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Vaccination program for sheep and goats


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Vaccination program for sheep and goats

  1. 1. Vaccination program for sheep and goats
  2. 2. BLUE TONGUE -Live attenuated vaccine: *give immunity for 1 year 7 the colostral antibodies persist for 3-6 months *pregnant animal not vaccinated *should be given 3-6 week before the beginning of the service period
  3. 3. :SHEEP & GOAT POX-2 Live attenuated vaccine ● give protection for 1 year ● give to all animals over 2 months of age ● dose : each vial / 100 saline & given as ½ cm intradermal in the ventral aspect of tail or inner aspect of the thigh ● local inflammation at site of injection after 1 week → indicates successful vaccination
  4. 4. orf Live attenuated vaccinegive at age of 6-8 weeks* give immunity for 1 year*give by scarification on the inside of the* hind limb:N.Bthe vaccine present in suspension form-