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SKPD 1033 DST Project


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SKPD 1033 DST Project

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling Project
  2. 2. Digital Storytelling• A short movie that combines narrative with digital content (images, sounds, video)• Tools needed: a PC, a mic, DS software (Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Photo Story 3, etc)
  3. 3. Evaluative Components  Digital Storytelling Project 30 % i-Folio postings DST presentation 10 % 20 %Description Reflections on Oral DS/ the of DST learning presentation video 5% experiences 10 % 10% 5%
  4. 4. Procedures in the DST projectG Work in groups I Work individually G G I I I
  5. 5. i-Folio Postings (10%)• Pre-DST discussion – Week 5 (4%) – Post the following information regarding their DST: • Title • Reason for choosing the topic • Purpose of your DST • Short description of your DST (minimum length of 300 words)•  Each student has to give feedback/ comments on the postings of other groups within 3 weeks (Week 5 – 8). (at least one comment per posting).
  6. 6. i-Folio Postings (10%)• Post-DST discussion – Week 11 (6%) – Each student goes into his or her group’s ‘topic’ for post-DST discussion and post a reflection of his or her own personal journey in creating the digital story (minimum length of 300 words) – Each student has to give feedback/ comments on the postings of other groups. (at least one comment per posting).
  7. 7. Oral presentation (individual assessment) (10%)• The presentation is to describe the purpose of the DST and the challenges the group faced in coming up with it.• The whole team will share their group experiences with each member describing part of it.
  8. 8. The Digital Story (Video)• Group project (3 – 4 members)• Title - social sciences topics based on students’ disciplines/ topics in the course book• 8 to 10 minutes• Creative and original
  9. 9. Suggested Software• Microsoft Photo Story 3• Windows Movie Maker• Wax• Online tools :,• video-editing-software/
  10. 10. Microsoft Photo Story 3Explore the software. It allows you to:• import photos• insert caption/ text• record voice-over (narration)• add background music
  11. 11. Previous semester Issues• Text was taken directly from the Internet - plagiarism• Narration was only given by 1 member• Difficulties to insert narration and sync it with the photos• Students thought they can only use Microsoft Photo Story 3
  12. 12. DST Competition Category 1 Category 2 Prize (Band 1 & 2) (Band 3 & above)The Best DST group RM 200 + certificates RM 200 + certificatesThe Runner-up RM 100 + certificates RM 100 + certificatesConsolation prizes(the no. of the consolation RM 50 + certificates RM 50 + certificatesprizes - to be informed)