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Cp demos remaking_charity


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common purpose

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Cp demos remaking_charity

  1. 1. Relations with governmentCharities like to think of themselves as independent. But inpractice they are substantially dependent, above all on the state;according to the definition used they receive between 35% and 39% oftheir income from government. This divides between contracts andgrants (perhaps surprisingly two-thirds of funding from localgovernment still comes in the form of grants rather than contracts). -See Mulgan’s Book:“The other invisible Hand”Remaking charity forthe 21st centuryGeoff Mulgan (power behind DEMOSpolitical think tank) Like CommonPurpose these are the ‘charities’driving political “CHANGE”. They justdon’t tell the public – the “Hand isInvisible”.There are over 170,000 charities inUK. Their budget is over £44billion.The top ten consume most of thatbudget. And that’s all your taxes.