2010 ENPL Closing Ceremony


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2010 Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Closing Ceremony

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2010 ENPL Closing Ceremony

  1. 1. Welcome! Closing Luncheon and Celebration Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program 2009-2010
  2. 2. Rosalyn Andrews Senior Regional Director, American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter Committed to her organization - down to her consistent RED attire, Rosalyn is honest and funny. She is a no-nonsense and forthright leader who lifts us all with her openness to learning and change.
  3. 3. Jennifer Boyle Director of Development, Children’s Museum of Richmond Jennifer is a leader who tells it like it is! As a natural learner and seeker of mastery and excellence,  Jennifer has an bright internal spark that fuels her leadership success. She is good at coming up with a plan and seeing all the small steps along the way, a quality that makes her a great partner to have on the high ropes!
  4. 4. Jeannette Cordor Executive Director, The Faces of Hope Full of passion and life, Jeannette’s dedication to her cause is evident and contagious. She is an outgoing, energetic risk-taker who brings hope to the lives of others. Jeannette is grounded, yet one who practices the power and potential of dreaming big.  
  5. 5. Kim D’Errico Vice President, Finance & Administration Special Olympics Virginia Friendly and bold, funny and detail-oriented, Kim is a high energy leader who brings a true quest for excellence to her work. Her hard work and focus on results produces exceptional outcomes. She is also an excellent log walker!
  6. 6. Samantha Dorr Educational Director, Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition Sam is one of our best volunteers for activities! She is already a great coach and excellent facilitator! A few of the adjectives used to describe Sam’s leadership style are: positive, thoughtful, open, engaging and insightful.
  7. 7. Vincent Edmunds Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation Vincent is a wise and kind leader who is always ready with a smile. His wonderful listening skills and insightful comments help others rise to their potential. Vincent is compassionate and full of that intangible but critical leadership quality, “presence.”
  8. 8. Ann Estes President – Atlantic Region, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions Ann Estes is a ray of light who brings a great laugh and positive attitude to everything she does. A true extrovert, she is remembered for introducing herself to the entire room at the first meeting! We appreciate her spunky style, solid instincts, clarity, and knowledge base. She’s been an amazing sparkplug for our group.
  9. 9. Earlene Jones Program Services Specialist, Crater Regional Workforce Investment Group Vibrant yet humble, Earlene is a true civic leader and team player. She makes a big difference in our community through her practical perspective, commitment, honesty, empathy, and encouragement of others. Her consistency and wisdom help others along the pathway.
  10. 10. Liana Kleeman Program Coordinator, Connect Network Liana is wise beyond her years. She is enthusiastic, curious, conscientious, engaging, and spirited...she provides a leadership that is strongly oriented to people and their sense of meaning and purpose. We look forward to seeing her sparkle for many years to come.
  11. 11. George Lyons Senior Pastor, Gillfield Baptist Church Not afraid to ask the tough questions, George leaves us with many amusing memories! A sincere and dedicated leader, George has so much to give. His congregation is lucky to have his many gifts including his knowledge and vision. We are pleased to welcome George to Central Virginia!
  12. 12. Sean Miller Vice President of Operations, Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond Sean is a rising star in our community! Capable and confident, Sean is always willing to dive into new problems with a thoughtful approach. He is strong, steady, funny, and quick to lend a hand to those crossing the “snot rivers” of life.
  13. 13. Amanda Mullins Director of Grants Administration, YWCA of Richmond Amanda brings a discerning and focused style to her leadership. She is an outstanding listener who encourages others and cares deeply about our community. Her quiet, steady presence offers wisdom about the big picture while insuring a group stays on track.
  14. 14. Heather Orrock Development Director, Virginia Supportive Housing A top quality leader, Heather demonstrates keen commitment to the work of her organization. She is methodical, confident, conscientious, and competent. She is an inspiring thought leader for the future who impressed us with her intelligence and the value she places on fairness.
  15. 15. Deborah Pryor Director of Programs, Brookfield, Inc. A great role model for the teenagers she works with, Deborah is strong, focused, insightful and determined. She always remembers what is going on with other people, and makes them feel valued. Deborah tackles the tough issues in a firm yet caring way, bringing a strong heart and strategic skill to her leadership.
  16. 16. Dena Reynolds Media Relations Manager, LifeNet Health Full of caring and kindness, Dena balances her considerable interpersonal skills with strong organizational abilities and conscientious follow-through. She can create a vision, strategize the technical and relationship skills needed to implement, and then lead others in execution.  Methodical and passionate-- a powerful combination!
  17. 17. Kim Russell Communications Officer, The Community Foundation Kim is a wonderful person to talk to, always encouraging and insightful. She is an articulate, smart leader who inspires trust. Her genuine style, outstanding communication skills, and openness to the ideas of others makes her a pleasure to work with.
  18. 18. Ann Voss Director of Administration, Maymont Foundation Ann ranks among the top of our class as a mentor to other leaders! Her calming presence, commitment to excellence, problem-solving skills, and can-do attitude - along with her warm smile - make her a real asset to the nonprofit community.
  19. 19. Rebecca Washburn Recreation Therapy Internship Coordinator, The Virginia Home Rebecca’s many talents include being an awesome charades player! Her passion for and pride in her cause inspire us all to give a little bit more. Rebecca’s infectious energy, creativity, outgoing nature, and easy smile make her an exemplary next generation leader.