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Cp communitiesgov annual_funding


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common purpose

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Cp communitiesgov annual_funding

  1. 1. Departments.CommonPurposePhilip Davies:To askthe Secretaryof Statefor CommunitiesandLocal Governmenthow muchherDepartmentpaidto CommonPurposein eachof the lastfive years;forwhat purpose;andwhat the outcomeof the expenditurewas.U476041Mr. Iain Wright: Overthe lastfive financialyearsthe CommunitiesandLocalGovernmenthasspentthe following with CommonPurpose:Financial year Spend(f,)Commencing2002 20.9302003 53.8742004 39,0182005 58,846134,324The purposeof the expenditurewasto procuremanagementtrainingin leadershipforseniormanagersandotherswithin theDepartment,with the objectiveof enhancingtheir capabilityaspotentialleaders,both within their own organisationandin societyasa whole.The outcomeof the expenditureshouldbe that participantswill gain new skills andcompetenciesfor leadershipdevelopmentandtheDepartmentwill benefitfromstronger,moreinspiredleaderswho aremoreoutwardlooking andcloserto thecommunity.2006