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Lesson 07 - Software Fundamentals


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An overview of Microsoft Office 2007 & the Ribbon.

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Lesson 07 - Software Fundamentals

  1. 1. Overview of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, & Paint.
  2. 2. In this Lesson, you will learn the basic functions of the Microsoft Office Suite Identify the uses of the Office Suite Identify the basic tools of the various applications ExcelPowerPointWord Other UtilitiesPaintAccess
  3. 3. Microsoft Word Word processing software/application/program Flyers/Brochures Advertisements Papers/Reports Greeting Cards Calendars Business Cards, Agendas, Resumes
  4. 4. Microsoft Word The Word 2007 Window
  5. 5. Microsoft Word •Replaced the “File” menu from earlier versions •Create New Documents •Open existing documents •Save/Save As •Print •View/access recent documents •Word Options
  6. 6. Microsoft Word
  7. 7. Microsoft Word Where you control most of the font and document formatting needs.
  8. 8. Microsoft Word Insert images, Tables, Word Art, Charts/Graphs, Headers/Footers & more.
  9. 9. Microsoft Word Where you can manage your sources, citations and other resources used.
  10. 10. Microsoft Word Where you can set up and manage mail merges & other OLE tasks.
  11. 11. Microsoft Word Where Spellcheck, Thesaurus & other review/collaboration tools exist.
  12. 12. Microsoft Word Use this tab to change the way you are viewing the document.
  13. 13. Activity: Create a simple flier. Objectives: •Follow directions in preparing a word processed document •Change font style, justification, and insert graphics into a document •Show creativity in selecting graphics for a document Where: JCPS Online->Lesson 07->FBLA Flier Due: End of Class – JCPS Online Dropbox Microsoft Word