Internship Presentation at Hyper Island


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The very last presentation I gave at Hyper Island.

It is about my internship experience. It aims to give some tips to the current students before their internship while telling some stories about my own.

ps. I had to cut out some sensitive stuff. Sorry if it feels weird at points.

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  • Amazing presentation!!
    one doubt... when in the final tips you talk about 'documentate your work', what do you exactly mean with that... i don't understand if you call documentate work to make a portfolio, to make reports!?
    thank you!! really good presentation :)
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Internship Presentation at Hyper Island

  1. 1. Hej! I am Sarp. I had my internship at BlackBerry. December 5th, 2011
  2. 2. Or as the door says,RIM TAT
  3. 3. During Internship.How did it all start!?Just some tips.-not so- Funny Stuff.
  4. 4. WhenThere.
  5. 5. W r Iw ! Blackberry (RIM) is a Canadian mobile giant.
  6. 6. W r Iw ! It is still one of the 3 mobile manufacturer who profits!
  7. 7. W r Iw ! In the end of 2010, they purchased TAT, The Astonishing Tribe...
  8. 8. W r Iw ! TAT provides the UI Framework of the upcoming OS of Blackberry, BBX. It is called Cascades.
  9. 9. W r Iw ! As well as draws the visual direction for software of BBX devices.
  10. 10. W Iw ! The team I was part of is called: Floor Six.
  11. 11. W Iw ! We don’t deliver to market BUTWe inspire the entire company whatcan BB devices can and should do.
  12. 12. W Iw ! My role on paper was a Visual Designer.
  13. 13. W Iw ! But it didn’t take too long until I learned that I am not!
  14. 14. W Iw ! If what you do doesn’t get you excited, then there is something wrong.
  15. 15. W Iw !... doesn’t matter you are good at it.
  16. 16. W Iw ! NOWWhat I do is to look at the products(mostly native apps and services) inbigger scale and generate with ideas to improve the UX for them.
  17. 17. W Iw ! It’s mostly on pen&paper. I prototype on Keynoye. I make videos.
  18. 18. W Iw ! A LOT OF VIDEOS!
  19. 19. WTF I r !? The most important thing I learned about my role...
  20. 20. WTF I r !? ..If you are a creative/conceptual guy, it means that you are probably NOT as good with tools and handcraft...
  21. 21. WTF I r !? ..So you need someone who IS!..
  22. 22. WTF I r !? BUT you are still the guy who has the vision for your product...
  23. 23. WTF I r !? it REQUIRES you to share this vision and inspire people you work with.
  24. 24. WTF I r !? you need to have crystal clear communication skills.
  25. 25. Before this Point
  26. 26. So, this is how I got mine...
  27. 27. WARNING!!!
  28. 28. W Don’t spam everyone.Choose a few targets that is perfect fit to you, act on them.
  29. 29. W f r? Your mentor = God.
  30. 30. W f r? Their work = You drool.
  31. 31. W f r? Go somewhere you can take responsibility / prove yourself.
  32. 32. P rfAdopt your show for your Audience.
  33. 33. P rf 5 to 8 works. 4 is too few. 9 is too many.
  34. 34. P rf One complete work. Your masterpiece.
  35. 35. P rf Focus.
  36. 36. UX D r Redesign something people use everyday.
  37. 37. UX D r Show your vision about how you can make their daily life better.
  38. 38. UX D r iCal, Spotify, Phone app!
  39. 39. Tr Get them pay you.
  40. 40. Tr Imagine like this...
  41. 41. Tr Half of your time, you learn. Half of your time, you provide.
  42. 42. Tr You are still in your education.
  43. 43. Final Tips
  44. 44. People Google your name.
  45. 45. Rock “one” craftsman skill before you leave Båtsman.
  46. 46. Learn to document your work. Even if they are only ideas.
  47. 47. Documenting work is another work!Nobody tells you that you need thatskills but everybody expects you to have!!
  48. 48. Prototype!Have a native tool to do it.
  49. 49. Be able to prototype in half a day. It is important!
  50. 50. LOL SHIT.
  51. 51. &Coffee is a fucking serious business!
  52. 52. &We are an alcohol-free company... in we have free beer!
  53. 53. That’s it!! Anything? Talk to me on Twitter @zappika