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in Anders Breivik’s manifest ‘Knights Templar 2083’. One of the coordinates is located within a mile distance from the Masonic Lodge St. Olai of the Three Pillars in Oslo, Norway, from which he is said to be a member. Are there anymore lodges located in near the location of the coordinates?
For at least 5 out of 6 coordinates in The Netherlands one or more lodges can be found too within 1 mile walking distance.
Coincidence? You decide.

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  • Well, this is kind of interesting. An extra little tidbit: the government official interviewed in 2006 regarding closing of the (now) bombed street, due to the risk of a car bomb against the government, is, a high-level freemason in the very same lodge, St. Johns Three Pillars in Oslo, where Breivik apparently had a low degree. Coincidence? You decide...

    The link to the Dagbladet article from 2006:
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Anders Breivik Coordinates Lodges Netherlands

  1. 1. 46 SECRET ENCODED COORDINATES DISCOVEREDin Anders Breivik’s manifest ‘Knights Templar 2083’. One of thecoordinates is located within a mile distance from the Masonic Lodge St.Olai of the Three Pillars in Oslo, Norway, from which he is said to be amember. Are there anymore lodges located in near the location of thecoordinates?For at least 5 out of 6 coordinates in The Netherlands one or morelodges can be found too within 1 mile walking distance.Coincidence? You decide.52.374,4.873: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 96C3, Frederik Hendrikbuurt, Amsterdam, TheNetherlands is 0.8 mile walking distance to Lodge Ludus Sacer at address JoosBanckersplantsoen 49, Landlust Area, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.52.374,4.873: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat96C3, Frederik Hendrikbuurt, Amsterdam, TheNetherlands is 1.1 mile walking distance toLodges De Loge Willem Fredrik, GrandChristian Encampment St. Anna, KapittelConcordia Vincit Animos, Kapittel DeSluitsteen No.2, Kapittel Triple Tau No. 3,Loge La Charite, Loge Nos Vinxit Libertas,Loge Elisa No 6 der Ind. United Order ofMechanics, Stichting Regioconvent Groot-Amsterdam, Stichting Teknophilos andVrijmetselaars Stichting at addressVondelstraat 29-31, Vondelbuurt Area,Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  2. 2. 51.927,4.463: Schepenstraat 110-118, 3039 Rotterdam, The Netherlands is 0.8 milewalking distance to Lodge De Drie Kolommen at address Delftsestraat 9, C.S. KwartierArea, Rotterdam, The Netherlands51.914,4.452:C.P. Tielestraat 53A, Nieuwe WestenRotterdam, The Netherlands is 0.3 mile walking distanceto Lodge Eastern Light No. 42 at address Pupillenstraat 71,Nieuwe Westen Area, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.52.068,4.309:Hendrick Goltziusstraat 6, Schildersbuurt-Noord, The Hague, The Netherlands is 0.5 mile walkingdistance to Lodge Prudencia Nr. 27, at addressBrouwersgracht 2-M, Zuidwal Area, The Hague,The Netherlands.
  3. 3. 52.094,5.120: Jansveld 15, 3512 Utrecht, The Netherlands is 0.5 mile walking distanceto Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland - Afdeling Loge Utrecht at addressKruisstraat 307, Utrecht, The Netherlands.No lodge found (yet?) within walking distance from 52.087,5.054: Groenedijk 11,Utrecht, The Netherlands.How to search for your own country?Go to Google Maps, search for ‘lodge + city’ (for example ‘lodge the hague’, make sureto try a search for the word loge in your own language to possibly get more results.).Google will show lodges in your city.Choose Routeplanner in the same screen. Copy-paste the coordinates (e.g.52.068,4.309) in the second line B. Don’t change the text in line A. Click onRouteplanner. Route planner opens.Click the Back button in your browser. Look at the green target B (coordinate) andlocate the nearest lodge. Plan the route again between coordinate (fill in at A) and theLodge (B).Note that not all lodges will show up in Google Maps. A Google Search for ‘lodge + city+ address’ can give new results, to be checked manually.List of codes on next page.
  4. 4. 36.134,-5.453:Carretera a Málaga, 17, 11203 Algeciras, Spain40.375,-3.768:Calle de José de Cadalso, 130, 28044 Madrid, Spain40.452,-3.709:Calle de Pedro Rogel, 1-11, 28039 Madrid, Spain43.294,5.381:66 Rue dAubagne, 13001 Marseilles, France43.317,5.383:4-20 Rue des Frères Cubbedu, 13014 Marseilles, France45.768,4.830:18 Place Gabriel Rambaud, 69001 Lyon, France46.951,7.437:Falkenplatz 4, 3012 Berne, Switzerland47.372,8.539:Augustinergasse 21, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland48.134,11.570:Oberanger 37, 80331 Munich, Germany48.200,16.356:Mariahilfer Straße 37-39, 1060 Vienna, Austria48.210,16.369:Seitzergasse 2-4, 1010 Vienna, Austria48.583,7.754:26 Rue des Frères, 67000 Strasbourg, France48.597,7.722:8 Rue dAvolsheim, 67200 Strasbourg, France48.864,2.327:Allée de Castiglione, 75001 Paris, France48.866,2.306:4848.871,2.310:55 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris, France50.123,8.666:Wolfsgangstraße 156, 60322 Frankfurt, Germany50.832,4.364:Gewijde-Boomstraat 98, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium50.854,4.346:Schuitenkaai 4, 1000 City of Brussels, Belgium50.868,4.329:Chaussée de Jette 430, 1090 Jette, Belgium51.051,3.731:Lange Boomgaardstraat 1-19, 9000 Ghent, Belgium51.195,4.424:Uitbreidingstraat 270-296, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium51.489,-0.140:87-97 St Georges Dr, Westminster, London SW1V 4, UK51.501,-0.096:Southwark, London SE1 1QP, UK51.517,-0.083:7-8 Bishopsgate Churchyard, City of London, EC2M 1, UK51.517,-0.083:5151.883,-0.407:Luton LU2 0AU, UK51.914,4.452:C.P. Tielestraat 53A, 3023 Nieuwe Westen, Netherlands51.927,4.463:Schepenstraat 110-118, 3039 Rotterdam, Netherlands52.068,4.309:Hendrick Goltziusstraat 6, 2526 The Hague, Netherlands52.087,5.054:Groenedijk 11, 3544 Utrecht, Netherlands52.094,5.120:Jansveld 15, 3512 Utrecht, Netherlands52.367,9.741:Bleichenstraße 4, 30169 Hanover, Germany52.374,4.873:Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 96C3, 1052 Amsterdam, Netherlands52.491,13.351:Karl-Schrader-Straße 4, 10781 Berlin, Germany52.528,13.393:Tucholskystraße 50, 10117 Berlin, Germany52.571,13.320:Engelmannweg 23, 13403 Berlin, Germany53.415,-2.973:11 Rokeby St, Liverpool L3 8, UK53.485,-2.260:32 Rosamond Dr, Salford M3 6, UK53.554,10.022:Beim Strohhause 27, 20097 Hamburg, Germany57.703,11.966:Lilla Korsgatan 2, 411 17 Göteborg, Sweden59.334,18.097:Linnégatan 87, Stockholm urban area, Sweden59.337,18.056:Wallingatan 18A, 111 24 Stockholm, Sweden59.346,18.048:Norrtullsgatan 14, 113 45 Stockholm, Sweden59.911,10.738:Nedre Vollgate 4, 0158 Oslo, Norway59.911,10.748:Skippergata 23, 0154 Oslo, NorwaySource: