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  1. 1. Tahitian Noni’s Monthly Recognition Newsletter December 2011 Black Pearl and Outrigger 2011 Black Pearl – 2011 The MS Paul Gauguin, named after the French artist that loved and revered the islands, set sail on the beautiful Paci c waters of French Polynesia on November 12th from Papeete, Tahiti. IPCs from Indonesia, Russia, USA, Japan, and Vietnam attending the trip enjoyed stops at The Society Islands of Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora, and Moorea. The Black Pearl Cruise was an adventure that IPCs relished from start to nish. Whether it was an underwater adventure in Bora Bora, a 4x4 excursion in the mud, or lazily sipping a pina colada from a coconut on the motu, IPCs truly had time for relaxation, time to get to know other leaders from around the world, and time to see the splendor of the islands where it all began. As if experiencing these breathtaking islands wasn’t enough, these new Black Pearls were also the very rst to receive their own bottle of a new product that will be introduced at ILC 2012. TNI President John Wadsworth asked IPCs to take speci c note of how they felt through the week while they sampled the new product. By the end of the week, distributors were excitedly sharing testimonials with detail of renewed vigor and energy, and the sense of urgency to share it with everyone was evident. At the end of the trip, IPCs had the opportunity to dive for their very own black pearls, for which Tahiti is famous. Some were carried into the water, some bounded into the water like a child, and others tip-toed in to nd their very own treasure. The night was topped o by recognition of our incredible Black Pearls by John Wadsworth, fabulous food, and of course traditional Tahitian entertainment. Outrigger – 2011 The whi of fresh tiare owers in the air, the welcoming strings of ukuleles and Tahitian hulas, the sweet Tahitian pineapple—all reason enough to fall in love with the islands of Tahiti and the Outrigger Retreat. But it was the enthusiasm of our multi-cultural IPCs that really made the experience as great as it was. The Outrigger Retreat was represented by IPCs from all over the world—Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Ukraine, and Japan. The group was full of entertaining personalities and we can honestly say there was never a dull moment. In this Issue... 72 IPCs and their guests More TAHITI During the trip, IPCs were not only able to have the educational experience than 15 experience of picking their own noni and understanding the process of how the juice is manufactured at TNI’s manufacturing facility, but qualify as President’s Club 2012 Founders 18for 25 they were also able to take time out of their busy schedule to do a qualify little bit of charitable giving. IPCs had the opportunity to visit the PRESIDENT’S CLUB 2012 adorable children at an orphanage on the island of Tahiti. Being greeted with shell leis and the singing of 40 French-speaking kids may have been one of the biggest highlights of the event. grows 21 United States to in the Bioactive Academy helps another 118 IPCs become true Bioactivists 4 POWERFUL STORIES WORK OF When all is said and done, it’s just a trip. But when all is said and done, this ‘trip’ is the experience of a lifetime for every IPC to gain understanding of our PERSEVERENCE, Bioactivism bioactive mission, our 4 STORIES OF PRODUCT SUCCESS 31earnILC BENEFITS charitable giving, and the IPCs from around the country spirit of where we come from. 21 40 IPCs from around the US NEW TITLES on track for
  2. 2. Please join us in congratulating the following IPCs who attended the Black Pearl and Outrigger Retreats!Black PearlVolodymyr Yarmolenko & Iryna Tumska Yoyok Riswanto & Oky KurnianingsihMark Pomerants & Olga Sobinova Hideshi & Sachiko KitagawaMinh Phuong Le & Linh Tat Le Keiko & Rinako UsamiHue &Dung Nguyen Atsuko & Sakura OnishiVan ly Nguyen & Thi Khanh Ngo Takashi & Toyoko HagiharaThi Ngoc Thao Ho & Tung Lam Le Grigorijs & Irina KobrinskaQuang Minh Pham & Thi Lien Huong Tran Pavel Rakov & Elena RakovaErwin & Setiawan Tjiptohardojo Bill & Karney KirtleyOutriggerX Marzuki & Santi Rahayo Natalia Susianingriim & Gigih BagihonoXiao-Rong Jin & Qi-Li Zhang Ratu Dewi Kartika & Burham BunginHadi Bambang Sudjoko & Erni Irawati Sduibyo Elena & Vladimir IgnatovAgus Sugiharto & Sri Hastuti Yuliana Mardiahv Nuhtada & Hanruzan HasnamYuiming Kwok & Yingnian Xiao Elvine Setiawan & Cin John RoAgris Cukers & Hanna Brakova Masami & Kimie KoikePiter & Diana Win Jinpiati Nurtini & Chi Hung LeePhi Hung & Thi Luyen Nguyen Chiyoko & Kenzo SasakiAli Su an Idris & Sulinah Amat Mujari Rizka Chandradewi & Karna Djaja Pandji PutraChuan Hoe Roger Cheok & Mei-Hsiang Chu Febrina Orsidisa & Utin Tita Juniarti
  3. 3. President’s Club 2012 Founders The nal numbers are in and we’re excited to present to you our President’s Club 2012 Founders. We have been so impressed as we’ve watched these IPCs work hard to earn this distinction. In addition to the exclusive custom-designed watch they’ve received, each of them is also in the running to earn a spot on the trip to India next year. Please join us in congratulating the following IPCs. Anna Shtramel Rocio Flores Art Lee & Valencia Pamphile Timothy Feuling Brandon Missouri Thomas Berry Daniel Ko Tracy Ternberg Floyd & Ann Holdman Trish Bain Jenny Sack Trudy Crow Jose Miguel Undurraga Wan Ti Zhang Nadia & Sergey PotebnyaWe asked several of our President’s Club 2012 Founders to share a few thoughts on earning this distinction.“I am so thankful for having this opportunity to be a part of TNI’s history. My life goal is to love others and share the goodnesswith others. I am so blessed that I am able to partner with this company to make people happier.” -Daniel Ko“Hitting Presidents Club was a result of a lot of personal enrollment activity and then teaching my frontline IPCs to do thesame! My motivation was to build a solid foundation of customers and IPCs that would produce a long-term residual incomefor my family. Our business has become strengthened because of hitting the Presidents Club 2012 Founder. It has motivatedme even more to be in the running to earn the trip to India!” -Jenny Sack“Failure was not an option; success was the only option. Because of the short time-frame in which we had to qualify, the properattitude was essential. My motivation was to set the pace for my downline. I think we have to lead by example.” -Trudy Crow“All I did to reach this distinction was to share the goodness of the product. The more I saw people’s health and energy levelimprove with using the products, the more I wanted to share this with others.” -Wan Ti Zhang“We want to be an example for our team. We always say that if you at least try to do all of the promotions, it will have a positiveeffect on your business. Of course, we would like to go to India, but its not the most important thing for us. The most impor-tant thing for us is a strong, healthy development of the business - the creation of momentum.” -Nadya & Sergey Potebnya“I was so honored to have the opportunity to become a President’s Club Founder for 2012 that I just put my head down andwent to work until I achieved it. My business has improved throughout the process of running hard for this goal because it gotmyself and some of my distributors to get more bold, increase the size of our comfort zones and begin to see the power ofduplication. This business is all about duplication.” -Timothy Feuling“My team was very excited about the President Club Founders promotion and I knew that I needed to lead by example andqualify.” -Brandon Missouri“I’m extremely excited about the possibility of going to India. I have been to ILC 2011 on the awesome Cruise. I loved my time atVision Retreat in Thailand. These exotic trips have always sent me back home with an even bigger Vision of what’s to come formy team and business.” -Thomas BerryIt is a pleassure to me knowing that I qualified as a President’s Club Founder. India has me really exicted and ready to makeanother wish come true. -Rocio Flores
  4. 4. President’s Club 2012The President’s Club 2012 Founders promotion might be over, but there’s still time to qualify for the President’s Club. Currently, there are over170 IPCs around the world who have quali ed for President’s Club 2012. Of those, 21 are from right here in the United States. Please help usrecognize our United States President’s Club 2012.Anna Shtramel Rocio FloresAvid Enterprises, Inc Tracy TernbergBeecher Brown Sr Thomas S BerryBrandon Missouri Timothy FeulingFloyd & Ann Holdman Trish BainJenny Sack Trudy CrowJose Miguel Undurraga Wan Ti ZhangLan Fang Zhang William & Gloria WoodLian Ying Xu William BarnesLynette W Farlow Yue XiaoNadia & Sergey Potebnya Check for further details regarding how you can qualify for President’s Club 2012.Bioactive AcademyWe continue to see IPCs from around the country take advantage of our IPC Training System to further their own understanding of what itmeans to be a Bioactivist. Congratulations to the following IPCs who completed the Core Training during the month of November.Forea Ford Angelo Lesuer Julie K McbeyJe rey & Karen Shivers Sr. Je rey Tow-Arnett Frederic BermondShirley Marie Washington Bette Arnett Yvonne D KingRickey & Gloria C. Rice Karl Leroy Karen MooreJawana N Milton Arutheus V Jackson Biagio DigiovineMelvina Davis & James Davis Patrina Rivera Derek OliverCharles E Clark Johni Cruse-Craig Monet L WilliamsThomas W Pittman Pearl L JonesMazie E Graham Virginia A Woodru Read more about Bioactive Academy at
  5. 5. IPC Spotlights Introducing bioactives to others that I get to share the opportunity of can be di cult. Obstacles such as the better health with others.” fear of rejection, insu cient knowl- Clearly, Zoya has the vision of edge of a product, or confusion about bioactivism. She uses and shares the what to say to a prospect can hinder product she loves, is consistently one’s ability to Tell The Story. recruiting others, and made it a While these priority to book her challenges are “I love having the ticket for ILC 2012. oftentimes intimi- And at 74 years, this dating, overcoming them can lead to opportunity to grandmother of one isn’t slowing huge success. Just ask Zoya Podolskaya; share something down anytime soon.“I am 74 years a bioactivist from so good with old and I have aZoya Podolskaya Brooklyn, New York. Zoya is a rm other people.” dream to build a sustainableBrooklyn, NY believer in Tahitian Noni bioactives, and she’s making sure business," Zoya says. “I want future generations to be that sharing the products becomes proud of it. I want them to say, ‘This second nature.“I love having the little woman can build’.” opportunity to share something so Zoya Podolskaya is transforming good with other people,” Zoya says, lives… one bottle at a time “What attracts me to TNI the most is There’s more to Zoya’s story. Read it at Marylynn Huggins began drinking stroke-related ailments. I knew I had Tahitian Noni Original in June 1996. to keep drinking Noni though.” Back then, trying a product like Marylynn did just that; faithfully Tahitian Noni was seen as something consuming the product in the of an anomaly. Marylynn was hesitant, hospital, as well as during her but she remembers having a feeling recovery process. She was resilient. that she should just try it. She did, and Today, Marylynn feels both physically soon after began to experience the and mentally healthier than ever bene ts of the bioactive beverage. before. The lingering e ects of the Marylynn gave herself a truly stroke are few, and the single mother wonderful experience with Tahitian of four is doing things that she never Noni Bioactives, so the would have dreamed next step, naturally, was sharing the “I knew I had of a few years ago. She is rebuilding her TNIMarylynn Huggins product with everyone she knew. She found to keep business and has even gone back to school toBrunswick, GA quick success, and soon found herself as drinking noni.” further her education. More important to one of TNI’s rst Diamond Pearl Elites. Marylynn, is her plan to attend ILC this Unfortunately for the Utah native, coming spring—her rst ILC in over 6 the quick success took an unexpected years. “I am looking forward to ILC in turn for the worse. “In November of Salt Lake City,” Marylynn says. “It’s 2005, while on my way home from a going to be a feeling of coming home Jade Camp I su ered a stroke,” and being embraced. I felt it at Fall Marylynn remembers. “I was in the National this year and have missed hospital for several days and couldn’t that feeling of family and friendship.“ function very well. I su ered from short-term memory loss and other Read the Marylynn’s full story at
  6. 6. Performing at an exceptional level Beverages. Soon she began taking the is nothing new to Jessica Jones, Original and Extra beverages and middle blocker for the USA volleyball noticed a di erence in her health. team. In fact, it’s a way of life. The “My body felt amazing!” Jessica says. Naperville, Ill. native has achieved a “After hours of intense practice and huge amount of success throughout weight lifting, I still felt brand new. My her volleyball career, and she credits body was recovering faster than I ever her success to hard work, practice and thought imaginable.” Tahitian Noni Bioactives. Her experience with the product But the life of a professional athlete not only ensured her ability to can have it’s negative e ects, continue pursuing her career in particulary on the body. Jones volleyball, but it also opened a whole recently faced serious new world of possibili- injuries and stress that “My body felt ties as a bioactivist.Jessica Jones threatened her ability “I’m going to dedicate to continue playing. “I was su ering from amazing!” all of my free time to promoting my TNIMinneapolis, MN severe tendonitis and business,” Jessica says. back spasms”, Jones says. “I had a hard “I’ll put together a great team and time recovering after workouts and learn everything I can about the was mentally exhausted.” science behind our products. Many of However, a trip to the Minnesota my USA teammates expressed interest State Fair in August this year was one in the beverages and I plan on talking that would transform her life forever. with them about it too. I completely It was here that Jessica was believe in this product and its ability introduced to Tahitian Noni Bioactive to change lives.” The is just part of Jessica’s amazing story. Read it all at Catherine and Stephen Sarnoski prove the product and business have attended Vision Retreats in the wouldn’t work!” Bahamas, Switzerland and Monaco. However, as soon as she tried the They’ve walked pristine beaches of Tahitian Noni Juice, Catherine’s goal Tahiti on the incredible Outrigger trip. to prove the product wrong quickly And the Sarnoskis have attended turned into a passion to share it with nearly every International Leadership as many people as she could. “I was so Conference for the past 15 years. impressed with the product that I felt Whether the conferences were in I needed to share it with others.” New York City, Las Vegas or Anaheim, Using their word-of-mouth the couple has always made it a point approach, the couple reached Jade to be there. status in two weeks. 30 Luxurious travel was one of the many perks “I needed to days later they were Pearls. Then, a year that the Sarnoskis experienced as a result share it with later, Diamond Pearl. All as a result of theirCatherine Sarnoski of their TNI business. But Catherine would others.” e orts to share the product with others.Mechanicsburg, PA be the rst to recognize that these This past October, she said goodbye perks did not come without a great to her sweetheart of 45 years when deal of work. Stephen passed away after a Catherine became involved with determined battle with terminal TNI in 1996 despite early hesitations. “I cancer. “It means a lot to have been actually said ‘no’ on three di erent able to spend quality time together in occasions when I was asked to join these beautiful places,” Catherine says. TNI,” Catherine says. “I didn’t want to “To be in these places with people get into that business. However, I who are positive and uplifting was nally said ‘yes’ in order to support my something special.” friend. At the same time, I wanted to There’s more to Catherine and Stephen’s story. Read the whole thing at
  7. 7. Product Success -As we approach the holidays and the new year, people all around the world will bethinking of their New Years Resolutions. Health and Fitness are among the mostcommon goals people set for themselves and Tahitian Noni International’s body com-position system - FIT - has already helped hundreds of people meet those goals. Hereare a few stories worth sharing with friends and family who might be considering ahealthier lifestyle for 2012. “The FIT products changed my attitude and revolutionized my life. When I participated in the Fit Challenge, it created a need for other people. People would go online and check out my success with FIT and would tell me that I looked great and that they wanted the products, too!” Velma Dawson Tavares, FL “I’ve lost 37 pounds and feel better than ever. The Fit Sticks have made it so easy to share TNI with others. I think everyone cares about their weight and their nancial future. My friends ask me what I’m going to do when I retire in two years and I’m just so grateful that I won’t have to go looking for a job. I have my own business!” Aishia Smith Philadelphia, PA Abena Brown New York, NY “Tahitian Noni products have helped with several digestion problems. Using the FIT products, earlier this year I lost 14 pounds and dropped four inches in only two weeks.” Ramon Cornwell Marrieta, GA “The results are in and FIT is fantastic,” Ramon says. In fact, earlier this year Ramon was able to lose 21 pounds of fat, three inches o his waistline and 6% of his overall body fat. He did that in just nine weeks with the FIT program. “I feel better than Ive ever felt,” Ramon adds. “I look forward to continuing the program! Thanks TNI for helping me GET FIT!”
  8. 8. From our Sales TeamEvery day we hear the story of lives transformed. Each day we see the Bioactivemovement becoming more united as we continue to bless the whole earth withthe power of bioactives. This movement has IPCs all across the US doing some-thing awesome, and we would like to recognize two individuals who did some-thing awesome in NovemberCarolyn Lawerence from Lubbock Texas hasnearly 50 con rmed registrants ready to go toILC 2012. Carolyn is doing something awesome.Sheila Lambert from Philadelphia, PA was thetop autoship enroller in the month of November.Sheila is doing something awesome. GoBioactive event held in Phoenix on Nov 12. Javis and Wendy Myrick continue to host awesome monthly meetings in Chicago. Please do not let up! We need you and your passion, belief, leadership, and desire to help move forward this great cause. Keep up the good work! Todd Bagley Chris Fowler
  9. 9. US Spanish RegionEl mes de Noviembre se conoce como un mes en el que Y nos quedamos en Texas con Valentino Santos un líder natofestejamos el día de gracias. Una de las razones por las que que está apoyando a todo su grupo de manera extraordi-miles y miles de personas estamos súper agradecidos es por naria. Valentino en un líder súper preparado que se enfocalas Bebidas Bioactivos Tahitian Noni.Y este mes quiero en apoyar a todo su grupo y hacerlos crecer. Valentino estáfelicitar a muchas personas que están viendo los bene cios viendo los resultados de su trabaja arduo y estoy seguro quepor compartir las bebidas bioactivas con sus familiares y también va a ser uno de nuestros grandes líderes en TNI!!amigos. Felicidades Valentino!!Noviembre fue un mes extraordinario para TNI, ya que hubo3 personas que se hicieron Jades y varias más que obtuvi- Aparte de estos reconocimientos, tuvimos la oportunidad deeron su rango de Coral Elite y que se ganaron sus bonos de hacer algunos eventos exitosos alrededor de la unióncrecimiento y duplicación. Este día, quisiera reconocer a las americana en donde hubo muchas inscripciones e historiaspersonas que obtuvieron el primer título de liderazgo como de é el título de Jade.Comenzamos en la parte Este de Estados Unidos con AnaSo a Ruiz, una mujer emprendedora y súper trabajadora.Ana es una de esas personas que se pone metas y trabajaarduamente y cumple loque se propone. Ellatambién está trabajandomuy de cerca con susdirectos para que seganen cada uno de sus Houston, TXbonos de crecimiento yduplicación y tiene a unade ellas muy cerca delrango de Jade. En horabuena Ana So a! San Antonio, TX Seguimos en el sureste, en el estado de Texas, el estado más grande y grande tiene que ser el reconocimiento para Zoila Fuentes. Zoila acaba de lograr el título de Jade en 1 mes!!! Increíble!! Zoila es una mujer súper trabajadora con un gran testimonio de las bebida bioactivas Tahitian Noni. Ella está compartiendo New York, NY su historia día y noche y los resultados los está viendo. También tiene unos líderes que también están cerca de lograr este título y estoy seguro que llegara al título de Perla en tiempo record. Felicidades Zoila!! Les agradecemos a todos ustedes líderes en nuestra región que nos apoyan en cada evento. Ustedes son el motor de esta empresa y le estare- mos eternamente agradecidos!! Milo Acosta
  10. 10. ILC 2012As you all know ILC 2012 is going to be held this year in Salt Lake City. Hopefully you’ve allstarted making arrangements to be there. You should also know that we’re o ering certainbene ts to help o set some of the cost associated with ILC. Please help us congratulate thefollowing US IPCs who have earned ILC Bene ts so far. Art Lee & Valencia Pamphile 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Floyd & Ann Holdman 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Mei Yun H Ko 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Brandon Missouri 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Jenny Sack 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Yiuming Kwok 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Trudy Crow 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Thomas Berry 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Tracy Ternberg 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Mary Chinghua Xiao 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Nadya & Sergey Potebnya 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Sheng Long Corp 4 Nights Hotel + 2 Flights Lan Fang Zhang 4 Nights Hotel + 1 Flight Jose Miguel Undurraga 4 Nights Hotel + 1 Flight Beecher Brown Sr. 4 Nights Hotel + 1 Flight Anna Shtramel 4 Nights Hotel + 1 Flight Daniel Ko 4 Nights Hotel + 1 Flight Hui Hui Wu 4 Nights Hotel Trish Bain 4 Nights Hotel Timothy Feuling 4 Nights Hotel Vickey Z Chen 4 Nights Hotel Roy & Martha Fontenette 4 Nights Hotel Lian Ying Xu 4 Nights Hotel Wang Ti Zhang 4 Nights Hotel DAAAD Inc 4 Nights Hotel Yue Xiao 2 Nights Hotel William D Barnes 2 Nights Hotel Coconut Enterprises 2 Nights Hotel Rocio Flores 2 Nights Hotel Eifer Int’l Group 2 Nights Hotel Willie Parker Jr. 2 Nights Hotel
  11. 11. Tracking for TitlesCongratulations to the following IPCs from the US who reached a new title in the month of October.Coral Elite Jade Pearl EliteWayne D Newman Pearleen O Shaw Milton Goddard Israel MatosBernice P Davis Sara Morell Valentino SantosNancy S Delong Adelina Caceres Ana So a RuizJose I Muñoz Junko Yasuhara Zoila FuentesRobizene DavisNena Pannell Jade EliteAaisha BrownMaria Valdez Jade Retreat - Salt Lake City, UT - -OctoberWest Noni Team MiamiJason W Saunders Come to TNIs corporate headquarters in Utah to experience top-notch training from some of the best in the industry. Once you attend Jade Retreat you’ll have a clear vision for the future of your business.Del na Cabrera Quali cation period: September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2011Krishna K Ramalingam Quali cations: Two months paid as Jade Maintain personal paid-as Coral Elite*TNI’s compensation plan is such that we cannot o cially announce new title advancements for a given month until the 20thof the following month. Therefore, the information in these lists is subject to change prior to any recognition orcommissions payout. Outrigger - Tahiti - November Spend 7 days in paradise as you discover the roots of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages and TNI. If youre not already 100% committed to the cause, the all-expenses-paid Outrigger trip for two will seal the deal for you. Quali cation period: September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2011Upcoming Events Quali cations: Four months paid as Diamond Pearl Develop 2 new personally sponsored Coral Elites Maintain personal paid-as Pearl International Leadership Conference - Salt Lake Cit, UT - April Don’t miss the biggest event of the year - perhaps the biggest event in the company’s history. Quali cations Period for ILC Bene ts: January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011 Note: We fully expect this event to sell out fast, so don’t delay. If you haven’t already done so, register today! 2 President’s Club - India - Fall 2012 The TNI Presidents Club recognizes the top IPC businesses who have been most actively involved in contribut- ing to TNIs growth for the current year. Last year we went to South Africa and next year we’re going to one of the most beautiful places in the world - India! Keep your eyes open for speci c dates and quali cations.*Please call or check for speci c event quali cations.
  12. 12. Scan here to see more IPC Recognition