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The Effective Eedication


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Authored by the Great Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah).
Checked and introduced by the researcher and thinker Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani.

The commandments of Prophetic Medicine:
- Dosage of pure castor oil
- Enema of water "suspended starch"
How to use this natural medicine, and what are the correct rules of using?

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The Effective Eedication

  1. 1. THE EFFECTIVE MEDICATION Dosage of pure Castor oil & Enema of water -suspended starch Authored by The Great Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho God has sanctified his soul **** Checked and Introduced by Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani **** Published by Copyright 2013 **** Our web site
  2. 2. Preface The effective medication: Dosage of pure castor oil and enema of water -suspended starch These two effective medicines are from the Prophet's Medicine, the Humane scholar M. Amin Sheikho advised people and his followers to medicate with them, and he put the precise useful method of using them.
  3. 3. Chapter One 1- The Dosage of pure castor oil: The Eminent Humane scholar M. A. Sheikho advised people to take the dosage when it is necessary and accoeding to its right method, as it is a prophetic Medicine. The prophet (PBUH) said: "Take oil and rub with it.." We know now who much the oils are useful to people whether by taking or rubbing. Now we are focusing on one of the most useful of oils, it is pure castor oils, we are going to focus on the medicating side of taking not rubbing. When you have to use it ? when you feel the illness is attacking you and your body begins to weaken or when you feel that your body is not right, then as soon as possible take this Dosage. If you have an influenza, grippe, respiratory problems, digestive problems, severe headache due to digestive problem or
  4. 4. inflammations, constipation not returning to intestines obstruction, tonsillitis, otitis, pharyngitis, colitis, Cystitis and urinary tracts problems, rheumatism, liver problems, problems of health due to infections,…etc. then hurry to take a dosage of pure castor oil according to its right taking-method.
  5. 5. The quantity of the Dosage: Age = Dose 6-12 month =3-5 ml 1-3 years = 5-10 ml 3-5 years = 10-15 ml 5-8 years = 15-20 ml 8-12 years = 20-35 ml 12-16 years = 1 bottle of 60 ml 16-70 years = 2 bottles of 60 ml 70-up years = 1 bottle of 60 ml
  6. 6. The true method of taking the Dosage: - From the above table you chose the right dose, then it is better not to take it on full stomach or on fast but wait about 4-6 hours after the last meal and take it according to the following: - Pour the appointed Dosage of castor oil in an empty suitable glass. - Pour a sufficient quantity of boiling tea or a herbal tea in the same glass. - Mix well the tea with the dosage until the dosage of oil becomes on a state of very low viscosity "low thickness", examine the temperature of tea when it is acceptable to be drunk, stir again and drink the whole content mentioning Al'lah's Name (In the Name of God) calling God in your heart to cure you. - It is not bad after taking the dosage to wash your mouth through drinking a cup of warm tea or herbals tea. - Stay in a warm room, and no matter if the patient take the dosage just before sleeping then he sleeps in a way of not to be exposed to coolness. - Don’t eat any food or drink but the water and a hot drinkable liquid till you go to toilet in a state of diarrhea, then you have to eat a warm light soup such as spaghetti one cooked with tomato sauce. - Eat just a soup For more than two meals. - It is good to have enema of water-suspended starch after 12 hours of having the Dosage of Castor oil.
  7. 7. How many times can the patient take the Dosage? He can do at maximum once a month. -Cautions: - Pregnant women during the whole stages of pregnancy must not absolutely take castor oil, they can use water-suspended starch enema instead of the dosage of oil. - The castor seeds is very poisonous, so be careful not to take or swallow even one seed, but on the contrary of that the castor oil is very safe for health that is because the poisonous substance remains in the dregs through the oil extracting process. - Don’t take the dosage for 3 days after taking an anti-parasites medicine, but in this case you can take a mineral-salt laxative medicine such as (magnesium sulfate) to get dead parasites out of your intestines. - Don’t take the dosage in case you have diarrhea, here you can use the enema. The effect and mechanisms: In brief, the castor oil is classified as a safe stimulant potent laxative, works in intestine-mucosa contact mechanism as it stimulates the mucosa membrane and dissolves it increasing the movement of the intestines producing a good digestive cleansing, otherwise it lubricants the intestinal walls making it easier for everything to pass through and prevents fluids absorption from the intestinal tract which helps in easy passage of intestinal contents.
  8. 8. When this action of laxative is produced by the mechanisms of castor oil effect, the body organs are activated through many ways and there functions are performed in a more high and complete activity which reflects positively on the health and overcoming the illness, its physiological symptoms and factors, or the pathogens whatever they are. And through the good digestive cleansing produced by the suitable dosage of this medicine the body get rid of a very big amount of germs and decays. These organism take a high percentage of the activity of immune system to be repressed. But when they are out of the body by this medicine, then the immune system is free and not occupied by such harmful microorganisms and it can take his whole part in protecting the body against the pathogens which have caused the illness. So
  9. 9. the body gets more improve and a few days after taking the dosage can defeat the illness.
  10. 10. Chapter Two 2- The Enema The water-suspended "dissolved" starch enema (Clyster) It is a prophetic medical advice, from the prophet's Medicine The prophet (cpth) “Communication with Al’lah and Peace are through him” said: "The enema is the best of your medicines, it cleans the abdomen and gets rid of the inner pathogens …." Hangable type It is very active in curing many diseases, without any side effects. It is very simple, very cheap, but having very amazing curing results.
  11. 11. When you have to use it ?. You can use it for the same purpose you use the dosage of castor oil, but you can repeat using enema 1-3 times per day for many days or during the period of healing: when you feel the illness is attacking you and your body begins to weaken or when you feel that your body is not right, as soon as possible use the enema. If you have a fever whatever kind of fever is, an influenza, grippe, respiratory problems, digestive problems, severe headache due to digestive problem or inflammations, constipation, tonsillitis, otitis, pharyngitis, colitis, Cystitis and urinary tracts problems, rheumatism, liver problems, problems of health due to infections,…etc. then hurry to use the enema according to its right taking-method and content. You can combine taking the dosage of castor oil with using the enema, it depends upon the severity of illness. You can use the enema many times during the recovering period, as well as you can take the dosage but not more than once during the period of illness. You can use the enema in the cases in which you can't take the dosage of castor oil such as pregnancy and diarrhea. It is very useful to use enema if you have a fever, whatever kind it is. For the people who repent leaving drugs and alcohol, using the enema 1-3 times per day during the withdrawal period helps them very much in passing easily the withdrawal symptoms. The content of the enema.
  12. 12. - The content of the enema is: less than half teaspoon (about 1-2 gr) of wheat or maize starch (if there is no wheat starch, use maize one), and two litres of warm (about 35 C ) pure water. - How to prepare the content of the Enema and how to use it: - Dissolve the starch amount in about 25 ml of cool pure water. - Put about 1-2 litres of warm (about 35 C) pure water into the Enema's tank (the essential big part of enema). - Add the dissolved starch into the tank and mix it well. - Lubricate its final tube end (tap) with a drop of vegetable oil (for example; olive oil). - Hang the enema about 2 meters above your laying place(when you use a hangable type). - Administer it through the anus after you lay on the left side of the body or on your back, till you feel fullness, then you can go directly to toilet - Repeat it after returning from the toilet, and try to keep the content in your abdomen for several minutes (Try to administer it twice or three time in the same session). - It can be administered 1-3 times every day for five days or during the recovering period. - It is better to use it in the morning before breakfast and/or in the evening before going to sleep. - It is better to use it before the meal or 3-5 hours after it. - You can use it 8-12 hours after taking the dosage of castor oil.
  13. 13. - It can be used for all ages, but consider the content quantity to be administered especially in babies and children because they can't express when they feel full. How it works. It is very effective in cleansing the colon which is considered as a spot of accumulation of microbes and decays. some of these microbes are not harmful but when the body is ill they become pathogenic and harmful. So using the enema is very useful as it cleanse the bowels from its harmful content. This releases the immune system to take a complete part in protecting the body against the pathogens. On the other hand, through cleansing the bowels and inserting some pure water into the bowels the organs and systems of the body become more functional such as blood circulation, liver-metabolism and kidney-clearance...etc. This improvement in body systems functions reflects on the body getting better and getting rid of illness. This effect helps body to discard and get rid of metabolism poisons and unwanted materials which come to the body through inner or outer ways. So, just try these two simple medicines when it is necessary, then ''God willing'' you will touch the marvellous curing results and appreciate the great Prophet (cpth) and his successor the eminent humane scholar Muhammad Amin Sheikho. THE END Praise is to God, the Provider of the World