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Posi%ve	  Psychology	  for	  Coaches	      How	  to	  use	  the	  science	  of	  well-­‐being	          to	  help	  your	 ...
About	  Me	  
Start	  With	  a	  Bang	  To	  watch	  the	  video,	  go	  to	  YouTube	                  and	  search	  for	            “...
Q:	  What	  do	  you	  want	  to	  get	  out	  of	                  this	  talk?	  
What	  is	  Posi%ve	  Psychology?	     Defini%on:	  Posi%ve	  Psychology	  is	  the	     scien%fic	  study	  of	  human	  flo...
Why	  science?	                        Approx.	  150	                         exercises	                         But	  whi...
Human	  flourishing	  in	  a	  nutshell:	   For	  someone	  to	  flourish,	  it	  is	  not	  enough	     to	  fix	  what’s	  ...
Two	  Strategies	          Avoid	  this	            area!	             Aim	            here!	  
The	  Bowling	  Study	  
Results	  “Avoid	  what	  you	  did	                   “Think	  about	  what	  wrong”	                                    ...
Elliot	  &	  McGregor	  (2001)	  Study	       Avoidance Goals                        Approach Goals•  I	  will	  not	  be	...
Approach	  Oriented	  Students	  •  Higher	  test	  scores   	  with	  less	  exam	  stress	  •  More	  class   	  engagem...
“We	  already	  knew	  that”	  Knowing	  the	  mechanism	  mabers!	  	  
Coaching	  Takeaways	                 All	  Coaches:	                 Ac%vity:	  get	  your	  clients	  to	  re-­‐        ...
Posi%ve	  Emo%ons	  
Exercise:	  Posi%ve	  Emo%ons	  	  Unhappy	  memory	   –  Where	  are	  you?	   –  What	  happened?	   –  How	  do	  you	 ...
Exercise:	  Posi%ve	  Emo%ons	    What	  did	  you	  no%ce	  about	  the	  two	                     memories?	            ...
Posi%ve	  emo%ons:	  the	  “old”	  story	  Deliberate	  effort	                 Posi%ve	  outcome	                  Posi%ve...
Broaden	  and	  Build	  Theory	                                                             Crea%vity	                    ...
A	  virtuous	  spiral…	  but	  ONLY	  above	                   the	  3:1	  Ra%o	  
Across	  Domains	                         Business	  Individuals	                         Couples	                        ...
What	  Good	  are	  Posi%ve	  Emo%ons?	   Barb	  Frederickson	  “Broaden	  and	  Build”	  theory	  Nega%ve	  emo%ons	  res...
Coaching	  Takeaways	                 Start	  sessions	  by	  pu6ng	  clients	                 in	  a	  posi8ve	  mood	  –...
VIA	  Strengths:	  History	  DSM-­‐IV	                      The	  “Un-­‐DSM”	  
Why	  focus	  on	  strengths?	  
24	  VIA	  Strengths	  •    Crea%vity	                                        •    Teamwork	  •    Curiosity	             ...
Exercise:	  Find	  you	  partner’s	  strengths!	  
What	  does	  the	  research	  say?	  Q:	  Which	  5	  are	  most	  associated	  with	  well-­‐being?	                    ...
What	  about	  work	  sa%sfac%on?	  •  Of	  24	  VIA	  strengths,	  only	  TWO	  are	  posi%vely	     correlated	  with	  ...
“But	  my	  clients	  want	  to	  work	  on	           their	  weaknesses!”	                          “The	  task	  of	  l...
Exercise:	  Use	  your	  strengths	  to	  make	  your	  weakness	  irrelevant	  
Coaching	  Takeaways	                Coach	  to	  your	  client’s	  strengths!	                • Ask	  clients	  to	  do	 ...
Posi%ve	  Rela%onships	  
Framingham	  Heart	  Study	  •  4729	  people	  in	  Framingham,	  Massachusebs	  •  1983	  to	  2003	  
Framingham	  Heart	  Study	  In	  other	  words,	  happiness	  is	  contagious!	  
Pro-­‐social	  Spending	                                   It	  is	  beber	  to	  give	  than	  to	                       ...
Coaching	  Takeaways	                 • Rela%onships	  maber!	                 • Do	  it	  in	  person!	  
Cri%cism	  of	  Posi%ve	  Psychology	  
Aren’t	  you	  Denying	  the	  Nega%ve?	                          “It’s not a good time                        to be posit...
This	  Presenta%on	         Savoring	         Eleva%on	     Posi%ve	  Health	   Posi%ve	  Educa%on	  Apprecia%ve	  Inquiry...
Resources	  •  MAPP	  program	  at	  U.	  Penn	      –  hbp://	  •  Posi%ve	  Psycholog...
Recommended	  Books	  •  Posi1vity	  –	  Barbara	  Fredrickson	  •  The	  How	  Of	  Happiness	  -­‐	  Sonja	  Lyubomirsky...
End	  on	  a	  high	  note	  To	  watch	  the	  video,	  go	  to	  YouTube	                  and	  search	  for	          ...
Positive Psychology for Coaches
Positive Psychology for Coaches
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Positive Psychology for Coaches


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Positive Psychology for Coaches: how to use the science of well-being to help your clients flourish.

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Positive Psychology for Coaches

  1. 1. Posi%ve  Psychology  for  Coaches   How  to  use  the  science  of  well-­‐being   to  help  your  clients  flourish      Kurt  D.  Shuster,  MAPP  (  
  2. 2. About  Me  
  3. 3. Start  With  a  Bang  To  watch  the  video,  go  to  YouTube   and  search  for   “Chris%an  the  lion”  
  4. 4. Q:  What  do  you  want  to  get  out  of   this  talk?  
  5. 5. What  is  Posi%ve  Psychology?   Defini%on:  Posi%ve  Psychology  is  the   scien%fic  study  of  human  flourishing   a.  k.  a.   “The  Science  of  Happiness”  
  6. 6. Why  science?   Approx.  150   exercises   But  which   ones  work?   …and  how   would  we   know?  
  7. 7. Human  flourishing  in  a  nutshell:   For  someone  to  flourish,  it  is  not  enough   to  fix  what’s  wrong.  You  also  need  to   focus  on  what’s  right.  
  8. 8. Two  Strategies   Avoid  this   area!   Aim   here!  
  9. 9. The  Bowling  Study  
  10. 10. Results  “Avoid  what  you  did   “Think  about  what  wrong”   you  did  right”   Follow-­‐up  game:  11  point  difference  
  11. 11. Elliot  &  McGregor  (2001)  Study   Avoidance Goals Approach Goals•  I  will  not  be  late  for •  I  will  be  on  %me  for  class    class  •  I  want  to  stop •  I  want  to  finish  my  procras%na%ng    assignments  on•  I  want  to  stop  being  %me    so  shy   •  I  want  to  be  more  asser%ve  
  12. 12. Approach  Oriented  Students  •  Higher  test  scores  with  less  exam  stress  •  More  class  engagement  •  Fewer  visits  to  the  student  health  center  
  13. 13. “We  already  knew  that”  Knowing  the  mechanism  mabers!    
  14. 14. Coaching  Takeaways   All  Coaches:   Ac%vity:  get  your  clients  to  re-­‐ write  all  their  avoidance  goals   as  approach  goals   Corporate  Coaches:   Ask  “what  does  your   organiza%on  do  well?”  rather   than  “what’s  your  biggest   problem?”   Personal  Coaches:   Ask  “what  went  well  since  our   last  coaching  session?”  rather   than  “what  problems  came   up?”  
  15. 15. Posi%ve  Emo%ons  
  16. 16. Exercise:  Posi%ve  Emo%ons    Unhappy  memory   –  Where  are  you?   –  What  happened?   –  How  do  you  feel?    Happy  memory   –  Where  are  you?   –  What  happened?   –  How  do  you  feel?  
  17. 17. Exercise:  Posi%ve  Emo%ons   What  did  you  no%ce  about  the  two   memories?   What  was  the  same?   What  was  different?  
  18. 18. Posi%ve  emo%ons:  the  “old”  story  Deliberate  effort   Posi%ve  outcome   Posi%ve  emo%on   Posi%ve  emo%ons  result  from  things  we  do:   “epiphenomenal”  
  19. 19. Broaden  and  Build  Theory   Crea%vity   Increased   Op%mism   Posi%ve   Resilience   Psychological   emo%ons   Resources   Virtuous   spiral   Increased   Increased   outcomes   efforts  
  20. 20. A  virtuous  spiral…  but  ONLY  above   the  3:1  Ra%o  
  21. 21. Across  Domains   Business  Individuals   Couples   Teams  
  22. 22. What  Good  are  Posi%ve  Emo%ons?   Barb  Frederickson  “Broaden  and  Build”  theory  Nega%ve  emo%ons  restrict  op%ons,   Posi%ve  emo%ons  promote  growth,  e.g.  “fight  or  flight”   crea%vity,  and  explora%on  
  23. 23. Coaching  Takeaways   Start  sessions  by  pu6ng  clients   in  a  posi8ve  mood  –  it’s  easy!   • Gra%tude  exercise   • Tell  a  joke   • Posi%ve  visualiza%on   • Watch  a  funny  video   • Savoring  exercise   • Use  your  imagina%on!   • Get  your  clients  to  increase   their  posi8vity  ra8os!  
  24. 24. Strengths  
  25. 25. VIA  Strengths:  History  DSM-­‐IV   The  “Un-­‐DSM”  
  26. 26. Why  focus  on  strengths?  
  27. 27. 24  VIA  Strengths  •  Crea%vity   •  Teamwork  •  Curiosity   •  Fairness  •  Judgment  &  Open-­‐Mindedness   •  Leadership  •  Love  of  Learning   •  Forgiveness  &  Mercy  •  Perspec%ve   •  Modesty  &  Humility  •  Bravery   •  Prudence  •  Perseverance   •  Self-­‐Regula%on  •  Honesty   •  Apprecia%on  of  Beauty  and  •  Zest   Excellence  •  Capacity  to  Love  and  Be  Loved   •  Gra%tude  •  Kindness   •  Hope  &  Op%mism  •  Social  Intelligence   •  Humor   •  Religiousness  &  Spirituality  
  28. 28. Exercise:  Find  you  partner’s  strengths!  
  29. 29. What  does  the  research  say?  Q:  Which  5  are  most  associated  with  well-­‐being?   Gra%tude   Hope   Capacity  to  love   and  be  loved   Zest   Curiosity  
  30. 30. What  about  work  sa%sfac%on?  •  Of  24  VIA  strengths,  only  TWO  are  posi%vely   correlated  with  workplace  sa%sfac%on!   Hope   Zest  
  31. 31. “But  my  clients  want  to  work  on   their  weaknesses!”   “The  task  of  leadership  is  to     Create  an  alignment  of  strengths,   Making  a  system’s  weaknesses   Irrelevant.”   -­‐Peter  Drucker  
  32. 32. Exercise:  Use  your  strengths  to  make  your  weakness  irrelevant  
  33. 33. Coaching  Takeaways   Coach  to  your  client’s  strengths!   • Ask  clients  to  do  the  VIA  survey:   • Prac%ce  using  signature  strengths   in  a  different  way  each  week   • Focus  on  the  “top  5”  for  well-­‐being   • Career  coaches:  focus  on  the  “top   2”  for  workplace  sa%sfac%on  
  34. 34. Posi%ve  Rela%onships  
  35. 35. Framingham  Heart  Study  •  4729  people  in  Framingham,  Massachusebs  •  1983  to  2003  
  36. 36. Framingham  Heart  Study  In  other  words,  happiness  is  contagious!  
  37. 37. Pro-­‐social  Spending   It  is  beber  to  give  than  to   receive!   (but  only  in  person)  Dunn  et.  al.  2008  
  38. 38. Coaching  Takeaways   • Rela%onships  maber!   • Do  it  in  person!  
  39. 39. Cri%cism  of  Posi%ve  Psychology  
  40. 40. Aren’t  you  Denying  the  Nega%ve?   “It’s not a good time to be positive when you’re being chased by a bear!”
  41. 41. This  Presenta%on   Savoring   Eleva%on   Posi%ve  Health   Posi%ve  Educa%on  Apprecia%ve  Inquiry   More…  
  42. 42. Resources  •  MAPP  program  at  U.  Penn   –  hbp://  •  Posi%ve  Psychology  News  Daily   –  hbp://pos-­‐  •  Interna%onal  Posi%ve  Psychology  Associa%on   –  hbp://  •  Me!   –  
  43. 43. Recommended  Books  •  Posi1vity  –  Barbara  Fredrickson  •  The  How  Of  Happiness  -­‐  Sonja  Lyubomirsky    •  Stumbling  on  Happiness  -­‐  Daniel  Gilbert  •  Learned  Op1mism-­‐  Mar%n  E.  P.  Seligman  •  Prac1cing  Posi1ve  Psychology  Coaching  –   Robert  Biswas-­‐Diener  •  Flourish  -­‐  Mar%n  E.  P.  Seligman  
  44. 44. End  on  a  high  note  To  watch  the  video,  go  to  YouTube   and  search  for   “Everything  is  amazing”  
  45. 45. Ques%ons?