Data warehouse : Order Management


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Data warehouse : Order Management

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Data warehouse : Order Management

  1. 1. 1 ORDER MANAGEMENT Chapter 5
  2. 2. Agenda 2 Introduction to Order Management Order Transactions Invoice Transactions Accumulating Snapshot for the Order Fulfillment Pipeline Fact Table Comparison Implementing In the Real World Techniques Summary
  3. 3. Introduction to Order Management 3 Order management comprised of a series of business process A subset of the data warehouse bus matrix
  4. 4. 4 Order Transactions
  5. 5. Order Transactions 5 The natural granularity for an order transaction fact table is one row for each line item on an order. Example of result schema
  6. 6. Order Transactions 6 Fact Normalization Dimension Role-Playing Product Dimension Revisited Customer Ship-To Dimension Deal Dimension Degenerate Dimension for Order Number Junk Dimensions Multiple Currencies Header and Line Item Facts with Different Granularity
  7. 7. Fact Normalization 7 Fact Normalization : A single, generic fact amount, along with a dimension that identifies the type of fact Use Fact Normalization when Set of facts is sparsely populated for a given fact row. No computations are made between facts. We generally resist the urge to further normalize the fact table
  8. 8. Dimension Role-Playing 8 Role-Playing : occurs when a single dimension simultaneously appears several times in the same fact table. Date dimension is found in every fact table because we are always looking at performance over time.
  9. 9. Dimension Role-Playing 9 Example of Role-playing Request Date Assembly Order Date Date Time Dimension Arrival Ship Date Date
  10. 10. Product Dimension Revisited 10 Product dimension describes the complete portfolio of products sold by a company. Characteristics of Product dimension 1. Numerous verbose descriptive columns. 2. One or more attribute hierarchies in addition to many nonhierarchical attributes. 3. Add readable text strings to augment or replace numeric codes in the operational product master. 4. Quality assure all the text strings to ensure that there are no misspellings, impossible values, or cosmetically different versions of the same attribute. 5. Document the product attribute definitions, interpretations, and origins in the data warehouse’s metadata.
  11. 11. Customer Ship-To Dimension 11 The customer ship-to dimension contains one row for each discrete location to which we ship a product. Common hierarchy is natural geographic, customer’s organizational. Country Bill’s number Region Customer Name Province Customer Organization Name Address Customer Corporate Parent Name
  12. 12. Customer Ship-To Dimension 12 Factors must be taken into consideration: 1. The one-to-one or many-to-one relationship may turn out to be a many-to-many relationship. 2. If the relationship between sales rep and customer ship-to varies over time then the combined dimension is in reality some kind of fact table itself! 3. If the sales rep and customer ship-to dimensions participate independently in other business process fact tables, we’d likely keep the dimensions separate.
  13. 13. Customer Ship-To Dimension 13 Example of Customer Ship-To Dimension
  14. 14. Deal Dimension 14 Deal dimension describes the incentives that have been offered to the customer that theoretically affect the customers’ desire to purchase products. Deal dimension describes the full combination of terms Allowance Incentives
  15. 15. Deal Dimension 15 Deal Dimension Design 1. If the terms, allowances, and incentives are correlated, then package them into a single deal dimension. 2. If the terms, allowances, and incentives are quite uncorrelated, then split such a deal dimension into its separate components. 3. In a very large fact table, the desire to reduce the number of keys in the fact table composite key would favor keeping the deal dimension as a single dimension.
  16. 16. Deal Dimension 16 Example of Deal Dimension
  17. 17. Degenerate Dimension 17 for Order Number Degenerate dimensions typically are reserved for operational transaction identifiers. Each line item row in the orders fact table includes the order number as a degenerate dimension. Useful of Degenerate Dimension for Order Number allows us to group the separate line items on the order. enables us to answer such questions as the average number of line items on an order. is used occasionally to link the data warehouse back to the operational world.
  18. 18. Junk Dimension 18 Why have junk dimension Leave flags and indicators unchanged in the fact table row Make each flag, indicator into its own separate dimension. Strip out all the flags and indicators from the design. A junk dimension is a convenient grouping of typically low-cardinality flags and indicators.
  19. 19. Junk Dimension 19 Sample rows of an order indicator junk dimension
  20. 20. Multiple Currencies 20 Multiple Currencies : Expressed in both local currency and the standardized corporate currency. The conversion rate table contains all combinations of effective currency exchange rates going in both directions.
  21. 21. Multiple Currencies 21 Track multiple currencies with a daily currency exchange fact table.
  22. 22. Header and Line Item Facts with 22 Different Granularity Shouldn’t mix fact granularities (for example, order and order line facts) within a single fact table. Allocating header facts to the line item.
  23. 23. 23 Invoice Transactions
  24. 24. Invoice Transactions 24 Occurs when products are shipped from our facility to the customer Each items corresponding to a product being shipped Various prices, discounts, and allowances are associated with each line item
  25. 25. Invoice Transactions 25
  26. 26. Invoice Transactions 26 From invoice fact table we can see … All company’s products All customers All contract and deals All off-invoice discounts and allowances All revenue All variable and fixed costs (manufacturing, delivering) All money left over after delivery of product Customer satisfaction metrics The optimal place to start a DW
  27. 27. 27 Accumulating Snapshot for the Order Fulfillment Pipeline
  28. 28. Accumulating Snapshot for 28 the Order Fulfillment Pipeline Useful when we want to better understand how quickly products move through pipeline Order Fulfillment Pipeline Diagram
  29. 29. Accumulating Snapshot for 29 the Order Fulfillment Pipeline
  30. 30. Accumulating Snapshot for 30 the Order Fulfillment Pipeline
  31. 31. Accumulating Snapshot for 31 the Order Fulfillment Pipeline Typically have multiple dates representing major milestones of the process Useful when the products moving through the pipeline is uniquely identified Electronics equipment with a serial number Automobile with a vehicle ID number Fits most naturally with short-lived processes Lag calculations
  32. 32. 32 Fact Table Comparison
  33. 33. Fact Table Comparison 33
  34. 34. 34 Designing Real-Time Partitions
  35. 35. Designing Real-Time Partitions 35 DW extend its existing historical time series seamlessly to the current instant Separated physically and administratively from the conventional static DW tables Requirements Contain all the activity occurred since the last update Link as seamlessly as possible to the grain and content Be so lightly indexed that incoming data can be continuously dribbled in
  36. 36. 36 Implementing
  37. 37. Business Process 37 Order management process : ก ก F ก F F ก F ก ก F ก F F
  38. 38. Business Process ( F ) 38 F F F F F กF F ก F Fก F ก ก F ก F ก F F ก F F F F F F F F ก F F F ก F F F F F
  39. 39. Fact Table 39 Invoice Fact Order Fact Order Fulfillment Accumulating Fact Order Line Item Fact Parts Ordering Fact Conversion Fact
  40. 40. Cube 40 Invoice Order Order Line Item Parts Ordering
  41. 41. 41 In the Real World
  42. 42. DELL Data Warehouse 42 DELL Data Warehouse(DDW) is a global information management system that stores data pulled directly from Dell’s Regional Order Management and Service Systems. Order Data is available for the US, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan. It’s upload daily with the previous day’s activity. of the order in the order lifecycle. The DW provides information for all order statuses and order types to the item level. Order Status indicates the position Order Type indicates how revenue and cost associated with the order will be treated for accounting purposes.
  43. 43. Dell – Lifecycle of an Order 43 Every order at Dell goes through the following stages shown below :
  44. 44. 44 Techniques
  45. 45. ก Join F F 45 ก Join FF F F SQL F F Merge Join F F F Join ก F F Join กF ก ก F F F F Join Key F F
  46. 46. ก Join F F ( F) 46
  47. 47. ก Join F F ( F) 47
  48. 48. ก Script Generator Time Dimension F C# 48 F ก F F ก F Time Dimension ( F F Fact Table ก ) F Script Generator ( F F ก )
  49. 49. ก Script Generator Time Dimension F C# ( F ) 49 C# F F ก F F dates datesBuffer.AddRow() กF ก ก F F Fก F F F
  50. 50. ก Script Generator Time Dimension F C# ( F ) 50
  51. 51. ก Script Generator Time Dimension F C# ( F ) 51 DateTime StartDate = new DateTime(2009, 6, 1); DateTime EndDate = DateTime.Now; DateTime RunningDate = StartDate; while (RunningDate <= EndDate) { DatesBuffer.AddRow(); DatesBuffer.TheDate = RunningDate; DatesBuffer.DateOfMonth = RunningDate.Day; DatesBuffer.Month = RunningDate.Month; DatesBuffer.Quarter = RunningDate.Month / 4 + 1; DatesBuffer.Year = RunningDate.Year; RunningDate = RunningDate.AddDays(1); }
  52. 52. ก F F F 52 F ก SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 2.0 F F ก F F ก F F F F F ก F F ก ก ก F ก ก ก F Cube
  53. 53. ก F F F ( F ) 53
  54. 54. 54 Summary
  55. 55. Summary 55 Context of the order management process Dimension role-playing Multiple currencies Common challenges in modeling orders data
  56. 56. Summary 56 Facts at different levels if granularity Set of facts associated with invoice transactions Power of accumulating snapshot fact tables Differences between the three fundamental types of fact tables Designing Real-Time Partitions
  57. 57. Members 57 49050867 ก 49050917 F 49050925 ก F F 49051154 49051162 F
  58. 58. ก ก 58 1. ก ก F 2. ก Business Process F OLTP 3. ก Dimension Fact Table 4. F F F OLTP 5. F F OLTP 6. F Dimension Table 7. F Fact Table 8. F Cube 9. F ก F 10. Slide Presentation
  59. 59. ก F F 59 ก ก F ก Business Process F OLTP ก Dimension Fact Table F F F OLTP F Dimension Dimension F Dimension Dimension Table F Fact Table Table Table Table F F Dimension Dimension Fact Table Slide ก F Table Table F Cube Presentation Slide Fact Table Presentation ก F ก
  60. 60. 60 Questions and Answers