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Class Notes

  1. 1. Students’ Responsesto Class Discussion With instructor’s Corrections & Notes Unit 1
  2. 2. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18
  3. 3. Do you think that Shakespeare had his own theory of poetry?Randa Hindi commented:• Shakespeare thought that poetry never dies. As his speaker in Sonnet 18 implies: poetry “lives” and gives life to other things in the universe. The final couplet of the sonnet illustrates the power of poetry. “So long lives this and this gives life to thee” shows that poetry turns into a living entity that can endow other things (like love and beauty) with a life which can transcend death.• Fixed and further elaborated by instructor
  4. 4. The Sonnet form used by Shakespeare influences the thematic content of the poem. DiscussMaria commented• "The poem carries the meaning of an Italian or Petrarchan Sonnet. Petrarchan sonnets typically discussed the love and beauty of a beloved". As quoted from Wikipedia• The form in its original usage carries a thematic content: the adoration of a love interest Shakespeare used a Petrarchan structure to convey a similar thematic concern with beauty and love.• The influence of the sonnet form on Shakespeare’s poetry is discussed in an article here ….
  5. 5. Donne’s the Good Morrow
  6. 6. What is Metaphysical Poetry?• A highly intellectual form of poetry developed at some point during the 17th century. It is the Poetry that is having a particular sense that is beyond this artificial world. It means Heavenly / Spiritual / Intellectual thought. They are lyrical poems usually containing intense meditations, characterized by striking use of wit, irony, and play on words. John Donne was considered the first metaphysical poet. He was influenced by the belief that the precision of beauty in the adored (loved one) behaved as a commemoration of ideal beauty in the everlasting kingdom (heaven). This type of poetry is ingenious, and highly philosophical. Its topics included love, life and existence.• Quoted from enotesByan al Ghanmi
  7. 7. What is Metaphysical Poetry?• This type of poetry was created by Samuel Johnson in 17th century in England , and John Donne was considered to be the first metaphysical poet. Metaphysical poems are intelligent , brilliant , and unified by a highly philosophical conception of the universe and humankind . Such poems have a particular sense that is beyond this artificial world. Their topics included love, life and existence. Quoted from enotesWid Jizani
  8. 8. What is Metaphysical Poetry?• Metaphysical poetry is marked by bold and ingenious conceits (e.g., metaphors drawing sometimes forced parallels between apparently dissimilar ideas or things), complex and subtle thought, frequent use of paradox, and a dramatic directness of language, the rhythm of which derives from living speech. John Donne was the leading Metaphysical poet; others include George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell, and Abraham Cowley. Quoted from enotesWijdan Shihri
  9. 9. What is Metaphysical Poetry?• Metaphysical means having a particular sense that is beyond this artificial world.• A Metaphysical poem might combine entirely opposite ideas together.Jawaher Otaibi
  10. 10. What is Metaphysical Poetry?• The roots of metaphysical poetry are basically found in the seventeenth century, when a group of poets shared some common features of metaphysical wit.• The term Metaphysical poetry was used for the first time by Samuel Johnson in his book "Life of Cowley" to describe a loose group of British lyric poets ,whose work was characterized by the inventive use of conceits and by speculation about topics such as love or religion. The reason for calling these poets metaphysical poets is the use of wit and far fetched imagery . John Donne is the most famous of all the metaphysical poets.• Quoted from• Ghalia Obaid
  11. 11. How Donne presented love?• "The Good Morrow" is a love poem, but in a Metaphysical manner. It is critical of the idealist strain implicit in the Elizabethan love poetry. It restores physicality, sensuality and sexuality to love. Donne thinks love is a dialogue between the body and the soul and neither on its own can constitute love. Quoted from and-a/how-does-donne-develop-theme-love-good- morrow-87193Hanouf
  12. 12. How Donne presented love?• "The Good Morrow" is a love poem, but in a Metaphysical manner. It restores physicality and sensuality to love. Donne thinks love is a dialogue between the body and the soul and neither on its own can constitute love. The poet begins to advocate on the depth and intensity of the new passage of experience .Previously he could not know what love was. Now he has tasted it. As a lover, the poet with the help of a number of far-fetched images displays his realization of the experience.Quoted from does-donne-develop-theme-love-good-morrow-87193Ghalia obaid
  13. 13. How Donne presented love?• The speaker presents the theme of love as going beyond the limitations of time. Past, present, and future combine to stress the eternality of love. In the first stanza, he uses the past by comparing himself before he fell in love to his present state of being completely in love. He was unaware of this feeling before meeting his true beloved. In second stanza, he talks about the future with his beloved. He believes that with his love and alongside his beloved, every thing will be fine. With love, he will force everything. With love, he and his beloved will create their own perfect world. In third stanza, he continues to talk about the future. The two lovers can see the reflection of each other, the reflection of their love in the eyes and faces of each other.Maria
  14. 14. How Donne presented love?• In this poem the poet begins by saying that nothing in his world up to now could compare with the love he has found. When he compares his present state to past experiences they all seem just like childish pleasure.• In the second stanza he consolidates this state. He looks to a future which he expects to lead to perfect love where his lover and himself would be as one person living in their own lovely world.• In the third stanza this theme of oneness continues and moves on to where their perfect love is not only immortal but it makes them immortal too•Wijdan Shiri
  15. 15. How Donne presented love?• Love seen as an intense experience, which isolates the lovers from reality but gives them a different kind of awareness.•Wafaa Muhanna
  16. 16. Your response to Donne’s poem• I like this poem , Because I feel that it stirred my feelings. John Donne used a simple languages That makes the theme of the poem prominent. His feelings were reflected in the poem , he described the theme of love using different images. Also , he used the ornamentation which is added the sense to the poem.Nojood Al-Harthi
  17. 17. Your response to Donne’s poem• The “Good Morrow” made my morrow the day I read it! From my standpoint, I think Donne really succeeded in painting a beautiful portrait of the two lovers in the poem, and also gave readers the choice to build the situation and draw their own interpretations especially when reading through the speaker’s questions in the first stanza.• Through my online reading, I noticed that John Donne was considered as the "father" of metaphysical poetry, which I became aware of during my reading of the poem. He enlarged "one little room" with their love to an "everywhere" and created a perfect little world. He did not care about what was going around him: from new discoveries of lands and new worlds, he just cared about the world in which they possessed each other.
  18. 18. Your response to Donne’s poem• My favorite line in the poem and which spoke to me directly is "Whatever dyes was not mixed equally". As a random reader, it taught me the importance of balance, as long as you have everything in your life balanced and "mixed equally", it will remain healthy and alive. On the other hand, as a literature student I can see how the poet was very certain of the strong bond between him and his beloved that nothing can come between them, especially that their love is perfectly pure and not mixed with any selfishness.• A casual online writer once wrote: "John Donnes poetry deserves an eternity of its own ". As for myself, I couldn’t agree more with the opinion she has stated!Ranim Salim
  19. 19. Your response to Donne’s poem• Its a poem that makes the reader understand and feel what its contain. The speaker represents love in a simple way which makes the poem easy to understand.• The poem tells us how a love story begins and how it will last forever. The poem is beautiful because it allows us to live in a world of simple and true love.• Maria