben Morales-Correa BMC PhotoArt Unlike true watercolor, whose origins we can trace back to Joseph William Turner, tinted drawing is a method used by artists to brush light and dark values over a drawing done with india ink. The brushed washes may be done in sepia or black ink, but the drawing can also be stained with transparent watercolors. Recalculate the original photo file size to about 5.5 megapixels (example: 16" x 22" at 72dpi). After the artistic filters are applied you can bring your finished document back up to a larger file size. pixels, select Invert and photo. Freely outline the subject with the lasso tool at Feather 32 delete to generate a vignette Create a duplicate file. Choose Filter>Stylize>Diffuse>Anisotropic Click OK Choose Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs Brush Size 6 Sharpness 0 Blur Type Wide Blurry Click OK
  2. 2. Choose Filter>Brush Strokes>Accented Edges Edge Width 1 Edge Brightness 0 Smoothness 1 Click OK Choose Filter>Brush Strokes>Spatter Sparay Radius 10 Smoothness 15 Click OK Choose Filter>Texture>Texturizer Texture Sandstone Scaling 80 Relief 3 Light Direction Bottom Left Click OK
  3. 3. The image looks good already but you can further enhance the tinted drawing effect. Click on Image>Adjustments>Selective Color Choose Colors: White Move the Black slider all the way to the left (-100%) Choose Colors: Neutrals Move the Black slider about half the way to the left (-50%) Open the Layers palette Create a new layer with the original image and set the mode to Color The finished artwork below.
  4. 4. See other examples with the Watercolor Tinted Drawing Effect and download a free action.